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Genre: Jazz
I Lead a Life (1972) 01. Chances Are [add]
02. Lust [add]
03. It Don't Pay to Worry Like That [add]
04. Elihaha [add]
05. When a Woman Say She Ready [add]
06. I Lead a Life [add]
07. Devil Comes to Las Vegas [add]
08. Talking About Money [add]
09. Slippery Hip [add]
10. Back Down on State Street [add]

Puttin' in Time on Planet Earth (1973) 01. Full Compass [add]
02. Play the Piano [add]
03. Have You Heard the News [add]
04. Face Your Fears [add]
05. Think Twice [add]
06. Walking With the Blues [add]
07. Now I Live (And Now My Life Is Done) [add]
08. Puttin' in Time on Planet Earth [add]

Don't Let Go (1974) 01. Fat Jam [add]
02. House of Blue Lites [add]
03. Ben Sidran's Midnite Tango [add]
04. Chicken Glide [add]
05. She's Funny That Way (I Got a Woman, Crazy for Me) [add]
06. Monopoly [add]
07. Don't Let Go [add]
08. Hey Hey Baby [add]
09. Fool Killer [add]
10. Funky Elephant [add]
11. Snatch [add]
12. Down to the Bone [add]

Feel Your Groove (1976) 01. Leo's My Name [add]
02. Poor Girl [add]
03. Racine Bovine [add]
04. About Love [add]
05. Feel Your Groove [add]
06. That Fine Day [add]
07. Alexander's Rag Time Brand [add]
08. Try [add]
09. My Wife [add]
10. The Blues in England [add]
11. Spread Your Wings [add]

The Doctor Is In (1977) 01. Get It Yourself [add]
02. Song for a Sucker Like You [add]
03. Broad Daylight [add]
04. See You on the Other Side [add]
05. One Way Grave [add]
06. Set Yourself Free [add]
07. Nobody's Fool [add]
08. Charlie's Blues [add]
09. Be Nice [add]

The Cat and the Hat (1977) 01. Minority [add]
02. Blue Daniel [add]
03. Ballin' the Jack [add]
04. Like Sonny [add]
05. Girl Talk [add]
06. Seven Steps to Heaven [add]
07. Hi-Fly [add]
08. Ask Me Now [add]
09. Give It to the Kids [add]

A Little Kiss in the Night (1978) 01. Kiss in the Night [add]
02. You Got the Power [add]
03. Moose the Mooche [add]
04. The Cadillac Kid [add]
05. That's Life I Guess [add]
06. Doing You [add]
07. Tell Old Bill [add]
08. Mr. Bill Goes to Brazil [add]
09. Face Your Fears [add]

Old Songs for the New Depression (1982) 01. Let's Get Away from It All [add]
02. Easy Street [add]
03. Old Folks [add]
04. Turn to the Music [add]
05. Steady Eddie [add]
06. Makin' Whoopee [add]
07. Piano Players [add]
08. Dark Night [add]
09. Nostalgia in Times Square [add]

Bop City (1983) 01. Solar lyrics
02. Big Nick [add]
03. It Didn't All Come True [add]
04. City Home [add]
05. Bop City (Theme) [From Jazz Alive] [add]
06. Little Sherry [add]
07. Nardis [add]
08. Up Jumped Spring lyrics
09. Monk's Mood [add]

On the Cool Side (1985) 01. Mitsubishi Boy [add]
02. Lover Man, Pt. 1 [add]
03. Lover Man, Pt. 2 [add]
04. Brown Eyes [add]
05. On the Cool Side [add]
06. Old Hoagy [add]
07. Heat Wave [add]
08. Take It Easy Greasy [add]
09. Lazy River [add]
10. That's What the Note Said [add]
11. Lost in the Stars [add]

On the Live Side (1986) 01. The Doctor's Blues [add]
02. Broad Daylight [add]
03. Piano Players [add]
04. Turn to the Music [add]
05. A Good Travel Agent [add]
06. There They Go [add]
07. Lover Man [add]
08. Mitsubishi Boy [add]
09. On the Cool Side [add]
10. Space Cowboy [add]
11. Last Dance [add]

