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Hellothisisalex lyrics
Genre: Electronica
The Anachim Thorn (2001) 01. Bus Ride to the Corner [add]
02. It's a Girl [add]
03. From Over the Phone [add]
04. Everybody's Having Fun Getting Naked [add]
05. Juliette [add]
06. Dinner at a Restaurant [add]
07. The Unsettling Car Ride Home [add]
08. The Transylvanian Teacher's Federation [add]
09. Sorry for Borrowing Your Car [add]
10. Outside in the Cold the School Lights Burn Bright [add]
11. Lights Out [add]

The Canadian Spelling Program (2002) 01. Fresh Spice [add]
02. Dust Machine [add]
03. Deep River, Ontario [add]
04. Deer, Alysa [add]
05. Working in a Small Tape Store [add]
06. Nystery Dad [add]
07. Hospital Plaids [add]
08. In a Heartbeat [add]
09. Television, My Lazy Brother [add]
10. Royal Perennial [add]
11. The Sting [add]
12. Newspaper Starsky [add]
13. Final Ashuran [add]

Across the River Twin (2004) 01. Enough Kilowatts to Light a Mountain [add]
02. Dull Cares Vanish and the World Seems Right [add]
03. Survival Is a Dead End [add]
04. Humankind Meets Trees [add]
05. ...and Then Suddenly Everyone Launched into the Air [add]
06. Parachuting into a Valley of Gems [add]
07. A Fire Carried by Hot Winds [add]
08. The Beauty Queen Waves Goodbye [add]
09. Home Is as Near as the Telephone [add]

The Stump Act (2006) 01. Popular Lane [add]
02. Minister of Conversation [add]
03. A Little Girl's Taxidermy [add]
04. Bible Camp Road [add]
05. Long Naked Violets [add]
06. Atheist Mine [add]
07. Haunt the Bear [add]
08. Breath Donor Clinic [add]
09. A Year of Eating Dangerously [add]
10. Swedish Adventure Church [add]

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