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Wooden Stars lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Very Same (1995) 01. Farewell to the Yellow Jacket Avenger [add]
02. Instruments [add]
03. Splinters on a Pillow [add]
04. Shade Tree Crescent [add]
05. Oh! The Agonies of Hell [add]
06. The Cuckold [add]
07. The Rocker [add]
08. Antichrist [add]
09. Baby Barn [add]
10. Hidden Decorations [add]
11. Irving "Swifty" Lazaar [add]
12. The Nuclear Warhead [add]
13. Song for the Yellow Jacket Avenger [add]
14. Donkeys [add]
15. Keith & Amy [add]
16. Innocent Gears [add]

Mardi Gras (1997) 01. Mardi Gras [add]
02. Hands to Work [add]
03. The March [add]
04. Chickenhawk [add]
05. The Stolen Banjo [add]
06. Wyatt and Pam in the Botanical Gardens [add]
07. The Sparrows, the Grackles, the Emus [add]
08. The Cigarette Girl [add]
09. The Festival of Fire [add]
10. The Gravenhurst Militia [add]
11. I'm Not into Spoonfeeding You the One [add]
12. Country Violins [add]

Rise Up & Get Down (1998) 01. The Last Secret Infirmary [add]
02. Innocent Gears [add]
03. Country Violins [add]
04. Night-Time [add]
05. Shade Tree Crescent [add]
06. Keith and Amy [New Version] [add]
07. Splinters on a Pillow [add]
08. Hands to Work [add]
09. Antichrist [add]
10. The March [add]

The Moon (1999) 01. Outlaws [add]
02. Rebel Radios [add]
03. The Summer I Drank Myself to Death [add]
04. Sympathetic Heart-Throb [add]
05. Romantic Machinery [add]
06. Poison Glass [add]
07. Come Back [add]
08. Baby, You've Got What I Need [add]

People Are Different (2007) 01. Orphans [add]
02. Pretty Girl [add]
03. Blackouts [add]
04. Microphone [add]
05. Gold Dust [add]
06. Boating Accident [add]
07. Last Secret Infirmary [add]
08. Clouds [add]

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