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Harry Enfield lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Harry Enfield's TV Programme (1994) 01. Lee and Lance on Cars [add]
02. Neighbourly Gits [add]
03. Nice But Dim Gulf War [add]
04. Deejays on Sunbathing [add]
05. Politicians at Breakfast [add]
06. The Slobs' Christening [add]
07. Scousers Make Tea [add]
08. You Don't Want to Decorate It Like That [add]
09. Lee and Lance Discuss Women [add]
10. Deejays on Pollution [add]
11. Football Slobs [add]
12. The Gits Pools Win [add]
13. The Politicians Give Birth [add]
14. Bores on Cars [add]
15. Lee and Lance Workers [add]
16. Little Brother Dudes [add]
17. Nice But Dim at the Bookshop [add]
18. Scousers' Sister [add]
19. Gits in the Library [add]
20. Call Me Wanker [add]
21. Nice Scousers [add]
22. A Warning [add]
23. Deejays on Europe [add]
24. Lads on Vegetarianism [add]
25. Tim Goes Canvassing [add]
26. Don't Hamlet [add]
27. Deejays on Politics [add]
28. The 30 Persons [add]
29. The Lads Meet an Old Codger [add]
30. Scousers on Blind Date [add]
31. Don't and Mr Didn't [add]
32. Leslie Norris Helps the Police with Their Enquiries [add]
33. She Can Wash My Spuds Anytime [add]
34. Waynetta Gives Birth [add]
35. Deejays Radio Personalities [add]
36. Mills and Boon on Fire [add]
37. The Social Worker Visits the Slobs [add]
38. Willpower [add]
39. Deejays Get Promoted [add]

Red Riding Hood & Sleeping Beauty: Classic Fairy Tales Retold (2005) 01. Red Riding Hood/Little Red Riding Hood (RRH): So Nice and So Good [add]
02. Red Riding Hood/Grandma: A Wholesome Sort [add]
03. Red Riding Hood/Grandma Is Not Well So RRH Is Despatched with ... [add]
04. Red Riding Hood/The Woodland Scene [add]
05. Red Riding Hood/The Wolf: A Dark and Hairy Creature [add]
06. Red Riding Hood/The Wolf Sports a Potential Snack and Turns on the ... [add]
07. Red Riding Hood/The Wolf Races to Grandma's House with Evil Intent [add]
08. Red Riding Hood/The Wolf Arrives at Grandma's House and Behaves ... [add]
09. Red Riding Hood/Back to the Woodland Scene, Where RRH Is on Her Way to [add]
10. Red Riding Hood/RRH Chances Upon the Woodcutter: An Agreeable ... [add]
11. Red Riding Hood/RRH Arrives at Grandma's and Finds Things Are Not ... [add]
12. Red Riding Hood/The Woodcutter to the Rescue [add]
13. Red Riding Hood/An Unexpectedly Good Result for RRH and Grandma [add]
14. Red Riding Hood/All's Well That Ends Well [add]
15. Red Riding Hood/The Moral of the Tale [add]
16. Sleeping Beauty/The Perfect Kingdom [add]
17. Sleeping Beauty/The One Sorrow of the King and Queen [add]
18. Sleeping Beauty/Great Joy at the Birth of the Princess [add]
19. Sleeping Beauty/The Good Fairies and the Christening of the Princess [add]
20. Sleeping Beauty/The Coming of the Dark Fairy [add]
21. Sleeping Beauty/The Dark Fairy's Curse [add]
22. Sleeping Beauty/The Grieving Court and How the Twelfth Fairy Saves the [add]
23. Sleeping Beauty/The Princess Turns Sixteen and Encounters an Old Woman [add]
24. Sleeping Beauty/The Princess Pricks Her Finger and a Great Sleep Takes [add]
25. Sleeping Beauty/The Dark Forest and the Coming of the Prince [add]
26. Sleeping Beauty/The Prince Sets Out in Search of the Princess [add]
27. Sleeping Beauty/The Prince Finds the Princess and All Is Well [add]
28. Sleeping Beauty/The Great Love [add]
29. Sleeping Beauty/The Waking of the Palace [add]
30. Sleeping Beauty/The Waltz [add]
31. Sleeping Beauty/Love Conquers All [add]

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