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David Elias lyrics
Genre: Folk
Time Forgets (1998) 01. Straw Dream (Intro) [add]
02. Time Forgets [add]
03. Field of Wood [add]
04. Afraid of Change [add]
05. So Go I [add]
06. Changing Circles [add]
07. Along the Highway [add]
08. Freedom on the Freeway [add]
09. Christmas Blue [add]
10. Take Me Down the Road [add]
11. Sunday's Daughter [add]
12. Vision of Her [add]
13. It's All Out West [add]
14. Waiting for W. [add]

Lost in the Green (1998) 01. Time to Sleep Corrina [add]
02. Lost in the Green [add]
03. Eternal Youth [add]
04. Light as a Rail [add]
05. Dollar Bill Blues [add]
06. Nothin [add]
07. Rhythm of Light [add]
08. Season of the Fall [add]
09. May People [add]
10. Stone House on Blueberry Hill [add]
11. Every Hour, Every Day [add]
12. Mainland [add]
13. The Great Unknown [add]

Half an Hour Away (2001) 01. Half an Hour Away [add]
02. One Last Chance [add]
03. The Riddle Song [add]
04. Heavy Is the Water [add]
05. Nail in the Sea [add]
06. Stormy Early Warnings [add]
07. Meet Me in Eureka [add]
08. High Desert Roll [add]
09. All the Wrong Words [add]
10. Half an Hour Away (Reprise) [add]

The Window (2003) 01. Freedom on the Freeway [add]
02. Summer Wind [add]
03. Go Down Easy [add]
04. The Old King [add]
05. Something About You [add]
06. Half an Hour Away (Intro) [add]
07. Half an Hour Away [add]
08. Her Name Is A. [add]
09. Transcendental Deprivation, Pt. 3 [add]
10. Season of the Fall [add]
11. The Window (Intro) [add]
12. The Window [add]
13. Picture of Nothing [add]

David Elias & Xing (2005) 01. The Riddle Song [add]
02. Take Me Down the Road [add]
03. Changing Down [add]
04. Morning Light - Western Town [add]
05. If I Had My Way [add]
06. Vision of Her [add]
07. Good Old Days [add]
08. Summer Wind [add]
09. One More Savior [add]
10. Transcendental Deprivation, Pt. 2 [add]
11. Straw Dream [add]

Crossing (2005) 01. Crossing (Lonely Bells) [add]
02. Mend My Mind [add]
03. Close My Eyes [add]
04. Morning Light/Western Town [add]
05. Rodeo on a Ridge [add]
06. Red Tail Guide [add]
07. Heaven's Destiny [add]
08. One More Savior [add]
09. Above the Creek [add]
10. The Riddle Song [add]
11. Changing Down [add]
12. If I Had My Way [add]

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