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Jaki Byard lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Blues for Smoke (0000) 01. Journey/Hollis Stomp/Milan to Lyon [add]
02. Aluminum Baby [add]
03. Pete and Thomas (Tribute to the Ticklers) [add]
04. Spanish Tinge No 1 [add]
05. Flight of the Fly [add]
06. Blues for Smoke [add]
07. Jaki's Blues Next [add]
08. Diane's Melody [add]
09. One Two Five [add]

Out Front! (0000) 01. Out Front [add]
02. Two Different Worlds [add]
03. Searchlight [add]
04. European Episode [add]
05. Lush Life [add]
06. When Sunny Gets Blue [add]
07. I Like to Lead When I Dance [#/*] [add]
08. After the Lights Go Down Low [#/*] [add]

Here's Jaki (0000) 01. Cinco y Quatro [add]
02. Mellow Septet [add]
03. Garnerin' a Bit [add]
04. Giant Steps [add]
05. Bess, You Is My Woman/It Ain't Necessarily So [add]
06. To My Wife [add]
07. D.D.L.J. [add]

Hi-Fly (0000) 01. Hi-Fly [add]
02. Tillie Butterball [add]
03. Excerpts from "Yamecraw" [add]
04. There Are Many Worlds [add]
05. Here to Hear [add]
06. Lullaby of Birdland [add]
07. 'Round Midnight [add]
08. Blues in the Closet [add]

On the Spot! (0000) 01. A-Toodle-Oo, Toodle-Oo [add]
02. I Fall in Love Too Easily [add]
03. Olean Visit [add]
04. Spanish Tinge [add]
05. Alexander's Ragtime Band [add]
06. On the Spot [add]
07. GEB Piano Roll [add]
08. Second Balcony Jump [add]
09. P.C. Blues [add]
10. Snow Flakes [#] [add]

Live! At Lennie's, Vol. 1 (0000) 01. Twelve [add]
02. Denise [add]
03. Thing What Is [add]
04. Broadway [add]

Live! At Lennie's, Vol. 2 (0000) 01. Alan's Got Rhythm [add]
02. Ballad Medley, Pt. 1: Tea for Two [add]
03. Ballad Medley, Pt. 2: Lover [add]
04. Ballad Medley, Pt. 3: Strolling Along [add]
05. Ballad Medley, Pt. 4: Cherokee [add]
06. Ballad Medley, Pt. 5: Shiny Stockings [add]
07. Cathy [add]
08. Bass-ment Blues [add]

Freedom Together! (0000) 01. Freedom Together [add]
02. Getting to Know You [add]
03. Ode to Prez [add]
04. Nocturne for Contrabass [add]
05. Just You, Just Me [add]
06. Night Leaves [add]
07. Young at Heart [add]

Sunshine of My Soul (0000) 01. Sunshine [add]
02. Cast Away [add]
03. Chandra [add]
04. St. Louis Blues [add]
05. Diane's Melody [add]
06. Trendsition Zildjian [add]

The Jaki Byard Experience (0000) 01. Parisian Thoroughfare [add]
02. Hazy Eve [add]
03. Shine on Me [add]
04. Evidence [add]
05. Memories of You [add]
06. Teach Me Tonight [add]

Solo Piano (0000) 01. Seasons [add]
02. Hello, Young Lovers [add]
03. New Orleans Strut [add]
04. Spanish Tinge No. 2 [add]
05. The Hollis Stomp [add]
06. Top of the Gate Rag [add]
07. Basin Street Ballad [add]
08. I Know a Place/Let the Good Times Roll/I Know a Place [add]
09. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? [add]

Parisian Solos (0000) 01. A Tribute to Jimmy Slide [add]
02. Love Is Here to Stay [add]
03. Willow Weep for Me [add]
04. Bugle Call Rag [add]
05. When Lights Are Low [add]
06. Dedicated to Bob Vatel of Ten Gallons [add]
07. Isle to Isle [add]
08. Shiny Stockings [add]
09. Besame Mucho [add]
10. Going Home Blues [add]

Family Man (0000) 01. Just Rollin' Along [add]
02. Mood Indigo/Chelsea Bridge [medley] [add]
03. L.H. Gatewalk Rag [add]
04. Ballad to Louise [add]
05. Prelude #16 [add]
06. Gaeta [add]
07. Garr [add]
08. Emil [add]
09. John Arthur [add]

Flight of the Fly (0000) 01. Flight of the Fly [add]
02. Medley: Every Year/Stairway to the Stars/Love Is the Sweetest Thing [add]
03. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]
04. Graduation [add]
05. The Avant Garde of 1921 [add]

