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Erik Lindgren lyrics
Genre: Rock
Polar Yet Tropical (1987) 01. I Wanna Be Your Dog [add]
02. Out of Limits [add]
03. Talk Talk [add]
04. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago [add]
05. We Will Fall [add]
06. Iron Man [add]
07. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida [add]
08. Modern Warfare [add]
09. Uriel IV [add]
10. Out to Launch [add]
11. Slo-Boy [add]
12. Midnight [add]
13. Pink Noise [add]
14. And Many Many More [add]
15. Murder on Mass Ave. [add]

Oil on Linen (1992) 01. Chamber Suite: Curtain Call [add]
02. Chamber Suite: Queen Mary Leaves Port [add]
03. Chamber Suite: Candlelight I [add]
04. Chamber Suite: Levitation [add]
05. Chamber Suite: Candlelight II [add]
06. Chamber Suite: A Good Joke [add]
07. Chamber Suite: Rituals I/II [add]
08. Chamber Suite: Going for the Long Haul [add]
09. Chamber Suite: Candlelight III [add]
10. Chamber Suite: Are You Sleeping? [add]
11. Chamber Suite: A Cut with the Past [add]
12. Chamber Suite: Another Good Joke [add]
13. Chamber Suite: Train of Thought [add]
14. Chamber Suite: Still Chasing After Rainbows [add]
15. Chamber Suite: Re-Entry [add]
16. Levels of Insanity I [add]
17. Levels of Insanity II: 2:20 [add]
18. Levels of Insanity II: 1:25 [add]
19. Levels of Insanity II: :50 [add]
20. Levels of Insanity II: 1:50 [add]
21. Levels of Insanity II: 1:25 [add]
22. Levels of Insanity II: 3:25 [add]
23. Levels of Insanity II: 2:40 [add]
24. Levels of Insanity II: 4:25 [add]

Scores! (1999) 01. Scenes from the Nemasket River [add]
02. I (Psychedelic Music for String Quartet) [add]
03. II (Psychedelic Music for String Quartet) [add]
04. III (Psychedelic Music for String Quartet) [add]
05. IV (Psychedelic Music for String Quartet) [add]
06. Looking East Towards the Cascades [add]
07. Looking West Towards the Olympics [add]
08. MT. Rainier [add]
09. I (Uriel I-IV) [add]
10. II (Uriel I-IV) [add]
11. III (Uriel I-IV) [add]
12. IV (Uriel I-IV) [add]
13. Winter [add]
14. Spring [add]
15. Summer [add]
16. Fall [add]
17. Changes [add]
18. Tides [add]

Sound on Sound (2003) 01. No Friend of Mine [add]
02. Funny How You Treated My Friend [add]
03. Searchin [add]
04. Words Came Through [add]
05. Stay With Me [add]
06. One Right Way to Win Me, No. 1 [add]
07. Phases [add]
08. Ambrosial Fling [add]
09. Inevitably (Human Nature), No. 1 [add]
10. Chosen One [add]
11. Just Walked Away [add]
12. Keep in Touch [add]
13. The Leader [add]
14. Back Then [add]
15. World That's Far from Yours [Instrumental Backing Track] [add]
16. World That's Far from Yours [Piano/Vocal Demo Excerpt] [add]
17. Procum Harol [add]
18. Wrong Number [Piano/Vocal Demo Excerpt] [add]
19. No Other Way [Keyboard/Vocal Demo Excerpt] [add]
20. The Leader, No. 2 [add]
21. One Right Way to Win Me, No. 2 [instrumental] [add]
22. Inevitably (Human Nature), No. 2 [Early Instrumental Backing Track] [add]

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