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David HB Drake lyrics
Genre: Folk
Secret Garden (1996) 01. On the Back Porch [add]
02. Secret Garden [add]
03. Homecoming Waltz [add]
04. Amitie en Rose [add]
05. Chalicestram Spring [add]
06. Winds of Time [add]
07. Elizabeths Three [add]
08. Little Kids [add]
09. Father's Day [add]
10. Daily Grind [add]
11. Marathon Dancers [add]
12. God's Great Northern Forest [add]
13. The Environmentalist [add]
14. Dusty Rose [add]
15. Down the Road [add]

Fisherman's Beach (2004) 01. For Stan/Shorelines [add]
02. Storm on the River [add]
03. Fisherman's Beach [add]
04. Living Gale [add]
05. Linda E [add]
06. The Ghostly Ship [add]
07. Wild Goose [add]
08. Prairie Ship [add]
09. The Winter Pole [add]
10. Where Are You Bound? [add]
11. Seafaring Men [add]
12. One More Horizon [add]

A Schooner Songbag (2004) 01. Water Song [add]
02. The Sullivan [add]
03. What Will We Do? [add]
04. I'se the Boy [add]
05. The Tall Ship Sails All Around [add]
06. Ah! Si Mon Maine Voulait Danse [add]
07. Haul Away Joe [add]
08. Milwaukee River [add]
09. Beaver Island Boys [add]
10. The Schooner Alphabet [add]
11. The Lady Elgin [add]
12. Haul on the Bowline [add]
13. Lakes of Amerikey [add]
14. It's No Use Master [add]
15. Note It in the Log [add]
16. Leave Her, Johnny [add]
17. Denis Sullivan [add]

Wish I Had a Troubadour (2004) 01. Wish I Had a Troubadour [add]
02. The Candle and the Cape [add]
03. Elizabeth's Three [add]
04. We're All Irish Today [add]
05. The Irish Song [add]
06. Mountains of Mourne [add]
07. Kilkelly Ireland [add]
08. No Irish Need Apply [add]
09. Rolling Down to Old Maui [add]
10. New York Girls [add]
11. Maids, When You're Young [add]
12. Jenny Brice [add]
13. Rattling Bog [add]
14. Grandpa's Lullaby [add]
15. The Highwayman [add]
16. The Parting Glass [add]

Let There Be Light (2005) 01. Let There Be Light [add]
02. O Joseph [add]
03. Caroling Child [add]
04. White Snows of Winter [add]
05. Pat-A-Pan [add]
06. The Friendly Beasts [add]
07. An Old-Fashioned Tree/O Tannenbaum [add]
08. Sing We Noel [add]
09. Mary's Boy Child [add]
10. Infant Holy [add]
11. Moon of Wintertime [add]
12. What Do I See on My Christmas Tree? [add]
13. Fum-Fum-Fum [add]
14. Shalom Chaverim/Peace Round [add]
15. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day [add]

Wiscon-Sing (2005) 01. Wisconsin's Got to Me [add]
02. Native Americans/French Explorers (Story) [add]
03. Rivers of Wisconsin [add]
04. Immigration (Story) [add]
05. Kingdom Come [add]
06. Settlers (Story) [add]
07. When I First Came to This Land [add]
08. Lead Mining (Story) [add]
09. Big Bevans Mine [add]
10. Chain Migration (Story) [add]
11. Lovely Agnes [add]
12. What's Your Name? (Story) [add]
13. Jon Jonson [add]
14. Lumberjacks (Story) [add]
15. The Lumberjack's Alphabet [add]
16. Harvesting Cranberries (Story) [add]
17. Cranberry Bog [add]
18. The Great Lakes (Story) [add]
19. Where Are You Bound? [add]
20. America's Daryland (Story) [add]
21. Many Many Cows [add]
22. Dairy Farmers (Story) [add]
23. Getting in the Cows [add]
24. State Symbols (Story) [add]
25. On Wisconsin -State Song [add]
26. Wisconsin [add]

Heartland (2005) 01. Illinois Has Gto to Me [add]
02. Native Americans (Story) [add]
03. Native Ameridan Flute [add]
04. French Explorers (Story) [add]
05. Rivers of Illinois [add]
06. Immigrants (Story) [add]
07. Kingdom Come [add]
08. Pioneers (Story) [add]
09. When I First Came to This Land [add]
10. Carl Sandburg Prairie (Poem) [add]
11. Land of Lincoln [add]
12. The State Song (Story) [add]
13. Illinois -State Song [add]
14. Trains (Story) [add]
15. Daddy, What's a Train? [add]
16. Western Expansion (Story) [add]
17. Where Are You Bound? [add]
18. Farmers (Story) [add]
19. Shoulder to Shoulder [add]
20. Chicago (Story) [add]
21. Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight [add]
22. This Is Illinois (Story) [add]
23. El-A-Noy! [add]

Kidstuff (2005) 01. This Little Light of Mine [add]
02. Ain't Got It No More [add]
03. Second Story Window [add]
04. The Circle Never Ends [add]
05. My Rhinoceros [add]
06. Gobble Gobble Munch [add]
07. Bubble Gum [add]
08. What Do I See on My Christmas Tree? [add]
09. The Marvelous Toy [add]
10. Do You Have a Dream? [add]
11. I Like to Sing [add]
12. Someone's Praying [add]

What a Wonderful World (2005) 01. A Place in the Choir [add]
02. Animal Faire [add]
03. You Are My Sunshine [add]
04. Circle of the Sun [add]
05. The Food Chain [add]
06. Potluck [add]
07. Grandma's Patchwork Quilt [add]
08. She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain [add]
09. Can You? [add]
10. Two by Two [add]
11. What a Wonderful World [add]

October Country (2005) 01. Fall Is Here [add]
02. October Country [add]
03. Poet of the Prairie [add]
04. Dried Out/If the Rain Don't Come [add]
05. Prairie Twister [add]
06. Singing Rails [add]
07. River of Time [add]
08. Whittling Jim [add]
09. Warrior [add]
10. Turning Toward the Morning [add]
11. Part of Me Remembers [add]
12. Equinox [add]

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