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Tiger Tiger lyrics
Genre: Folk
Space Age Indian (1994) 01. We'll Be Here [add]
02. Space Age Indian [add]
03. I Don't Care [add]
04. I Am Indian [add]
05. Wall of Time [add]
06. River of Grass [add]
07. We Won't Be Leaving [add]
08. I Know U Know [add]
09. Love Isn't E-Z [add]
10. Mighty Love [add]
11. Beauty 'N the Beast [add]
12. Lady [add]
13. Reach Out [add]
14. Every Little Thing [add]

Dream Scout (1996) 01. Why Do You Want My Love [add]
02. Dream Scout [add]
03. Painter's Song [add]
04. Landlords [add]
05. Lady in the Night [add]
06. I'll Never Leave You [add]
07. Great Radio Wasteland [add]
08. Sun Women [add]
09. Save Some Time [add]
10. Flow Like a River [add]
11. Sweet Shop [add]
12. Till the End of the Day [add]
13. Paradise Lost-N-Found [add]

Southern Exposure (2000) 01. Lay Your Burden Down [add]
02. Autumn Leanna [add]
03. It's Alright [add]
04. Something to Hide [add]
05. You're Everything to Me [add]
06. My Inspiration [add]
07. Fingertips [add]
08. I Know Who I Am [add]
09. Why [add]
10. Daydream World [add]
11. Dog Legs [add]
12. The Wolf Cried [add]

Peace from the Everglades Dedicated to the Survival of the Miccosukee & Seminole People (2005) 01. Heya [add]
02. Indian Queen [add]
03. Someone to Believe In [add]
04. River of Grass [add]
05. I Am Indian [add]
06. My Heart Is with Nature [add]
07. Talkin' About Your Love [add]
08. Geronimo [add]
09. Witchi Ta To [add]
10. Tropical Paradise [add]
11. Cheyene Purple Wolf [add]
12. Your Best Is Good Enough [add]

Native To This Country (2006) 01. Tads Native to This Country [add]
02. Across the Blue [add]
03. Come & Get My Love [add]
04. Throw It All Away [add]
05. Take Some Time [add]
06. High Quality... [add]
07. Bad Girl [add]
08. Son of Stone [add]
09. Pope John Paul II [add]

Collisions (2007) 01. Jealous Lovers [add]
02. Insensible Bore [add]
03. Vicious, Like Me [add]
04. Lucky Charming [add]
05. Regretfully Yours [add]
06. Tasteful Diversion [add]
07. Death of Civility [add]
08. Consolation Prize [add]
09. Makes No Difference [add]
10. Love and Decomposition [add]
11. Souvenir [add]
12. 5 & 10 [add]
13. Cutting Teeth [add]
14. Collisions [add]
15. Sir Tristan [add]
16. Fire Exits [add]

The Kind of Goodnight (2007) 01. Stand In [add]
02. The First Thing [add]
03. Black Daggers [add]
04. Two by Two [add]
05. The Kind of Goodnight [add]
06. Fake It [add]
07. Cheap Imitation [add]
08. How Much Can You Take [add]
09. Seaside Romance [add]
10. Misfortune, Bad Weather, & Debt [add]
11. So You Won't Deceive Me [add]
12. Sometimes [add]
13. Every Word Is True [add]
14. Pretty Perjury [add]
15. Windows [add]
16. Substantial Difference [add]
17. Black Daggers [multimedia track] [add]
18. So You Won't Deceive Me [multimedia track] [add]

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