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J Bigga lyrics
Genre: Rap
? Yo WTF Is the Jellemeno Beavers? (0000) 01. Ice Cold Blone [Loaded Gun Fall out Boy] [add]
02. Kiss Me Like Your Dying [add]
03. I Can't Wait 2 Dis U [add]
04. Read Your Mind [Armor for Sleep Saves the Day Mix] [add]
05. The Answer [Bloc Da Sugar Ray Phone Party] [add]
06. The Jellemeno Hampsterdance [add]
07. The Hambone Theme Song [add]
08. McDonalds Super Size Me Konichiwa Spoof [add]
09. Other [add]

Ice Cream Truck (0000) 01. Serious Symptoms [add]
02. Your Too Used to My Abuse to Cut the Noose [add]
03. Ice Cream Truck [add]
04. Photograph [add]
05. Tearing in Too You [The Used Deep Mix] [add]
06. Crocodile Smile [add]
07. Cut Me Loose [Aaron Duff Clean Edit] [add]
08. Photograph [Kxte Nicklback Edit] [add]
09. Hampsterdance Christmas [J Bigga's Christmas Music] [add]
10. Saving All My Sperms [Weird al Weird Edit] [add]
11. Coke Zero [add]
12. Just a Lil Bit Illiterate [50 Cent & G Unit Snoop Spoof] [add]

Screw U Mom Screw U Dad (0000) 01. Screw U Mom Screw U Dad [Red Hot Chili Peppers Rage Mix] [add]
02. At the Death of the Day [add]
03. Jessica's Body [Duran Duran Rio Mix] [add]
04. Back on Speed [add]
05. Way Too Loud [Aquabats the Cure Mix] [add]
06. Smoking at the Highschool [San DeMis Football Mix] [add]
07. Photograph [add]
08. Let's Go Have Some Fun! [add]
09. Screw U Mom Screw U Dad [Lindsay Lohan Clean Edit] [add]

You Mom Is a MILF (0000) 01. You Mom Is a Milf [add]
02. No Radio [add]
03. Don't Be Afraid Tu Bite [add]
04. Just Get Naked Naked Naked [add]
05. You Mom Is a Milf [Clean Edit Yeah] [add]
06. Yeah (Screamin Monkey & Usher Spoof) [add]
07. In Da Parking Lot Spoof (Drop It Like It's Hot) [add]
08. Bad Boys (Cops Gone Wild Theme) [add]

Laced Me Up (2004) 01. Love to Do [add]
02. Na Na Na [add]
03. Pink Chocolate [add]
04. Use Your Tongue [add]
05. Nasty One [add]
06. Buy Me [add]
07. You're Too Flexible to Be Human [add]
08. 357 (Blanco Machete) [add]
09. She Wants Me (J Bigga Laced Up) [add]

!Kids on Crack! (2007) 01. Chucka Chucka [Kids on Crack J Bigga Mix] [add]
02. In the Company of Demons [add]
03. *Kiss Me Like Your Dying (Kiss Me in the Rain) Remastered [add]
04. Get You Back [add]
05. I Did Your Daughter [add]
06. On the Night That She Walks Away [add]
07. When You Don't Believe in Love [add]
08. *The Answer (I've Got the Answer But I'm Not Telling You!) Rema [add]
09. *1 Cant Wait 2 Dis U When Ur Dead (DJ Bukakke Poo Remastered) [add]
10. Jigga Dat Jigga Dat Jigga Dat But for Me [add]
11. *Read Your Mind (Last Night Remastered) [add]
12. *Ice Cold Blonde Remastered [add]
13. Wall Mart [add]
14. *The Jellemeno Hampster Song (Jellemeno Beavers Dance Remastered [add]

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