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The Crusaders lyrics
Genre: Jazz
The 2nd Crusade (0000) 01. Don't Let It Get You Down [add]
02. Take It or Leave It [add]
03. Gotta Get It On [add]
04. Where There's a Will There's a Way [add]
05. Look Beyond the Hill [add]
06. Journey from Within [add]
07. Ain't Gon' Change a Thang [add]
08. A Message from the Inner City [add]
09. A Search for Soul [add]
10. No Place to Hide [add]
11. Tomorrow Where Are You? [add]
12. Tough Talk [add]
13. Do You Remember When? [add]

Southern Comfort (0000) 01. Stomp and Buck Dance [add]
02. Greasy Spoon [add]
03. Get on the Soul Ship (It's Sailing) [add]
04. Super Strut [add]
05. Double Bubble [add]
06. The Well's Gone Dry [add]
07. Southern Comfort [add]
08. Time Bomb [add]
09. When There's Love Around [add]
10. Lilies of the Nile [add]
11. Whispering Pines [add]
12. A Ballad for Joe (Louis) [add]

Those Southern Knights (0000) 01. Spiral [add]
02. Keep That Same Old Feeling [add]
03. My Mama Told Me So [add]
04. Til' the Sun Shines [add]
05. And Then There Was the Blues [add]
06. Serenity [add]
07. Feeling Funky [add]

Free as the Wind (0000) 01. Free as the Wind [add]
02. I Felt the Love [add]
03. The Way We Was [add]
04. Nite Crawler [add]
05. Feel It [add]
06. Sweet 'N' Sour [add]
07. River Rat [add]
08. It Happens Everday [add]

Rhapsody and Blues (0000) 01. Soul Shadows [add]
02. Honky Tonk Struttin' [add]
03. Elegant Evening [add]
04. Rhapsody and Blues [add]
05. Last Call [add]
06. Sweet Gentle Love [add]

Lookin' Ahead (1962) 01. Sinnin' Sam [add]
02. Tonight [add]
03. 507 Neyland [add]
04. Till All Ends [add]
05. Tortoise and the Hare [add]
06. In a Dream [add]
07. Big Hunk of Funk [add]
08. The Young Rabbits [add]
09. Song of India [add]

The Jazz Crusaders at the Lighthouse [live] (1962) 01. Congolese Sermon [add]
02. Cath's Dilemma [add]
03. Blues for Ramona [add]
04. Weather Beat [add]
05. Scandaalizing [add]
06. Appointment in Ghana [add]
07. The Thing [add]
08. White Cobra [add]
09. New Time Shuffle [add]

Tough Talk (1963) 01. Deacon Brown [add]
02. Turkish Black [add]
03. Brahms' Lullaby [add]
04. Boopie [add]
05. Tough Talk [add]
06. No-Name Samba [add]
07. Lazy Canary [add]
08. Lonely Horn [add]
09. Brother Bernard [add]

Heat Wave (1964) 01. On Broadway [add]
02. Greenback Dollar [add]
03. Close Shave [add]
04. Mr. Sandman [add]
05. Heat Wave [add]
06. Sassy [add]
07. Some Samba [add]
08. Stix March [add]
09. Purple Onion [add]
10. You Are Only Sometimes Rain [add]

Stretchin' Out (1964) 01. Robbins Nest [add]
02. Polka Dots and Moonbeams [add]
03. Long John [add]
04. I'll Remember Tomorrow [add]
05. You Are Only Sometimes Rain [add]
06. Sweet Water [add]
07. Bachafillen [add]
08. Outback [add]

The Thing (1965) 01. Sunset in the Mountains [add]
02. While the City Sleeps [add]
03. Para Mi Esposa [add]
04. Soul Kosher [add]

Chile con Soul (1965) 01. Agua Dulce (Sweetwater) [add]
02. Soul Bourgeoisie [add]
03. Ontem a Note [add]
04. Tough Talk [add]
05. Tacos [add]
06. Latin Bit [add]
07. The Breeze and I [add]
08. Dulzura [add]

