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Chuck Mangione lyrics
Genre: Jazz
The Jazz Brothers (0000) 01. Something Different [add]
02. Secret Love [add]
03. Alice [add]
04. Struttin' With Sandra [add]
05. Nemesis [add]
06. The Gap [add]
07. Girl of My Dreams [add]

Hey Baby! (0000) 01. Hey Baby! [add]
02. Bags' Groove [add]
03. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes [add]
04. Givin' the Business [add]
05. Wha's Happ'nin? [add]
06. Just You, Just Me [add]
07. Old Folks [add]
08. The Bassett Sound [add]

Recuerdo (0000) 01. Recuerdo [add]
02. Big Foot [add]
03. I Had the Craziest Dream [add]
04. Solar [add]
05. Solar [alternate take/*] [add]
06. Blues for Saandar [add]
07. If Ever I Would Leave You [add]
08. The Little Prince [add]
09. The Little Prince [alternate take/*] [add]

Spring Fever (1961) 01. First Waltz [add]
02. What's New? [add]
03. Spring Fever [add]
04. Brooks' Brothres [add]
05. Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise [add]
06. Not Too Serious [add]

Friends and Love...A Chuck Mangione Concert [live] (1970) 01. Hill Where the Lord Hides [add]
02. Feel of a Vision [add]
03. Songs from the Valley of the Nightingale [add]
04. And in the Beginning [add]
05. Friends and Love [add]
06. Friends and Love (Encore) [add]

Together [live] (1972) 01. Sun Shower [add]
02. Legacy [add]
03. Pages from a Journal in America [add]
04. Firewatchers [add]
05. Places Warm [add]
06. Feelin' [add]
07. Lullaby for Nancy Carol [add]
08. Look to the Children [add]
09. Freddie's Walkin' [add]
10. Sixty Miles Young [add]
11. Hill Where the Lord Hides [add]

Land of Make Believe [live] (1973) 01. Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor [add]
02. Lullaby for Nancy Carol [add]
03. El Gato Triste [add]
04. The Gloria from the Mass of St. Bernard [add]
05. As Long as We're Together [add]
06. Land of Make Believe [add]

Bellavia (1975) 01. Come Take a Ride With Me [add]
02. Listen to the Wind [add]
03. Carousel [add]
04. Bellavia [add]
05. Dance of the Windup Toy [add]
06. Torreano [add]

Chase the Clouds Away (1975) 01. Song of the New Moon [add]
02. Can't We Do This All Night [add]
03. He Was a Friend of Mine [add]
04. Echano [add]
05. Chase the Clouds Away lyrics
06. Soft [add]

Main Squeeze (1976) 01. (The Day After) Our First Night [add]
02. If You Know Me Any Longer [add]
03. Love the Feelin' [add]
04. I Get Crazy [add]
05. Doin' Everything with You [add]

Feels So Good (1977) 01. Feels So Good [add]
02. Maui-Waui [add]
03. Theme from "Side Street" [add]
04. Hide & Seek (Ready or Not Here I Come) [add]
05. Last Dance [add]
06. The Xith Commandment [add]

70 Miles Young (1978) 01. 70 Miles Young: (1)introduction/(2) Theme I/(3) Theme II/(4) Theme III [add]
02. Feels So Good [add]
03. Cannonball Run Theme [add]
04. Recuerdo [add]
05. Lullaby for Nancy Carol [add]
06. Cannonball Run Theme [add]
07. Recuerdo [add]
08. Lullaby for Nancy Carol [add]

Children of Sanchez (1978) 01. Children of Sanchez (Overture) [add]
02. Lullabye [add]
03. Fanfare [add]
04. Pilgrimage, Pt. 1 [add]
05. Pilgrimage, Pt. 2 [add]
06. Consuelo's Love Theme [add]
07. Hot Consuelo [add]
08. Death Scene [add]
09. Market Place [add]
10. Echano [add]
11. Bellavia [add]
12. Lullabye [add]
13. Medley [add]
14. B'bye [add]
15. Children of Sanchez (Finale) [add]

An Evening of Magic, Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1978) 01. Feels So Good [add]
02. The XIth Commandment [add]
03. Chase the Clouds Away lyrics
04. Hill Where the Lord Hides [add]
05. Doin' Everything with You [add]
06. Love the Feelin' [add]
07. I Get Crazy [add]
08. Land of Make Believe [add]
09. Hide and Seek (Ready or Not Here I Come) [add]
10. The Day After (Our First Night Together) [add]
11. Children of Sanchez [Finale] [add]
12. B'Bye [add]
13. Children of Sanchez [Finale] [add]
14. Main Squeeze [add]
15. Feels So Good (Encore) [add]

Fun and Games (1979) 01. Give It All You Got [add]
02. You're the Best There Is [add]
03. Pina Colada [add]
04. I Never Missed Someone Before [add]
05. Give It All You Got, But Slowly [add]
06. Fun and Games [add]

Love Notes (1982) 01. Steppin' Out [add]
02. No Problem [add]
03. Memories of Scirocco [add]
04. To the 80's [add]
05. Love Notes [add]

Journey to a Rainbow (1983) 01. Journey to a Rainbow [add]
02. Do I Dare to Fall in Love [add]
03. Love Bug Boogie [add]
04. Butte [add]
05. Please Stay the Night [add]
06. Song for a Latin Lady [add]
07. Chia's Theme [add]

Disguise (1984) 01. Diana "D" [add]
02. Love Theme from London and Davis in New York [add]
03. Love Wears No Disguise [add]
04. She's Not Mine to Love (No More) [add]
05. Shirley Maclaine [add]
06. Josephine [add]
07. Leonardo's Lady [add]

Save Tonight for Me (1986) 01. Save Tonight for Me [add]
02. Machu Picchu [add]
03. Take It to Church [add]
04. Secret Love [add]
05. Rockin' at Red Rocks [add]
06. Sweet Cheryl Lynn [add]
07. T.J.'s Gingerbread House [add]
08. Give Your Heart a Chance [add]

Eyes of the Veiled Temptress (1988) 01. That's Nice [add]
02. Eyes of the Veiled Temptress [add]
03. Do You Ever Think About Me? [add]
04. Open Their Eyes [add]
05. Long Hair Soulful [add]
06. Sweet Butterfly [add]
07. Freedom Song [add]

The Feeling's Back (1999) 01. Mountain Flight [add]
02. Consuelo's Love Theme [add]
03. Leonardo's Lady [add]
04. Fotografia [add]
05. Quase [add]
06. Aldovio [add]
07. Once upon a Love Theme [add]
08. Manh? de Carnaval [add]
09. Maracangalha [add]
10. La Vie en Rose [add]

Everything for Love (2000) 01. Peggy Hill [add]
02. Slo Ro [add]
03. Amazing Grace [add]
04. Seoul Sister [add]
05. Viola [add]
06. Fox Hunt [add]
07. Annalise [add]
08. I Do Everything for Love [add]
09. Papa Mangione [add]
10. Freddie's Walkin' [add]

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