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Negativland lyrics
Genre: Rock
Points (1981) 01. Harry to the Ferry [add]
02. The Answer Is... [add]
03. Scolding Box [add]
04. That Darn Keet [add]
05. Dear Mary [add]
06. "Clutch Cargo '81" [add]
07. Babac d'Babc... [add]
08. A Nice Place to Live [add]
09. A Bee Fly [add]
10. No Hands [add]
11. Potty Air [add]

A Big 10-8 Place (1983) 01. Theme from a Big Place [add]
02. A Big 10-8 Place, Pt. One [add]
03. Clowns and Ballerinas [add]
04. Introduction lyrics
05. Four Fingers lyrics
06. 180-G, a Big 10-8 Place, Pt. Two [add]

Escape from Noise (1987) 01. Announcement lyrics
02. Quiet Please lyrics
03. Michael Jackson lyrics
04. Escape From Noise lyrics
05. The Playboy Channel lyrics
06. Stress In Marriage lyrics
07. Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song lyrics
08. Over The Hiccups lyrics
09. Sycamore lyrics
10. Car Bomb lyrics
11. Methods Of Torture lyrics
12. Yellow Black And Rectangular lyrics
13. Backstage Pass lyrics
14. Christianity Is Stupid lyrics
15. Time Zones lyrics
16. You Don't Even Live Here lyrics
17. The Way Of It lyrics
18. Endscape lyrics

Helter Stupid (1989) 01. Helter Stupid Prologue [add]
02. Helter Stupid [add]
03. The Perfect Cut (Canned Music) [add]
04. The Perfect Body (Rooty Poops) [add]
05. The Perfect Cut (Good as Gold) [add]
06. The Perfect Cut (Piece of Meat) [add]
07. The Perfect Cut (White Rabbit and a Dog Named Gidget) [add]
08. The Perfect Cut (11 Minutes) [add]
09. The Perfect Cut (48 Hours) [add]

Over the Edge, Vol. 4: Dick Vaughn's Moribund Music (1990) 01. Introduction lyrics
02. Ron Bailey's School of Broadcast/The Mating Line/More on Music, etc. [add]
03. James Gabbert's Delight/Pat Boone's Cow/Evening Magazine, etc. [add]
04. Roy Storey's Sports Line #1 [add]
05. More More on Music/Suicide Man/Idle Threats, etc. [add]
06. Celebrity Wives Quiz/More Idle Threats/People Are Talking, etc. [add]
07. Roy Storey's Sports Line #2 [add]
08. Earwitness News and Back to More Music, etc. [add]
09. TV Trivia/Dick or Dukes of Hazzard/More More on Music/Suicide Man ... [add]
10. Ringo Is Dead [add]
11. An Apology to Roy [Ro Storey's Sports Line #3] [add]
12. Introduction/ Witness for the Documentation/Disclaimers and ... [add]
13. More Music/How to Use Your Cubulax/Ford for President, etc. [add]
14. Off-Air Comments, No. 1/Household Vocable/Wrong Cues Begin/Is He ... [add]
15. News Headlines/More Wrong Cues/Top 10 Countdown, etc. [add]
16. Off-Air Survey: You MUST Be Hearing These Recordings! [add]
17. Countdown Continues/Still More Wrong Cues/Moribund Music of the ... [add]
18. Off-Air Comments, No. 2/Suicide Man: It Doesn't Seem to Be Flowing Ve [add]
19. More Off-Air Surveys/Rainbow Gets Jammed/Suicide Man's Universal ... [add]
20. Oslo Norway and Psychic Freeze [add]
21. Crosley Bendix and the Damage Done [add]
22. Dick Vaughn: Popular TV-Mentalist [add]
23. Dick Is Dead [add]
24. A Tape for All Deaths [add]
25. The Hell-Bound Plane [add]

Free (1993) 01. Freedom's Waiting lyrics
02. Cityman [add]
03. The Gun and the Bible [add]
04. Truck Stop Drip Drop [add]
05. The Bottom Line [add]
06. Crumpled Farm [add]
07. Happy the Harmonica [add]
08. Pip Digs Pep [add]
09. We Are Driven [add]
10. View to the Sun [add]
11. I Am God [add]
12. Our National Anthem [add]

Fair Use The Story of the Letter U and the Numeral 2 (1995) 01. Snuggles [add]
02. Keep Your Evening [add]
03. Please Don't Sue Us [add]
04. Gimme the Mermaid [add]
05. It Ain't Legit [add]
06. You Must Respect Copyright [add]
07. How Long Have You Been Waiting for U2? [add]
08. A Nickel Per Fish Sandwich [add]
09. Only a Sample [add]
10. Crossley Bendix Discusses the U.S. Copyright Act [add]

Dispepsi (1997) 01. The Smile You Can't Hide [add]
02. Drink It Up lyrics
03. Why Is This Commercial? [add]
04. Happy Hero lyrics
05. A Most Successful Formula [add]
06. The Greatest Taste Around [add]
07. Hyper Real [add]
08. All She Called About [add]
09. I Believe It's L [add]
10. Humanitarian Effort [add]
11. Voice Inside My Head [add]
12. Aluminum or Glass: The Memo [add]
13. Bite Back [add]

Live on Tour (1997) 01. Christianity Is Stupid lyrics
02. Murder and Music [add]
03. Escape from Noise [add]
04. Time [add]
05. Four Fingers lyrics
06. The Record Industry [add]
07. Christianity Is Stupid (Pt. 2) [add]

These Guys Are from England and Who Gives a Shit (2001) 01. Over the Edge [Excerpts] [add]
02. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [live] [add]
03. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [1991 a Cappella Mix] [add]
04. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [Special Edit Radio Mix] [add]
05. Long Distance Dedication #2 [live] [add]
06. Copying Is a Criminal Act [live] [add]
07. Wake Up America [live] [add]
08. The Black Lady of Espionage [live] [add]
09. Deliberate Sabotage [live] [add]
10. Long Distance Dedication [live] [add]
11. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [Edited Special Edit Radio] [add]

Death Sentences of the Polished and Structurally Weak (2002) 01. Only You Can Rock Me [add]
02. Pack It Up [add]
03. Arbory Hill [add]
04. Ain't No Baby [add]
05. Lookin' Out for #1 [add]
06. Hot and Ready [add]
07. Cherry [add]
08. Don't Fool Me [add]
09. #1 Rep [add]
10. One More for the Rodeo [add]
11. Born to Loose [add]
12. When They Ring the Golden Bells [add]

No Business (2005) 01. Old Is New [add]
02. No Business [add]
03. Downloading [add]
04. Favorite Things [add]
05. God Bull [add]
06. Keep Rollin' [add]
07. Piece a Pie [add]
08. New Is Old [add]
09. No Business Again [add]
10. Gimme the Mermaid [multimedia track] [add]

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