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Michael Franti lyrics
Genre: Rap
Stay Human (2001) 01. Oh My God [add]
02. Radio Segment [add]
03. Stay Human (All the Freaky People) [add]
04. Radio Segment [add]
05. Rock the Nation [add]
06. Sometimes [add]
07. Radio Segment [add]
08. Do Ya Love [add]
09. Radio Segment [add]
10. Soulshine [add]
11. Every Single Soul [add]
12. Radio Segment [add]
13. Love'll Set Me Free [add]
14. Thank You [add]
15. Radio Segment [add]
16. We Don't Mind [add]
17. Radio Segment [add]
18. Speaking of Tongues [add]
19. Radio Segment [add]
20. Listener Supported [add]
21. Radio Segment [add]
22. Skin on the Drum [add]

Songs from the Front Porch (2003) 01. Yes I Will [add]
02. Closer to the Sky [add]
03. Firefly [add]
04. Love'll Set Me Free [add]
05. Love Invincible [add]
06. Anybody Seen My Mind [add]
07. Sometimes [add]
08. Stay Human [add]
09. Oh My God [add]
10. Ganja Babe [add]

Live in Sydney [DualDisc] (2005) 01. What I Be [add]
02. Pray for Grace [add]
03. Every Single Soul [add]
04. Stay Human [add]
05. Feelin' Free [add]
06. Everyone Deserves Music [add]
07. Rock the Nation [add]
08. Sometimes [add]
09. Taxi Radio [add]
10. Never Too Late [add]
11. What I Be [DVD] [add]
12. Pray for Grace [DVD] [add]
13. Every Single Soul [DVD] [add]
14. Stay Human [DVD] [add]
15. Feelin' Free [DVD] [add]
16. Everyone Deserves Music [DVD] [add]
17. Rock the Nation [DVD] [add]
18. Sometimes [DVD] [add]
19. Taxi Radio [DVD] [add]
20. Never Too Late [DVD] [add]
21. Bonus Material [*] [add]

Yell Fire! (2006) 01. Time to Go Home [add]
02. Yell Fire [add]
03. I Know I'm Not Alone [add]
04. East to the West [add]
05. Sweet Little Lies [add]
06. Hello Bonjour [add]
07. One Steop Closer to You [add]
08. Hey Now Now [add]
09. Everybody Ona Move [add]
10. See You in the Light [add]
11. Light Up Ya Lighter [add]
12. What I've Seen [add]
13. Tolerance [add]
14. Is Love Enough? [add]

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