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Genre: Jazz
I've Known Rivers and Other Bodies [live] (0000) 01. Nummo-The Majick Song [add]
02. Sifa Zote [add]
03. Ju Ju Man [add]
04. Bertha Baptist [add]
05. Don't Fight That Feeling [add]
06. Mama's Soul [add]
07. I've Known Rivers [add]
08. The Warrior's Song [add]
09. Uhuru Sassa [add]
10. Dr. Follow's Dance [add]
11. Peace and Love [add]

Singerella: A Ghetto Fairy Tale (0000) 01. Nation Time [add]
02. I Don't Care [add]
03. St. Felix Street [add]
04. Blind Man [add]
05. Dozens (The Sounding Song) [add]
06. Singerella-A Ghetto Fairy Tale [add]
07. Lady Love [add]
08. Mellow Yellow [add]

The Shadow Do! (0000) 01. Winding Roads [add]
02. Mother Nature [add]
03. Love Tones [add]
04. Gentle Smiles [add]
05. Make Me Feel Better [add]
06. Sea Gypsy [add]
07. For My Baby [add]
08. Incident [add]

There Goes the Neighborhood [live] (0000) 01. Racism (Blues in Double BB Minor) [add]
02. On a Misty Night [add]
03. Laura [add]
04. Tadd's Delight [add]
05. Impressions [add]
06. I've Never Been in Love Before [add]
07. Flight Path [add]

Episode One Children of Harlem (0000) 01. Amos N'Andy Theme One & Spoken Intro [add]
02. Tap Dancer [add]
03. Is This Isn't Love [add]
04. Tico Tico [add]
05. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel [add]
06. Children of Harlem [add]
07. Crazy She Calls Me [add]
08. Heavy Blue [add]
09. Ruby Begonia & Amos N'Andy Theme Two [add]

Love Affair (0000) 01. Big Apple Love [add]
02. Pen?lope [add]
03. Shake Your Body (It's the Joint) [add]
04. At Last [add]
05. Love Affair [add]
06. Giant Steps [add]

Follow the Medicine Man (1972) 01. Sifa Zote [add]
02. Betcha by Golly, Wow [add]
03. Etoile des Neiges [add]
04. Sing Me a Song Today [add]
05. Whasaname [add]
06. Standin' on the Corner [add]
07. Dr. Follow's Dance [add]

Juju Street Songs (1972) 01. I Wanna Be Where You Are [add]
02. Black Maybe [add]
03. Bertha Baptist [add]
04. Africans Unite [add]
05. Teheran [add]
06. Sifa Zote [add]
07. Whasaname [add]
08. Betcha by Golly, Wow [add]
09. Dr. Follow's Dance [add]
10. Standin' on the Corner [add]
11. Sing Me a Song Today [add]

Juju Man (1976) 01. Ju Ju Man [add]
02. My Funny Valentine [add]
03. Straight Street [add]
04. Pisces Daddy Blue [add]
05. Chelsea Bridge [add]

Music Is My Sanctuary (1977) 01. Music Is My Sanctuary [add]
02. Carnaval de l'Esprit [add]
03. Love Ballad [add]
04. Swing Thing [add]
05. Oo Baby Baby [add]
06. Macaroni [add]

Love Song (1978) 01. Love Song [add]
02. Prelude and Lonely Girl [add]
03. Interlude and Don't Stop Now [add]
04. You [add]
05. Interlude and Just Suppose [add]
06. Afterthoughts [add]

Bartz (1980) 01. Need Your Love [add]
02. Keep Goin' On [add]
03. Love Prelude/After the Love Has Gone [add]
04. One Eyed Jack [add]
05. Music [add]
06. Rockin' All Night [add]
07. Afterglow [add]
08. (Give It Your Best) Shot! [add]

Monsoon (1988) 01. Samuel [add]
02. Never Never Land [add]
03. Run Before the Sun [*] [add]
04. Strode Rode [add]
05. Monsoon [add]
06. Soul Eyes [add]
07. Uncle Bubba [add]

Reflections of Monk (1988) 01. Thelonious [add]
02. Brilliant Corners [add]
03. The Pennywhistle Call/Reflections [add]
04. Played Twice [add]
05. Crepescule With Nellie [add]
06. Hackensack [add]
07. Let's Cool One [add]
08. Monk's Mood [add]
09. Epistrophy [add]

West 42nd Street (1990) 01. Introduction [add]
02. West 42nd Street [add]
03. Speak Low [add]
04. It's Easy to Remember [add]
05. Cousins [add]
06. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes [add]

Shadows (1991) 01. Marion's Theme [From Raiders of the Lost Ark] [add]
02. Shadows [add]
03. Song of the Underground Railroad [add]
04. Peresina [add]
05. How Do You Keep the Music Playing? [add]
06. Children of the Night [add]
07. Holiday for Strings [add]

Red & Orange Poems (1994) 01. By Myself [add]
02. Nusia's Poem [add]
03. I'm Gonna Laugh You Right out of My Life [add]
04. J Seas [add]
05. Relentless [add]
06. Along the Twelve [add]
07. Soul Mate [add]
08. But Not for Me [add]

Blues Chronicles: Tales of Life (1996) 01. Come With Me/Hustler's Holler, No. 1 [add]
02. The Five Dollar Theory [add]
03. Makes Me Wanna Moan [add]
04. Miss Otis Regrets [add]
05. One Million Blues [add]
06. Hustler's Holler, No. 2 [add]
07. And He Called Himself a Messenger [add]
08. Band in the U.S.A. [add]
09. Hustler's Holler, No. 3 [add]
10. A Looney Tune [add]
11. Lively Up Yourself [add]
12. Gangsta Jazz [add]
13. Passage, Pt. 1 [add]
14. The Song of Loving-Kindness [add]
15. Hustler's Holler (Song of the Street) [add]

Live @ the Jazz Standard, Vol. 1: Soulstice (1999) 01. Intro [add]
02. Uranus [add]
03. Eastern Blues [add]
04. But Not for Me [add]
05. Day Dream [add]
06. Soulstice [add]
07. Closing [add]

The Montreal Concert [live] (2001) 01. The Touch of Your Lips/But Not for Me [add]
02. Well, You Needn't/They Say It's Wonderful [add]
03. Some Other Samba [add]
04. The Surrey With the Fringe on Top/The Song of Loving Kindness [add]
05. Uncle Bubba [add]

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