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David Rubin lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Dave's Country (2004) 01. You Better Not Lie When You Say You Love Me [add]
02. If I Could Hold You [add]
03. Gonna See My Baby Tonight [add]
04. Goodbye Was All She Wrote [add]
05. A Truckful of Women [add]
06. A Tall Dark Horse [add]
07. Colt.45 [add]
08. The Barroom Song [add]
09. This Train Will Stop at Tucumcari [add]
10. The Train Robbers [add]
11. Not So Long Ago [add]
12. Jenny Come Back [add]
13. You Told Me Where to Go [add]

Fantastica (2004) 01. Rainy Romance Stories [add]
02. Remembering Isaiah [add]
03. Something for Everyone [add]
04. Desert Fire [add]
05. Vampire Girl [add]
06. If I Had a Dream [add]
07. Your Touch Sends Me [add]
08. Maryanne's Man [add]
09. Legs, Legs, Legs [add]
10. Two Strangers on a Train [add]
11. What You Do Is Cruel [add]
12. A Prison Without Bars [add]
13. Depression [add]
14. Listening to the Rain [add]
15. Pedro's Lament [add]

Ultra Songs (2004) 01. Dance with Me Baby [add]
02. When I First Saw You [add]
03. Escape from Devil's Island [add]
04. Down in the Dumps Again [add]
05. I Don't Care About Alice [add]
06. Shake It Up [add]
07. Natalie [add]
08. Blue Smoke, Black Coffee and the Spotlight [add]
09. Loud Fast and out of Control [add]
10. In Your Face [add]
11. Do You Love Me [add]
12. Sossalita [add]
13. Sleep Little Princess [add]

When (2004) 01. When [add]
02. You're So Pretty [add]
03. You're My Kind of Girl [add]
04. Marianne's Man [add]
05. Animal [add]
06. Your Touch Sends Me [add]
07. A Prison Without Bars [add]
08. European Psycho [add]
09. Adrienne from A.C.O. [add]
10. You're So Cruel [add]
11. B-Movie [add]
12. I Want You Back [add]
13. Dancing in the Darkness [add]
14. I Got You on My Mind [add]

One Day (2005) 01. I Met Her on a Monday [add]
02. Riding Down the Highway [add]
03. Billy the Boot [add]
04. It's Alright [add]
05. Sheila Does Not Love Him Anymore [add]
06. Candace [add]
07. The Ballad of I Met Her on a Monday [add]
08. She's My Girl Tonight [add]
09. They Come to Take My Baby Away [add]
10. My Substitute Girlfriend [add]
11. The Caves of Mars [add]
12. I Met Her on a Monday - Remix [add]
13. I'm Your Man [add]
14. One London Day [add]
15. One Day [add]
16. She's Coming for You Johnny [add]
17. The Best Girl [add]

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