Live at the Lighthouse '66 (1966) 01. Aleluia [add]
02. Blues Up Tight [add]
03. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
04. Miss It [add]
05. 'Round Midnight [#/*] [add]
06. Some Other Blues [#/*] [add]
07. Scratch [add]
08. Doin' That Thing [add]
09. Milestones [add]

The Festival Album [live] (1966) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Trance Dance [add]
03. Summer's Madness [add]
04. Young Rabbits [add]
05. Freedom Sound [add]
06. Wilton's Boogaloo [#/*] [add]
07. Half and Half [#/*] [add]

Live at Newport (1966) 01. Young Rabbits [add]
02. Freedom Sound [add]
03. Trance Dance [add]
04. A Summer Madness [add]

Talk That Talk (1967) 01. Walkin' My Cat Named Dog [add]
02. Stuewood [add]
03. I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me [add]
04. There Is a Time [add]
05. Hey Girl [add]
06. Up Tight [add]
07. Arrast?o [add]
08. Mohair Sam [add]
09. Walk on By [add]
10. 1-2-3 [add]
11. The Shadow Do [add]
12. Turkish Black [add]

Uh Huh (1967) 01. Blue Monday [add]
02. Night Theme [add]
03. Uh-Huh [add]
04. Air Waves [add]
05. Watts Happening [add]

Live Sides (1968) 01. Impressions [add]
02. Emperor [add]
03. It's Gotta Be Real [add]
04. Inside the Outside [add]
05. Reflections [add]
06. Native Dancer [add]

Lighthouse '68 [live] (1968) 01. Oogo-Boo-Ga-Loo [add]
02. Eleanor Rigby [add]
03. Native Dancer [add]
04. Never Had It So Good [add]
05. The Emperor [add]
06. Impressions [add]

Powerhouse (1969) 01. Promises, Promises [add]
02. Hey Jude [add]
03. Love and Peace [add]
04. Sting Ray [add]
05. Fancy Dance [add]
06. Upstairs [add]
07. Cookie Man [add]
08. Love Is Blue [add]
09. Fire Water [add]

Lighthouse '69 [live] (1969) 01. Get Back [add]
02. It's Gotta Be Real [add]
03. Willie and Laura Mae Jones [add]
04. Ruby P'gonia [add]
05. It's Your Thing [add]
06. Inside the Ouside [add]
07. Reflections [add]
08. Svenska Flicka [add]

Old Socks, New Shoes...New Socks, Old Shoes (1970) 01. Thank You [add]
02. Funny Shuffle [add]
03. Why Do You Laugh at Me? [add]
04. Jackson [add]
05. Rainy Night in Georgia [add]
06. Golden Slumbers [add]
07. Jazz! [add]
08. Time Has No Ending [add]
09. Hard Times [add]
10. Way Back Home [add]

1 (1972) 01. That's How I Feel [add]
02. So Far Away [add]
03. Put It Where You Want It [add]
04. Mystique Blues [add]
05. Full Moon [add]
06. Sweet Revival [add]
07. Mud Hole [add]
08. It's Just Gotta Be That Way [add]
09. Georgia Cottonfield [add]
10. A Shade of Blue [add]
11. Three Children [add]
12. Mosadi (Woman) [add]

Unsung Heroes (1973) 01. Unsung Heroes [add]
02. Lay It on the Line [add]
03. Crossfire [add]
04. Hard Times [add]
05. Let's Boogie [add]
06. Freedom Sound [add]
07. In the Middle of the River [add]
08. Heavy up (Don't Get Light With Me) [add]
09. Night Theme [add]
10. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep [add]

Hollywood (1973) 01. Spanish Harlem [add]
02. Try a Little Harder [add]
03. Hollywood [add]
04. Do Yourself a Favor [add]
05. Cold Duck Eddie [add]
06. Way Back Home [add]
07. Papa Hooper's Barrelhouse Groove [add]
08. Alekesam [add]
09. Hatty May [*] [add]
10. Wayne's Pop [*] [add]

