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Denise Dill lyrics
Genre: Folk
Denise Dill (2004) 01. Keep Your Eyes on Me [add]
02. Decompose [add]
03. Make Me High [add]
04. Marigolds [add]
05. Momentum [add]
06. Decay [add]
07. Pattern [add]
08. Focus, Focus [add]
09. Whatever [add]
10. Drifting [add]
11. Unsaid [add]
12. Solar Hands [add]
13. Power Lines [add]
14. Say So [add]
15. Prism [add]
16. Cicada [add]
17. Chameleon [add]

Mediocrity (2005) 01. West [add]
02. Limbo [add]
03. Shouldn't It? [add]
04. Masquerade [add]
05. Secret Z [add]
06. Weak [add]
07. Fare Bad Weather [add]
08. 2000 Miles [add]
09. Lie to Me [add]
10. Political Pitiful World (PPW) [add]
11. Boundary Lines (Live @ the Funnybone March 19, 2002) [add]

Heartbeat Balloon (2006) 01. Full Steam (This Train Is Made for Graffiti) [add]
02. Figurine (But I Can't Draw) [add]
03. Etymology (So Then...Make Up a Language Without Deadlines) [add]
04. Biomimicry (But First, Turn off the Screens Because They Hypnoti [add]
05. Fiction (I'm Not Joking) [add]
06. Let It Go (If You Repeat It Enough It Might Happen) [add]
07. Lighten Up (This Is Serious) [add]
08. Repossess (Don't Be So Possessive) [add]
09. Abandoned Houses (Remember, Home Is Where the Heart) [add]
10. Topography (Where's Home? I'm Horrible with Directions) [add]
11. Techtonic Plates (There's a Madness to This Method) [add]
12. Alchemy (Its a Story About a Chemist Who Doesn't Like Chemicals) [add]
13. Labyrinth (And It's Dedicated to David Bowie) [add]
14. Stratosphere (I Wrote It on Helium) [add]
15. Radiotelescope (So That I Can See What You See...Only Better) [add]
16. Evaporate (But I Fell Too Fast) [add]
17. Moth (If Only I Were an Insect...) [add]

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