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Genre: Rock
AAD (1996) 01. Hoover Dam Theme [add]
02. Hoover Dam Theme: As Seen from the Bottom of the Colorado River [add]
03. Hoover Dam Theme: View from Space [add]
04. Hoover Dam Theme: Damn Big [add]
05. Mediocre Copy of Some Genius' Work [add]
06. Figby's Fist [add]
07. Quiet, You'll Scare the Horses [add]
08. Quiet, You'll Scare the Horses: A. SSSSH [add]
09. Quiet, You'll Scare the Horses: The Equine Pedophile [add]
10. Goofball [add]
11. Circus Theory [add]
12. Cricket Trilogy, Pt. 1 [add]
13. Cricket Trilogy, Pt. 2 [add]
14. Palindrone [add]

Rock Proper (2000) 01. Punchout Turned Me Gay [add]
02. That Ain't Lake Minnetonka [add]
03. Life As Big Bri's Haus [add]
04. Drug Yacht [instrumental] [add]
05. Lyric Sheet Competency Test [add]
06. Universal Symbol For Alignment [add]

Fuel (2001) 01. Eternal Wonderful God [add]
02. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord [add]
03. At Your Feet [add]
04. Falling Dow [add]
05. My Dearest Friend [add]
06. Jesus Is My Lord, My God, My All [add]
07. Fuel [add]
08. Falling from the Sky [add]
09. Take Me Over [add]
10. The Rest of My Days [add]
11. Faithful [add]

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