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Scott Miller lyrics
Genre: Country
Thus Always to Tyrants (2001) 01. Across the Line [add]
02. I Made a Mess of This Town [add]
03. Loving That Girl [add]
04. I Won't Go With You [add]
05. Yes I Won't [add]
06. Dear Sarah [add]
07. Highland Country Boy [add]
08. Absolution [add]
09. Miracle Man [add]
10. Daddy Raised a Boy [add]
11. Goddamn the Sun [add]
12. Is There Room on the Cross for Me [add]

Upside Downside (2003) 01. It Didn't Take Too Long [add]
02. Raised by the Graves lyrics
03. The Way lyrics
04. Pull Your Load lyrics
05. Second Chance lyrics
06. Chill, Relax, Now [add]
07. Amtrak Crescent lyrics
08. Angels Dwell lyrics
09. Ciderville Saturday Night lyrics
10. I've Got a Plan [add]
11. Red Ball Express lyrics
12. For Jack Tymon lyrics

Are You with Me? (2003) 01. Can You Hear Me Tonight [add]
02. Va Way/Across the Line [add]
03. Bastard's Only Child [add]
04. Goodnight Loser [add]
05. Amtrak Crescent lyrics
06. Good Morning Midnight [add]
07. The Rain [add]
08. Mess of This Town [add]
09. Lie I Believe [add]
10. Daddy Raised a Boy [add]
11. May the Lord Watch for Thee [add]
12. I'll Go to My Grave [add]

Citation (2006) 01. Summons [add]
02. Freedom's a Stranger [add]
03. Wild Things [add]
04. Still People Are Moving [add]
05. The Only Road [add]
06. Only Everything [add]
07. 8 Miles a Gallon [add]
08. Jody [add]
09. Hawks and Doves [add]
10. Say Ho [add]
11. On a Roll [add]
12. Long Goodnight [add]

Reconstruction [live] (2007) 01. I Made a Mess of This Town [add]
02. Amtrak Cresent [add]
03. Angels Dwell lyrics
04. Jody [add]
05. Eight Miles Per Gallon [add]
06. Arianne [add]
07. It Didn't Take Too Long [add]
08. Only Everything [add]
09. Dear Sarah [add]
10. Freedom's a Stranger [add]
11. Still People Are Moving [add]
12. On a Roll [add]
13. Wild Things [add]
14. Intro [add]
15. For Jack Tymon lyrics
16. Drunk All Around This Town [add]
17. Spike [add]
18. Hawks and Doves [add]
19. Goddamn the Sun [add]
20. Is There Room on the Cross? [add]

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