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Satelliters lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Tyme Is Now (1996) 01. She's Evil [add]
02. Nights in Spanish Harlem [add]
03. You Can't Make Me [add]
04. Haunted [add]
05. Close to Nothing [add]
06. Teenage Zombies [add]
07. Jezebe [add]
08. I Wanna Know [add]
09. Strange Girls [add]
10. Liar [add]
11. I Can Only Give You Everything [add]
12. You're Cryin' [add]

Hi Karate (1996) 01. All Day and All of the Night [add]
02. Blue Madness [add]
03. 1000 Ways [add]
04. Murder in the Moors [add]
05. Return of the... [add]
06. Voodoo Dolls [add]
07. We Don't Care [add]
08. You Can Call Me Bad [add]
09. Oasis [add]
10. Jack the Ripper [add]
11. Prisonshake [add]
12. Celebration [add]

Shapes of Sound (1997) 01. Here Comes the Action [add]
02. Staring at Me [add]
03. I Can't Stand This [add]
04. Theme From ? [add]
05. Caged in Mystery and Sin [add]
06. I'm So Wrong [add]
07. She Got All the Cards [add]
08. You Want Me, You Need Me [add]
09. Dia Nublano [add]
10. That's My Way [add]
11. Some Kinda Sorrow [add]
12. Facts of Life [add]

Wylde Knights of Action (1997) 01. Get In [add]
02. Fuzz-Out [add]
03. 4 Steps to Her [add]
04. Why [add]
05. Riot on Sunset Stri [add]
06. Leave Your Mind at Home [add]
07. Leaving Here [add]
08. You Better Walk Away [add]
09. Downliner [add]
10. Thrill Me [add]
11. Hometown Ways [add]
12. Born Loser [add]
13. Driveby '65 [add]
14. Trip to Your School [add]

Shake Shake Shake (1998) 01. I Need You [add]
02. Don't Go Back [add]
03. Things of Tomorrow [add]
04. You'll Waste Your Time [add]
05. I'll Crack Up [add]
06. You Can't Get Me Down [add]
07. All the Lies [add]
08. Falling Leaves Are a Sigh of Chance [add]
09. Sasquatch [add]
10. I Want Out [add]

What's up With Timothy Dee? (1999) 01. Beat Point [add]
02. Trip Down the Strip [add]
03. Make up My Mind [add]
04. I Said Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [add]
05. Once Before [add]
06. I Tell You Lies [add]
07. Time [add]
08. Juicy Lucy [add]
09. What's Up With Timothy Dee? [add]
10. Movin' On [add]
11. Talking About You [add]
12. Can't Do It for You [add]
13. 2+2 Equals ? [add]
14. Wrong or Right [add]
15. I'm Gonna Put You Down [add]
16. Sultans Walk [add]

Sexplosive (2001) 01. When I Arrive [add]
02. Circle Sky [add]
03. Tyrn Out Wrong [add]
04. Minutes, Hours and Days [add]
05. Your Lies [add]
06. The Beat [add]
07. No Matter Why [add]
08. Now You Want Me Girl [add]
09. As Time's Gone [add]
10. Better Cry Instead [add]
11. Separations [add]
12. World of Bubbles [add]
13. Shadows of You [add]
14. Super Stuff! [add]
15. If I Try [add]
16. Sorrows Minus One [add]

Hashish (2004) 01. Go Away [add]
02. Sweet Sensation [add]
03. Anything I Do [add]
04. You Byrn Me Up & Down [add]
05. The Last Complaint of Clarence Man [add]
06. The First Rays of Light [add]
07. Stoneage Man [add]
08. Five Man Band [add]
09. Burn Out [add]
10. Tomorrow Is Another Day [add]
11. Wham Bam Thank You Mam [add]
12. 1969 - The End of Time [add]

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