Scratch [live] (1974) 01. Scratch [add]
02. Eleanor Rigby [add]
03. Hard Times [add]
04. So Far Away [add]
05. Way Back Home [add]

Chain Reaction (1975) 01. Creole [add]
02. Chain Reaction [add]
03. I Felt the Love [add]
04. Mellow Out [add]
05. Rainbow Visions [add]
06. Hallucinate [add]
07. Give It Up [add]
08. Hot's It [add]
09. Sugar Cone [add]
10. Soul Caravan [add]

Images (1978) 01. Fairy Tales [add]
02. Marcella's Dream [add]
03. Bayou Bottoms [add]
04. Merry-Go-Round [add]
05. Cosmic Reign [add]
06. Covert Action [add]
07. Snowflake [add]

Street Life (1979) 01. Street Life lyrics
02. My Lady [add]
03. Rodeo Drive (High Steppin') [add]
04. Carnival of the Night [add]
05. The Hustler [add]
06. Night Faces [add]

Standing Tall (1980) 01. Standing Tall [add]
02. I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today [add]
03. Sunshine in Your Eyes [add]
04. This Old World's Too Funky for Me [add]
05. Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love) [add]
06. Longest Night [add]
07. Reprise (I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today) [add]

Live in Japan (1981) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Rainbow Seeker [add]
03. The Hustler [add]
04. Sweet Gentle Love [add]
05. Drum Introduction [add]
06. Spiral [add]
07. Melodies of Love [add]
08. Carmel [add]
09. So Far Away [add]
10. Brazos River Breakdown [add]
11. In All My Wildest Dreams [add]
12. Put It Where You Want It [add]

Royal Jam [live] (1982) 01. Overture (I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today) [add]
02. One Day I'll Fly Away [add]
03. Fly with Wings of Love [add]
04. Burnin' Up the Carnival [add]
05. Last Call [add]
06. The Thrill Is Gone [add]
07. Better Not Look Down [add]
08. Hold On (I Think Our Love Is Changing) [add]
09. Street Life lyrics
10. I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone [add]
11. Never Make a Move Too Soon [add]
12. Never Make Your Move Too Soon [add]

Ghetto Blaster (1984) 01. Dead End [add]
02. Gotta Lotta Shakalada [add]
03. New Moves [add]
04. Zalal'e Mini (Take It Easy) [add]
05. Night Ladies [add]
06. Mr. Cool [add]
07. Dream Street [add]

The Good and the Bad Times (1986) 01. Good Times [add]
02. The Way It Goes [add]
03. Sweet Dreams [add]
04. Mischievous Ways [add]
05. Sometimes You Can Take It or Leave It [add]
06. Three Wishes [add]

Healing the Wounds (1991) 01. Pessimisticism [add]
02. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy [add]
03. Little Things Mean a Lot [add]
04. Cause We've Ended as Lovers [add]
05. Shake Dance [add]
06. Maputo [add]
07. Healing the Wounds [add]
08. Running Man [add]

Happy Again (1994) 01. Lock It Down [add]
02. When You're So Far Away [add]
03. Elephant Walk [add]
04. Top of the World [add]
05. Fools Rush In [add]
06. Are You Part of Me [add]
07. Slyzappit [add]
08. Rock Slide [add]
09. La Luz del Dia [add]
10. Jamaica [add]
11. Travelin' Inside Your Love [add]
12. Young Rabbits [add]
13. Uh-Huh! Oh Yeah! [add]

And Beyond (1995) 01. Street Life lyrics
02. Inherit the Wind [add]
03. Stomp and Buck Dance [add]
04. Burnin' Up the Carnival [add]
05. (No Matter How High I Get) I'll Still Be Lookin' up to You [add]
06. Keep That Same Old Feeling [add]
07. Snowflake [add]
08. Brazos River Breakdown [add]
09. Soul Shadows [add]
10. Let's Dance Together [add]
11. Time Bomb [add]
12. Voices in the Rain [add]

