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Das Oath lyrics
Genre: Rock
Das Oath [Three One G] (0000) 01. Reliquary [add]
02. Scrapped [add]
03. The Twinkle in an Eye About to Be Blackened [add]
04. Tropical Malady [add]
05. The Terror, The Delight, And the Unendurable Pointlessness of Trying [add]
06. Years of Veneers [add]
07. All the Songs Have Been Sung [add]

Das Oath (2004) 01. The Kult Starts (Some W) Here [add]
02. Great News from the South Pole [add]
03. Awesome Rape [add]
04. Quiet!: Subtle Pretext Chiming In [add]
05. The Leaning Tower of Pisa Crap [add]
06. Blood Oranges [add]
07. Comatose Life of Wonderment [add]
08. The Great Anything [add]
09. Oh Gruesome Lunar Cycle [add]
10. Disney Surgery [add]
11. Get Out of Your Scene [add]
12. Nobody's Married Me in Years [add]
13. A Biggot Is a Spic [add]
14. Harmonized [add]
15. The Virtue of Elitism [add]

Das Oath [Mini-LP] (2006) 01. You Will Never Never Never Know Me [add]
02. Quicktime [add]
03. Stand Atop the Precipice and Give the Boy a Tap [add]
04. Tightened, Solidified, Cracking [add]
05. Whim [add]
06. Occupant/Applicant [add]
07. Only Is Fakes Get All the Breaks [add]
08. Don't Leave Anything Anymore It Will Disappear [add]
09. Mouldering [add]

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