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Genre: Blues
You're the One (1978) 01. You're the One [add]
02. Askin' for More [add]
03. Someone Like You [add]
04. I Can't Believe in You No More [add]
05. Please Put Out the Fire [add]
06. Love at First Sight [add]
07. If I Can't Have Good Love [add]
08. Movin' Up [add]
09. Movin' Out [add]

High Heeled Blues (1981) 01. Walking Blues [add]
02. Travelin' Blues [add]
03. Got to Have You Be My Man [add]
04. Devil Got My Man [add]
05. Down in the Dumps [add]
06. The Water Is Wide [add]
07. Since You Been Gone [add]
08. Cross Road Blues [add]
09. Achin' Heart [add]
10. Hilarity Rag [add]
11. Kind Hearted Man [add]
12. Uncloudy Day [add]

Blue Horizon (1983) 01. Love My Blues Away [add]
02. Elder Green Is Gone [add]
03. Just Like a Man [add]
04. Swing Low [add]
05. Ecstasy [add]
06. Feel Just Like Goin' On [add]
07. Ain't No Way to Do [add]
08. Frankie and Albert [add]
09. No Place Like Home [add]
10. Catastrophe Rag [add]
11. Midnight Light [add]

Rhinestones & Steel Strings (1983) 01. Future Blues [add]
02. I Might Find a Way [add]
03. El Vuelo del Alma (For Edgar) [add]
04. Lovin' Fool [add]
05. The Golden Vanity [add]
06. Dr. Make It Right [add]
07. No Way for Me to Get Along [add]
08. Back to the Woods [add]
09. God's Gift to Women [add]
10. Sit Down on the Banks [add]

I've Got a Rock in My Sock (1986) 01. Send the Man Back Home [add]
02. Moon's Goin' Down [add]
03. Gypsie Boy [add]
04. I've Got a Rock in My Sock [add]
05. Foreign Lander [add]
06. Goin' Back to the Country [add]
07. M and O Blues [add]
08. Lovin' Whiskey [add]
09. Highland Overture [add]

House of Hearts (1987) 01. Farewell Young Man [add]
02. Heavenly Bird [add]
03. Do You Love Me [add]
04. Morning Bells [add]
05. Gentle Kindness [add]
06. Misty Glen [add]
07. On the Water [add]
08. Bonnie Boy [add]
09. Krye [add]
10. House of Hearts [add]

Color Me Wild: Inside Your Own Mind You Are Perfectly Free (1990) 01. The Papaya People [add]
02. Dressed Up [add]
03. The Monkey and the Horse [add]
04. The Bear With No Hair [add]
05. The Invisible Child [add]
06. In the Wild Landscapes [add]
07. Your Children & Mine [add]
08. Football Toad [add]
09. Bring Me a Surprise [add]
10. Billy the Bad [add]
11. Let's Be Silly [add]
12. Opera Break [add]
13. The Magic Pond [add]
14. The Doctor's Call [add]

Mama's Blues [live] (1991) 01. Terraplane Blues [add]
02. Bye Bye Blues [add]
03. Big Road Blues [add]
04. Do Your Duty [add]
05. The Spirit Returns [add]
06. Got to Shine [add]
07. Mama's Blues [add]
08. Ain't No Shame [add]
09. Hawkins Blues [add]
10. Weepin' Willow Blues [add]
11. Sing Good News [add]

Ain't I a Woman (1992) 01. Silver Wings [add]
02. Faithless World [add]
03. Sisters [add]
04. Ain't I A Woman [add]
05. Come on in My Kitchen [add]
06. Rolling Log lyrics
07. Maggie Campbell Blues [add]
08. Never Called Your Name [add]
09. Road to Mexico [add]
10. Cool Drink of Water [add]
11. Walk in Jerusalem [add]

Angel of Mercy (1994) 01. Angel of Mercy [add]
02. It Ain't Right [add]
03. I'll Be Gone [add]
04. Who Was Calling [add]
05. Somebody's Baby [add]
06. Big Bad Agent Man [add]
07. You Deserve the Best [add]
08. Love Without the Heart [add]
09. A Father and Two Sons [add]

When a Woman Gets the Blues (1995) 01. Preaching Blues [add]
02. Pea Vine Blues [add]
03. Joliet Bound [add]
04. Tallahatchie Blues [add]
05. I Let My Daddy Do That [add]
06. Be Ready When He Comes [add]
07. Hellbound on My Trail [add]
08. Sweet Sunny South [add]
09. Rowdy Blues [add]
10. Tain't Long for Day [add]
11. On the Wall [add]
12. Cypress Grove [add]
13. Take My Heart Again [add]
14. Railroadin' Some [add]