Louisiana Hot Sauce (1996) 01. Mumbo Gumbo [add]
02. Red Beans and Rice [add]
03. Peachy Pie [add]
04. Sweet Praline (When You're So Far Away) [add]
05. Crawdaddy [add]
06. Jam-Balaya (Nitelife) [add]
07. Caramel Supreme [add]
08. Honey & Spice Broule [add]
09. File Mystique [add]
10. Cool Brew Koffee (No Way Out of Loving You) [add]
11. Soul Etouffe [add]
12. Down and Dirty (Ya Ya) [add]
13. Catfish Mardi Gras [add]

Break'n Da Rulz! (1998) 01. Keep That Same Old Feelin [add]
02. Inherit the Wind [add]
03. (You've Got) Personality [add]
04. MMMBop [add]
05. Egyptian Nites [add]
06. Southern Hospitality [add]
07. Party Joint [add]
08. Just Because It's Jazz (Don't Mean You Can't Dance) [add]
09. I'll Make It up to You [add]
10. Turn on the Red Light [add]
11. La Salsa la Funk [add]
12. Gloria [add]

Power of Our Music: The Endangered Species [live] (2000) 01. Stomp and Buck Dance [add]
02. Inherit the Wind [add]
03. So Far Away [add]
04. Keep That Same Old Feeling [add]
05. Scratch [add]
06. Life in the City [add]
07. Always There/Just Because It's Jazz (Doesn't Mean You Can't Dance) [add]
08. Way Back Home [add]
09. Rockslide [add]
10. Reprise [add]

Rural Renewal (2003) 01. Rural Renewal [add]
02. Creepin' [add]
03. Heartland [add]
04. A Healing Coming On [add]
05. Sing the Song [add]
06. Shotgun House Groove [add]
07. The Territory [add]
08. Greasy Spoon [add]
09. Viva de Funk [add]
10. Lazy Sundays [add]
11. Goin' Home [add]

Groove Crusade (2003) 01. Put It Where You Want It [add]
02. Don't Let It Get You Down [add]
03. Way Back Home [add]
04. Street Life lyrics
05. Chain Reaction [add]
06. Scratch [live] [add]
07. Creole [add]
08. Greasy Spoon [add]
09. I Felt the Love [add]
10. Free as the Wind [add]
11. So Far Away [add]

Soul Axess (2003) 01. Overjoyed [add]
02. Clima Suave (Smooth & Cool) [add]
03. Trail of the Sidewinder [add]
04. Imagine [add]
05. Standing Tall [add]
06. Down Yonder [add]
07. Life in the City (Really Turns Me On) [add]
08. All That Jazz N Razz a Ma Tazz [add]
09. Prodigal Son [add]
10. All Along the Watchtower [add]
11. Over the Rainbow [add]
12. Never Too Late (To Fall in Love Again) [add]
13. Ya Gotta Respect Ya Self [add]
14. Goin' Bukyld [add]

Live in Japan 2003 (2005) 01. I Felt the Love [add]
02. Creepin' [add]
03. It Happens Everyday [add]
04. Shotgun House Groove [add]
05. Carnival of the Night [add]
06. Ballad for Joe [add]
07. Way Back Home [add]
08. Put It Where You Want It [add]

Alive in South Africa (2006) 01. Stomp and Buck Dance [add]
02. Inherit the Wind [add]
03. So Far Away [add]
04. Keep That Same Old Feeling [add]
05. Scratch [add]
06. Life in the City [add]
07. Always There/Just Because It's Jazz (Don't Mean You Can't Dance) [add]
08. Way Back Home [add]
09. Rockslide [add]
10. Mandingo Black [*] [add]
11. Brighter Day [*] [add]

At the Lighthouse [live] (2006) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Congolese Sermon [add]
03. Cathy's Dilemma [add]
04. Blues for Ramona [add]
05. Weather Beat [add]
06. Scandalizing [add]
07. Appointment in Ghana [add]
08. Penny Blue [*] [add]
09. Boopie [*] [add]

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