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Robben Ford lyrics
Genre: Blues
Discovering the Blues [live] (0000) 01. Sweet Sixteen [add]
02. You Drive a Hard Bargain [add]
03. It's My Own Fault [add]
04. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
05. My Time After Awhile [add]
06. Raining in My Heart lyrics
07. Blue and Lonesome [add]

Schizophonic (1976) 01. Miss Miss [add]
02. Ladies' Choice [add]
03. Hawk's Theme [add]
04. Low Ride [add]
05. Stella and Frenchie [add]
06. Softly Rolling [add]

The Inside Story (1979) 01. Magic Sam [add]
02. For the One I Love [add]
03. North Carolina [add]
04. There's No One Else [add]
05. The Inside Story [add]
06. Need Somebody [add]
07. Far Away [add]
08. Tee Time for Eric [add]

Talk to Your Daughter (1988) 01. Talk to Your Daughter [add]
02. Wild About You (Can't Hold Out Much Longer) [add]
03. Help the Poor [add]
04. Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues [add]
05. Born Under a Bad Sign [add]
06. I Got over It [add]
07. Revelation [add]
08. Getaway [add]
09. Can't Let Her Go [add]

Robben Ford & the Blue Line (1992) 01. Brother (For Jimmie & Stevie) [add]
02. The Brother [add]
03. You Cut Me to the Bone [add]
04. I'm a Real Man [add]
05. My Love Will Never Die [add]
06. Step on It [add]
07. Prison of Love [add]
08. Tell Me I'm Your Man [add]
09. Start It Up lyrics
10. Life Song [add]

Mystic Mile (1993) 01. He Don't Play Nothin' But the Blues [add]
02. Busted Up [add]
03. Politician [add]
04. Worried Life Blues [add]
05. Misdirected Life Blues [add]
06. Moth to a Flame [add]
07. Trying to Do the Right Thing [For Anne] [add]
08. Say What's on Your Mind [add]
09. The Plunge [add]
10. Mystic Mile [add]

Handful of Blues (1995) 01. Rugged Road [add]
02. Chevrolet lyrics
03. When I Leave Here [add]
04. The Miller's Son [add]
05. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood [add]
06. Top of the Hill [add]
07. Running Out on Me [add]
08. Tired of Talkin' [add]
09. Good Thing [add]
10. Think Twice [add]
11. I Just Want to Make Love to You [add]
12. Strong Will to Live [add]

Blues Connotation (1996) 01. City Life [add]
02. One Day at a Time [add]
03. I Could See Forever [add]
04. Wanderlust [add]
05. Billie's Bounce [add]
06. I Put a Spell on You [add]
07. Blues Connotation [add]
08. Blues Connotation (Reprise) [add]

Tiger Walk (1997) 01. In the Beginning [add]
02. Ghosts [add]
03. Freedom [add]
04. Red Lady With Cello [add]
05. Oasis [add]
06. Just Like It Is [add]
07. I Can't Stand the Rain [add]
08. The Champ [add]
09. Tiger Walk [add]
10. Comin' Up [add]

The Authorized Bootleg [live] (1998) 01. When I Leave Here [add]
02. Chevrolet lyrics
03. Top of the Hill [add]
04. Start It Up lyrics
05. Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying [add]
06. Help the Poor [add]
07. Lovin' Cup [add]
08. Tired of Talkin' [add]

Supernatural (1999) 01. Let Me In [add]
02. Supernatural [add]
03. Nothing to Nobody [add]
04. Water for the Wicked [add]
05. Don't Lose Your Faith in Me [add]
06. Hey Brother [add]
07. Deaf, Dumb, and Blind (For O.T.) [add]
08. If [add]
09. When I Cry Today [add]
10. You Got Me Knockin' [add]
11. Lovin' Cup [add]

In San Francisco (2001) 01. The Brother [add]
02. You Cut Me to the Bone [add]
03. Start It Up lyrics
04. Step on It [add]
05. Prison of Love [add]
06. Worried Life Blues [add]
07. Tell I'm Your Man [add]
08. Talk to Your Daughter [add]
09. Help the Poor [add]

A Tribute to Paul Butterfield (2001) 01. Screamin' [add]
02. One More Heartache [add]
03. Last Hope's Gone [add]
04. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [add]
05. No Amount of Loving [add]
06. Mary, Mary [add]
07. Work Song [add]
08. In My Own Dream [add]
09. Budd's Advice [add]
10. All These Blues [add]
11. Tollin' Bells [add]
12. Everything's Gonna Be Alright [add]

Blue Moon (2002) 01. Up the Line [add]
02. Hard to Please [add]
03. Don't Deny Your Love [add]
04. Make Me Your Only One [add]
05. Indianola [add]
06. My Everything [add]
07. The Way You Treated Me (You're Gonna Be Sorry) [add]
08. Sometime Love [add]
09. Good to Love [add]
10. Something for the Pain [add]
11. It Don't Make Sense (You Can't Make Peace) [add]
12. Don't Deny Your Love [Remix] [add]

Keep on Running (2003) 01. Keep on Running [add]
02. Over My Head [add]
03. Homework [add]
04. Badge [add]
05. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? [add]
06. Cannonball Shuffle [add]
07. Lifetime Thing [add]
08. Bonnie [add]
09. Me and My Woman [add]
10. For the Love of Money [add]
11. Hand in Hand With the Blues [add]

City Life (2006) 01. City Life [add]
02. One Day at a Time [add]
03. I Could See Forever [add]
04. Wanderlust [add]
05. Billie's Bounce [add]
06. I Put a Spell on You [add]
07. Blues Connotation [add]
08. Blues Connotation Reprise [add]

Truth (2007) 01. Lateral Climb [add]
02. How Deep in the Blues (Do You Want to Go) [add]
03. Nobody's Fault But Mine [add]
04. Riley B. King [add]
05. You're Gonna Need a Friend [add]
06. One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor [add]
07. Too Much [add]
08. Peace on My Mind [add]
09. There'll Never Be Another You [add]
10. River of Soul [add]
11. Moonchild Blues [add]

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