Too Hot to Touch (1988) 01. Shine a Light on Me [add]
02. Enivre d'Amour [add]
03. Everything Happens to Me [add]
04. Freedom Jazz Festival [add]
05. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
06. Critics [add]
07. Pepper [add]
08. Too Hot to Touch [add]
09. Longing for Bahia [add]
10. I Wanna Be a Bebopper [add]

Cool Paradise (1991) 01. Cool Paradise [add]
02. Lip Service [add]
03. If Someone Has to Wreck Your Life [add]
04. She Steps into a Dream [add]
05. Try [add]
06. Language of the Blues [add]
07. Desire of Love [add]
08. Bye Bye Blackbird [add]
09. So Long [add]
10. Walking With the Blues [add]
11. Searching for a Girl Like You [add]

Life's a Lesson (1994) 01. Eliyahu [add]
02. Oseh Shalom [add]
03. Life's a Lesson [add]
04. Ani Ma'amin [add]
05. Avinu Malchenu [add]
06. Tree of Life [add]
07. B'rosh Hashana [add]
08. Eli Eli [add]
09. Shofar Shogood [add]
10. Y'did Nefesh [add]
11. Kol Nidre [add]
12. Hashivenu [add]
13. Hatikva [add]
14. Face Your Fears [add]
15. Hine Ma Tov [add]

Mr. P's Shuffle (1996) 01. I'm Back [add]
02. Like a Boat on the Water [add]
03. Sentimental Journey [add]
04. Get Happy [add]
05. Jive Samba [add]
06. I'm Not Talking [add]
07. The Glory of Love [add]
08. Mr. P's Shuffle [add]
09. Walk Right In [add]
10. Lover Man [add]
11. No Moon at All [add]
12. Memory Lane [add]

Go Jazz All-Stars (1997) 01. Lip Service [add]
02. Mood Swing [add]
03. It Should Have Been Me [add]
04. Yeah Yeah [add]
05. Let's Make a Deal [add]
06. Good Bye [add]
07. The Language of the Blues [add]
08. Too Hot to Touch [add]
09. Georgia [add]
10. I Love the Life I Live [add]

Live at Celebrity Lounge (1999) 01. Sentimental Journey [add]
02. Turn to the Music [add]
03. Chat [add]
04. I Wanna Be a Bebopper [add]
05. House of Blue Lights [add]
06. Look Here [add]
07. Avinu Malchenu [add]
08. Chat [add]
09. Geg?'s Mouth Drums [add]
10. Geg?'s Groove [add]
11. Old Folks [add]
12. Blues for the Celebrity Lounge [add]

The Concert for Garcia Lorca [live] (2000) 01. On Defeating Death (Absent Soul) lyrics
02. It Ain't Necessarily So [add]
03. On Duende [add]
04. On Cante Jondo and the Blues [add]
05. New Gypsy Ballads: Whisper Not/Lover Man [add]
06. Look Here [add]
07. Poet in New York; Freedom Jazz Dance lyrics
08. For Margarita Xirgu [add]

El Elefante (2003) 01. Let's Go to Goosy Galpa [add]
02. Take It Easy Greasy (You Got a Long Way to Slide) [add]
03. I Wanna Grow Up and Be Like a Tree [add]
04. Popcorn's Got a Brand New Bag [add]
05. The Yellow Bird [add]
06. Pushing and Shoving [add]
07. El Elefante [add]
08. The Tickle Monster [add]
09. Fantastic Bubble [add]
10. Duermete [add]

Walk Pretty (2003) 01. That's My Girl [add]
02. Walk Pretty [add]
03. Rain Rain [add]
04. Lady Sings the Blues [add]
05. The Winter of My Discontent [add]
06. South to a Warmer Place [add]
07. While We're Young [add]
08. Lovers and Losers [add]
09. If Someday Ever Happens Again [add]
10. I Like It Here [add]
11. A Long Night [add]
12. Moon and Sand [add]

Nick's Bump (2004) 01. Little Sherry [add]
02. Cryin' Blues [add]
03. Black Jack [add]
04. Blue Panther [add]
05. The Cats [add]
06. Zambia [add]
07. Mean Greens [add]
08. Listen Here [add]
09. Blue Minor [add]
10. Nick's Bump [add]
11. Video Interview (The How and Why of Nick's Bump) [add]
12. You Can't Judge a Book (A Great Rhythm Section) [Rare Video] [add]

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