Turning Point (1996) 01. Turning Point [add]
02. Holdin' On [add]
03. Far Away [add]
04. All of My Life [add]
05. Spider Boy [add]
06. Gedachtentrein [add]
07. All as One [add]
08. Heather's Song [add]
09. Old Times Are Gone [add]
10. Leavin' Here [add]
11. Down the Highway [add]
12. Tomorrow [add]

Tornado (1996) 01. Mississippi Blues [add]
02. Pictures of You [add]
03. That's All Right [add]
04. Like a Shotgun [add]
05. You Didn't Mind [add]
06. Tornado [add]
07. Gone Woman Blues [add]
08. The Last Leviathan [add]
09. Indian Ernie [add]
10. Rosaline [add]
11. Bright Spirit [add]

Confessions of a Blues Singer (1998) 01. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day [add]
02. Ramblin' on My Mind [add]
03. Kassie Jones [add]
04. I Am in the Heavenly Way [add]
05. Statesboro Blues [add]
06. Long Way from Home [add]
07. Bo Weavil Blues [add]
08. I'll Go with Him [add]
09. Titanic (When That Great Ship Went Down) [add]
10. Silver Slide Moan [add]
11. Mother Marian [add]
12. Life Song [add]

I'm Every Woman (2002) 01. Guitar Ditty [add]
02. I'm Every Woman [add]
03. Fool for You [add]
04. Sea Lion Woman [add]
05. Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down [add]
06. Tired of Being Alone [add]
07. Love TKO [add]
08. Rock Island Line [add]
09. Talkin' 'Bout My Man [add]
10. Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing [add]
11. Pretty Polly [add]
12. Hold On (Change Is Comin') [add]
13. I Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home [add]
14. Guitar Ditty [add]

Women in (E)motion (2002) 01. My Train Is Coming [add]
02. Walking Blues [add]
03. That's No Way for Me to Get Along [add]
04. Canned Heat [add]
05. God's Gift to Women [add]
06. Gypsy Boy [add]
07. Bonnie Boy [add]
08. Future Blues [add]
09. Frankie and Albert [add]
10. Moon's Going Down [add]
11. Me and the Devil/When You Got a Good Friend [add]
12. Uncloudy Day [add]
13. One Thing I Love About That Man of Mine [add]
14. Nobody Knows When Your Down and Out [add]
15. Mississippi Blues [add]
16. Fixin' to Die [add]
17. Stagger Lee [add]
18. I Feel Just Like Going On [add]
19. Love My Blues Away [add]
20. Kind Hearted Man [add]

Last Fair Deal (2003) 01. Gone Again [add]
02. Sookie Sookie [add]
03. County Farm Blues [add]
04. Last Fair Deal Gone Down [add]
05. Declare [add]
06. Crying Out Loud [add]
07. Amazing Grace [add]
08. Traveling Riverside Blues [add]
09. Mama's Stray Baby [add]
10. Hallelu, Hallelu [add]
11. Two Places at a Table [add]
12. Awesome Love [add]
13. Look What the Lord Has Done [add]
14. Old Friends [add]

Rory Block in Concert [live] (2004) 01. Preachin' Blues [DVD] [add]
02. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day [DVD] [add]
03. Terraplane Blues [DVD] [add]
04. Hawkins Blues [DVD] [add]
05. Titanic (When That Great Ship Went Down) [DVD] [add]
06. Maggie Campbell Blues [DVD] [add]
07. Like a Shotgun [DVD] [add]
08. Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down [DVD] [add]
09. Love and Whiskey [DVD] [add]
10. The Water Is Wide [DVD] [add]
11. Big Road Blues [DVD] [add]
12. Canned Heat [DVD] [add]
13. Silver Wings [DVD] [add]
14. Mama's Blues [DVD] [add]
15. Uncloudy Day [DVD] [add]

From the Dust (2005) 01. From the Dust [add]
02. One Way Down [add]
03. The Gate [add]
04. David Had the Blues [add]
05. Big As Texas [add]
06. High Water Everywhere [add]
07. I Be Bound [add]
08. Stones in My Passway [add]
09. Dry Spell Blues [add]
10. Fargo Baby [add]
11. Runaway Dog [add]
12. Take a Train [add]
13. Remember [add]
14. Unprecedented Quiet [add]

The Lady and Mr. Johnson (2006) 01. Cross Road Blues [add]
02. Preaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil) [add]
03. Milkcow's Calf Blues [add]
04. Walking Blues [add]
05. 32-20 Blues [add]
06. Rambling on My Mind [add]
07. Terraplane Blues [add]
08. Me and the Devil Blues [add]
09. Last Fair Deal Gone Down [add]
10. Come in My Kitchen [add]
11. Hellhound on My Trail [add]
12. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day [add]
13. Kind Hearted Woman Blues [add]

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