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George Howard lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Attitude Adjustment (0000) 01. Watch Your Back [add]
02. Best Friend [add]
03. One Last Time [add]
04. Diane's Blues [add]
05. Our Love [add]
06. Interlude [add]
07. Attitude Adjustment [add]
08. Let's Unwind [add]
09. I Apologize [add]
10. A Whole Lotta Drum in Me [add]
11. Adjusted Attitude [add]

Steppin' Out (1984) 01. Steppin' Out [add]
02. Philly Talk [add]
03. A Tear of Spring [add]
04. Dr. Rock [add]
05. Human Nature [add]
06. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [add]
07. Dream Ride [add]

Dancing in the Sun (1985) 01. Love Will Find a Way [add]
02. Dancing in the Sun [add]
03. Quiet as It's Kept [add]
04. In Love [add]
05. Telephone [add]
06. Stay With Me [add]
07. Moods [add]

A Nice Place to Be (1986) 01. No No [add]
02. Jade's World [add]
03. Sweetest Taboo [add]
04. Nice Place to Be [add]
05. Let's Live in Harmony [add]
06. Pretty Face [add]
07. Spenser for Hire [add]
08. Stanley's Groove [add]

Reflections (1988) 01. Too Bad [add]
02. Reflections [add]
03. Funk It Out [add]
04. One Love [add]
05. Late Night [add]
06. Love Will Conquer All [add]
07. Let's Pretend [add]
08. Attitude [add]
09. I Like This Groove [add]

Personal (1989) 01. I Want You for Myself [add]
02. Shower You With My Love [add]
03. Uptown [add]
04. You and Me [add]
05. I'm in Effect [add]
06. You Only Come Out at Night [add]
07. Personally [add]
08. Fakin' the Feeling [add]
09. Got It Goin' On [add]
10. Piano in the Dark [add]

Love Will Follow (1991) 01. Love Will Follow [add]
02. September Rain [add]
03. Slow Walking [add]
04. The Raiders [add]
05. It Can't Be Forever [add]
06. That's Just What It Is [add]
07. Come With Me [add]

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? (1992) 01. Just The Way I Feel [add]
02. Try Again [add]
03. Cross Your Mind [add]
04. Stay Here With Me [add]
05. Shadow [add]
06. Partly Cloudy [add]
07. Spirit [add]
08. Modern Love [add]
09. Jo Jo [add]
10. Mind Bender [add]

Love and Understanding (1992) 01. Hopscotch [add]
02. Only Here for a Minute [add]
03. Baby, Come to Me [add]
04. Interlude [add]
05. Love and Understanding [add]
06. Everything I Miss at Home [add]
07. LoveLovestruck [add]
08. Talk to the Drum [add]
09. Red, Black, 'N' Blue [add]
10. Broad Street [add]

When Summer Comes (1993) 01. When Summer Comes [add]
02. Grazing in the Grass [add]
03. Just for Tonight lyrics
04. Hard Times [add]
05. Three Minute Warning [add]
06. Family [add]
07. Only Human [add]
08. When a Child Smiles [add]
09. Reach [add]
10. Out in the Cold [add]

Home Far Away (1994) 01. Miracle [add]
02. If You Were Mine [add]
03. Doria [add]
04. Until Tomorrow [add]
05. You Can Make the Story Right [add]
06. Grover's Groove [add]
07. No Ordinary Love [add]
08. A Home Far Away [add]
09. For Our Fathers [add]
10. Renewal [add]

Midnight Mood (1998) 01. Within Your Eyes [add]
02. Exodus [add]
03. Midnight Mood [add]
04. Africa [add]
05. Silent Thoughts [add]
06. Still in Love [add]
07. Smooth [add]
08. Find Your Way [add]
09. Africa (Reprise) [add]

There's a Riot Goin' On (1998) 01. Brave & Strong [add]
02. Africa Talks to You "The Asphalt Jungle" [add]
03. Time [add]
04. Poet [add]
05. (You Caught Me) Smilin' [add]
06. Runnin' Away [add]
07. Just Like a Baby [add]
08. Family Affair [add]
09. Luv N' Haight [add]
10. Thank You for Talkin' to Me Africa [add]

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