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Merrimack lyrics
Genre: Rock
Obsecrations to the Horned (2005) 01. Intro [add]
02. Asgard, Kingdom of Nordic Gods [add]
03. Unholy God of the Past [add]
04. The Myth of Avallon [add]
05. Interlude I [add]
06. Running to the Dark [add]
07. Interlude II [add]
08. Maleus Maleficarum [add]
09. Interlude III [add]
10. Outro [add]
11. Eresia [add]
12. Apostasy [add]
13. The Sabbath's Celebration [add]
14. Farewell to My Lan [add]
15. Intro [add]
16. Noige [add]
17. Paedophilic Orgasmatron [add]
18. Live the Lie [add]
19. Sanctum Regum [add]

Of Entropy and Life Denial (2006) 01. ... (Of Ashes and Purification) [add]
02. Seraphic Conspiracy (Of the Angels and Their Mission) [add]
03. Melancholia Balneam Diaboli (Of Acedia and Her Daughters) [add]
04. Redeem Restless Souls (Of Asmodai and His Takeover) [add]
05. Insemination (Of Procreation and Its Consequences) [add]
06. The Birth of a Lifes Sacerdoce (Of Nascency and Intluctability) [add]
07. Descension from Life (Of Spiritual Discipline and Metaphysical Gravity) [add]
08. Subcutaneous Infection (Of Flesh and Its Decay) [add]
09. Consecration of the Temple (Of the World and Its Impalement) [add]
10. Carnaceral (Of Disease and Decease) [add]
11. Adiabatic Bonds of Consanguinity (Of Entropy and Life Denial) [add]

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