Jaki Byard with Strings (1968) 01. Music to Watch Girls By [add]
02. Falling Rains of Life [add]
03. Cat's Cradle Conference Rag [add]
04. How High the Moon [add]
05. Ray's Blues [add]

There'll Be Some Changes Made (1972) 01. There'll Be Some Changes Made [add]
02. Toni [add]
03. Besame Mucho [add]
04. Spanish Tinge [add]
05. Journey [add]
06. Night of Departure [add]
07. To Bob Vatel of Paris [add]
08. Blues for Jennie [add]
09. Some Other Spring [add]
10. Every Year [add]
11. Tibute to Jimmy Slyde [add]

To Them-To Us (1981) 01. To Them, to Us [add]
02. BL + WH = 88 [add]
03. Tin Roof Blues [add]
04. Land of Make Believe [add]
05. Solitude [add]
06. Caravan [add]
07. Ode to Billie Joe [add]
08. Send One Your Love [add]
09. Excerpts from Trumpet Concerto: Calm of the Sea/Approaching Winds/Calm [add]

Phantasies, Vol. 1 (1985) 01. I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful) [add]
02. Medley: Black and Tan Fantasy/Prelude No., 29/Prelude to a Kiss/Do Not [add]
03. One Note to My Wife [add]
04. 5/4 Medley: Take 5/Cinco Quatro Boogie Woogie/Take 5 [add]
05. Medley: Lonely Woman/So What/Impressions/Olean Visit/Some Other Sprin [add]
06. It's Too Late [add]
07. Tricotism [add]
08. Lover Man [add]

Foolin' Myself (1988) 01. Suite 27: Waterfalls, Highways, Skyways, Waterways [add]
02. Oslo to Kristiansund to Malmo [add]
03. Searchlight No. 2 [add]
04. Stage I / Stage II [add]
05. Breath [add]
06. Foolin' Myself [add]
07. Land of Love [add]

Phantasies, Vol. 2 (1991) 01. Manhattan [add]
02. New York Is a Lonely Town [add]
03. 2-5-1 [add]
04. BJC Blues (Dedicated to B.B. King) [add]
05. Up Jumps One (Dedicated to Count Basie) [add]
06. Concerto Grosso, Pt. 1: Mellow Septet [add]
07. Concerto Grosso, Pt. 2 : There Are Many Worlds [add]
08. June Night [add]
09. Send in the Clowns [add]
10. Bright Moments [add]

Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. 17 (1991) 01. Hello, Young Lovers [add]
02. Tribute to the Ticklers [add]
03. My One and Only Love [add]
04. European Episode [add]
05. Collage of Thelonions Monk [add]
06. 'Round Midnight/Friday the Thirteenth/Ruby My Dear [add]
07. Dedication to Art Blakey, Walter Davis, Leonard Bernstein and Aaron [add]

Empirical (1992) 01. There'll Be Some Changes Made [add]
02. Lonely Town [add]
03. Blues au Gratin [add]
04. Excerpts from Songs of Proverbs/Toni [add]
05. Besame Mucho [add]
06. Spanish Tinge No. 3 [add]
07. Journey/Night of Departure [add]
08. To Bob Vatel of Paris/Blues for Jennie [add]
09. Some Other Spring/Every Year [add]
10. Tribute to Jimmy Slide [add]

Night Leaves (1997) 01. Night Leaves [add]
02. Gimme Some/Cinco Quatro Boogie Woogie [add]
03. The Chase [add]
04. Reflections [add]
05. Why It Is [add]
06. Waltz for Louise [add]
07. Epietis, Phaedrus, Terence, Metis [add]
08. Louise/One Note to My Wife [add]
09. Toni [add]
10. Broken Circle [add]
11. To Our Family [add]

The Last from Lennie's [live] (2003) 01. Twelve [alternate take] [add]
02. Dolphy #1 [add]
03. After You've Gone/Strolling Along [add]
04. St. Mark's Place Among the Sewers [add]
05. Dolphy #2 [add]
06. Jaki Byard's Ballad Medley: Tea for Two/Lover/Strolling Along/Cherokee [add]
07. King David [add]

Changes of Life (2004) 01. September Song [add]
02. Solitude [add]
03. The Changes of Life [add]
04. All Alone [add]
05. Mandella [add]
06. Giant Steps [add]
07. Left Alone [add]
08. Family Suite [add]
09. Stardust [add]

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