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Delano lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Are You Ready (2000) 01. He Loves You [add]
02. Since the Day Jesus Saved Me [add]
03. Bongo Billy [add]
04. Threshold [add]
05. He Is Our Everthing [add]
06. Give Me Just One Reason Lord [add]
07. Bewrae the Anti-Christ [add]
08. Are You Ready [add]
09. Spiritual Reaction [add]
10. The Bell Is Calling Me Home [add]
11. You'll Always Be My Mommy [add]
12. The Dream [add]
13. You Are Always Loved [add]

In God's Light (2001) 01. In God's Light [add]
02. Falling [add]
03. Blood Bought [add]
04. Romans Road [add]
05. Three in One [add]
06. God Loves You [add]
07. Christ in Christmas [add]
08. The Lord Is My Shepherd [add]
09. He Is Our Everything [add]
10. Like a Thief in the Night [add]
11. My Friend Jesus [add]
12. Daddy's Old Bible [add]

Turning Over a New Leaf (2001) 01. Turning Over a New Leaf [add]
02. Evolution Is Brain Pollution [add]
03. Pipeline from Heaven [add]
04. Paradise Road [add]
05. Vanished [add]
06. I Know I Need You [add]
07. Someday [add]
08. Now Is the Time [add]
09. The Good Shepherd [add]
10. You Knew What I Needed [add]
11. Let's Come Together [add]
12. Giving Lord [add]
13. It Breaks God's Heart [add]

Tell What You Know (2002) 01. Intro [add]
02. Don't Be a Question Mark [add]
03. Tell What You Know [add]
04. David's Sling [add]
05. Jesus We Love You [add]
06. Will You Let Me In? [add]
07. Someday Soon [add]
08. Power in Prayer [add]
09. We Come to You [add]
10. Psalm 117 [add]
11. Lord, You Are Holy [add]
12. Lighting the Pathway [add]
13. As the World Turns [add]
14. Cloning [add]
15. Tell What You Know (Reprise) [add]

Kid's of the King (2004) 01. Dead End [add]
02. Kid's of the King [add]
03. Times Are Chang'n [add]
04. Understanding [add]
05. Don't Turn Away [add]
06. It Will Be Alright [add]
07. Flight of the Angels [add]
08. Evolution Is Brain Pollution [Remix] [add]
09. Don't Let Evil Reign [add]
10. Here's My Hand [add]
11. Jesus People [add]
12. Perfection [add]
13. In God's World [add]
14. If I Should Die [add]
15. Into the Light [add]

The Best Is Yet to Come (2004) 01. What If [add]
02. My Dreams of Heaven [add]
03. Jerusalem [add]
04. He Rescued Me [add]
05. The Best Is Yet to Come [add]
06. Calm Before the Storm [add]
07. Smile [add]
08. Hell [add]
09. Nobody But Christ [add]
10. One More Day [add]
11. Never Surrender [add]

Around 2000 Years Ago (2005) 01. Temporary World [add]
02. Around 2000 Years Ago [add]
03. Someday [Remix] [add]
04. Know the Enemy [add]
05. Faithful Servant [add]
06. Good Day Jesus [add]
07. You Need to Be Saved [add]
08. I Am the Vine [add]
09. I Lay Down My Burdens [add]
10. Second Sight [add]
11. Don't Worry [add]
12. He Was There [add]

One Heartbeat Away (2006) 01. One Heartbeat Away [add]
02. Heart and Soul [add]
03. Wormwood [add]
04. Song for a Lost Friend [add]
05. The Almighty God [add]
06. I Love You Forever [add]
07. Somewhere Around the World [add]
08. She Found Someone Who Cares [add]
09. Evolution Is Brain Pollution (Studio Rock Version) [add]
10. The Unseen Guest [add]
11. Chapmansville [add]

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