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Genre: Rock
Scratch up Some Action (1989) 01. I'm in Love with the GTO's [add]
02. Feels Alright [add]
03. Cancer Rising [add]
04. Red Temple Spirits (Two-Headed Dog) [add]
05. And So It Goes [add]
06. White Light/White Heat [add]
07. Fun City U.S.A. [add]
08. Go to Him [add]
09. Radioactive Baby [add]
10. I Kill Me [add]
11. 1970 [add]
12. Whiskey Down the Drain [add]
13. 1970 [add]
14. Suicide City [add]
15. Mary, Are You Living? [add]
16. Ain't Nothing to Do (Bators Chrome) [add]
17. I'm in Love with the GTO's [add]
18. I Came to Thrill [add]
19. Haven't Had a Drink in a Long Time [add]
20. Sonic Reducer [add]
21. Still Wanna Die [add]
22. [Untitled Track] [add]

Wicked (1992) 01. Lisa's World [add]
02. Look at You [add]
03. The Face of an Angel [add]
04. Just Like They Should Be [add]
05. Radio Babylon [add]
06. Tonight [add]
07. Forever [add]
08. Arizona [add]
09. Just a Little Bit More [add]
10. Real High School Romance [add]
11. The Moon Upstairs [add]
12. Wicked [add]

Leather Frankenstein (1994) 01. Leather Frankenstein [add]
02. Can't Keep from Cryin' [add]
03. Surf TV [add]
04. Only Lovers Left Alive [add]
05. Stars & Moons [add]
06. European Vacation [add]
07. Dead Heroes [add]
08. Marianne [add]
09. Hotrods to Hell [add]
10. I Think I Lost My Mind [add]
11. Waitin' for You [add]

Bliss (1995) 01. No Apologies [add]
02. Boom Boom Willie [add]
03. Let's Talk About Sex [add]
04. Gimmie Danger [add]
05. Just a Girl [add]
06. Pissing on Your Flowers [add]
07. Sugar O'Dee [add]
08. Sinville [add]
09. No Fun Forever [add]
10. Methchild [add]
11. Raunchy Raunchy [add]
12. No Reaction [add]
13. All I Own [add]

French Cough Syrup (1996) 01. French Cough Syrup [add]
02. Pin Point Eyes [add]
03. If She Were My Girl [add]
04. The Last Summer [add]
05. So Pretty [add]
06. Dance All Night [add]
07. Spit It Out [add]
08. Circa '70 [add]
09. Talkin' Away [add]
10. Seriously [add]
11. Still High [add]
12. Your Poison [add]

Heart Full of Snot (1997) 01. All American Overdose [add]
02. Turn Me On [add]
03. Little Girl Smile [add]
04. She's Breakin' My Heart Again [add]
05. Rosita [add]
06. Diablo Verde [add]
07. (I Wanna Be Your) Main Man [add]
08. Hung on You [add]
09. Can Ya Walk on Water [add]
10. Yesterdaze [add]
11. People That I Hate [add]
12. More Good News [add]
13. Can't Be Bothered [add]
14. Love DTK [add]
15. Down on You [Girl Version] [add]

Moonchild (1997) 01. Weird Boy Plays Strange Opening [add]
02. Only Lovers Left Alive [add]
03. Dead Heroes [add]
04. I Think I Lost My Mind [add]
05. Leather Frankenstein [add]
06. Can't Keep from Cryin' [add]
07. Dear Lady [add]
08. Like an Angel [add]
09. A Question of Soul [add]
10. Dreamer's Waltz [add]

All Trashed Up (1999) 01. Miss Thing [add]
02. Kingdom of Kicks [add]
03. There She Goes [add]
04. Goin' Down in Flames [add]
05. San Francisco [add]
06. Silver Star [add]
07. Ravanged [add]
08. Some of Us [add]
09. Desert Roses [add]
10. Ain't Life a Bitch [add]

Pancake 31 (2000) 01. The Sad Ballad of Dagmar Tranquilizer [add]
02. Narco Voodoo [add]
03. Beyond Redemption [add]
04. Last of the Red Hot Cocksuckers [add]
05. Ashes [add]
06. Roll With Me [add]
07. X Punk Rocker [add]
08. All the Wrong Reasons [add]
09. Girl I Used... [add]
10. Slaughter on Van Buren Avenue [add]

Cursed, Poisoned, Condemned (2005) 01. Lost Faith [add]
02. Kill My Buzz [add]
03. Ya Feel All Right? [add]
04. Sweet Silence [add]
05. SXSW Whore [add]
06. Wicked Trail of Sin [add]
07. Cock O' the Walk [add]
08. No Matter What [add]
09. Glitter & Tears [add]
10. Hating You [add]
11. Weak as a Kitten [add]

Street Fighting Reptile (2005) 01. Street Fighting Reptile [add]
02. Trans-Sister [add]
03. The Ballad of Mott, Pt. 2 [add]
04. Road to Madrid [add]
05. Destination Blackout [add]
06. Transvestites, Transsexuals and Chicks With Dicks [add]
07. Halo Moon [add]
08. Deathrattle Shake [add]
09. Better Days [add]
10. Take Your Medication [add]

Battered Stuff (2007) 01. I Wouldn't Change a Thing [add]
02. Vaguely Picasso [add]
03. California Blues [add]
04. Sandwich [add]
05. Damaged Goods [add]
06. Before the Storm [add]
07. Ain't Drinkin' Myself to Death No More [add]
08. I Beg Your Pardon [add]
09. Outta Luck [add]

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