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Neil Rosengarden lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Plaid Album (0000) 01. When Hearts Collide [add]
02. Waltz [add]
03. This Seats Taken [add]
04. In the Mountains [add]
05. Shuffle Funk [add]
06. Let Me Be Your Rhino [add]
07. I'm Riding on Air [add]
08. I'm Young Again [add]
09. Fish [add]
10. Inga [add]
11. Bubbles [add]
12. Big Fanfare Ending [add]
13. The Funky Watchmaker [add]
14. Off the Spanish Coast [add]
15. Modern Factory [add]
16. Elegy [add]
17. Lost in the Woods [add]
18. Carnival Run [add]
19. African Slide [add]
20. Cuban Kindergarten [add]
21. Instrumental [add]
22. Samba II [add]
23. La, La, La [add]
24. Like a Magnet [add]
25. Circus of the Klutzes [add]
26. 13/8 [add]
27. Washed Away [add]
28. Cacophony [add]
29. Martian Mancini [add]
30. Understand What I'm Saying [add]
31. Waiting for You [add]
32. Song for Steve [add]
33. Gothic Potatoes [add]
34. I'd Be a Fool to Try [add]
35. Latin Thing [add]
36. Waitress from Versailles [add]
37. Running Far [add]
38. Salsoid Vamp [add]
39. City Night [add]
40. Spectorian Space Ballad [add]
41. Monster Party [add]
42. Medieval Fowl [add]
43. Bouncing Pygmies [add]
44. Madness [add]
45. Look at the Rain [add]
46. Baby Don't Make Your Mind Up So Fast [add]
47. Paperback Writer [add]
48. Etude [add]
49. The One I Always Wanted to Be [add]

Sixteen Tunes and What Do You Get (2000) 01. Shuffle [add]
02. Sandy [add]
03. I'm Riding on Air [add]
04. Zuider Zee [add]
05. Writing on the Wall [add]
06. Sheet Metal Worker's Lament [add]
07. Mambo #2 [add]
08. Theme from Something Else [add]
09. Melonball [add]
10. Disguise the Limit [add]
11. Work and Love [add]
12. Aquamarine [add]
13. People Come Home [add]
14. Fatherhood [add]
15. Waiting for You [add]
16. Once I Was a Farmer [add]
17. N & J Theme [add]

Just a Pack of Neurons (2006) 01. A Whole New Thing [add]
02. Leo [add]
03. Thing in Five [add]
04. Sandy [add]
05. French Horn Dance [add]
06. James Brown in Tanganyika [add]
07. Faurecercise [add]
08. I've Had Just About Enough of Your Shit (For Now) [add]
09. What Is Wrong With Me? [add]
10. Quittin' Time [add]
11. It Flows [add]
12. Monkey Song [add]
13. Beautiful Tonight [add]
14. Just Anyone [add]
15. Motorcycle Man [add]
16. In Brooklyn, New York [add]
17. People Are Stupid All Over the World [add]

Mommy, Gimme a Drinka Water! (2006) 01. Mommy, Gimme a Drinka Water! [add]
02. I'm Five! [add]
03. Bathtub Admiral [add]
04. Playing on the See-Saw [add]
05. The Thank You Letter [add]
06. The New Baby [add]
07. Crazy Barbara [add]
08. Colored Kisses [add]
09. I'm Hiding [add]
10. Just Imagine! [add]
11. Don't Tickle Me [add]
12. I Like Old People, Don't You? [add]
13. The Puddle [add]
14. Mommy, Gimme a Drinka Water! [Ending] [add]

Some of the Things We Do (2006) 01. Days [add]
02. Kogel Comes Home [add]
03. Lusty Johnson [add]
04. 1, 2, Buckle My Shoe [add]
05. Find Me [add]
06. G [add]
07. No Name Rag [add]
08. What Can It Be? [add]
09. You Resemble A Bomb [add]
10. Ankle [add]
11. Peter's Clothes [add]
12. The Fascination High Paying Motel Field [add]
13. Find Me (Reprise) [add]
14. Henrietta IV [add]
15. Ostinato Shoes [add]
16. Sleep [add]

Upsidedown Furniture (2006) 01. All I Can Remember Now [add]
02. Your Love [add]
03. I'm Gonna See You Back Again [add]
04. I Never Met a Woman Like You [add]
05. Come Clean Maureen [add]
06. Video Lover [add]
07. Nice to Me [add]
08. The Girls I Used to Sit Behind in School [add]
09. Frozen Dragon [add]
10. Hold the Phone [add]
11. Lost Till Then [add]
12. What Kind of Man [add]
13. All I Wanted to Do [add]
14. Will You Still Be Here? [add]
15. For a Long Time [add]
16. Parachute [add]
17. Don't Be So Long [add]
18. Upsidedown Furniture [add]

Trans Fats (2006) 01. A Little Bit Independent [add]
02. You Stayed Away Too Long [add]
03. (Do You Intend to Put an End To) A Sweet Beginning Like This [add]
04. You Fit into the Picture [add]
05. Sing an Old Fashioned Song [add]
06. Don't Let It Bother You [add]
07. Lousiana Fairy Tale [add]
08. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie [add]
09. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea [add]
10. Frolic Sam [add]
11. Love in My Heart [add]
12. Barnacle Bill the Sailor [add]
13. Jazz Legato [add]

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