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Genre: Jazz
Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy (0000) 01. Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy [add]
02. After the Cosmic Rain [add]
03. Captain Se?or Mouse [add]
04. Theme to the Mothership [add]
05. Space Circus, Pts. 1 & 2 [add]
06. Game Maker [add]

Where Have I Known You Before (0000) 01. Vulcan Worlds [add]
02. Where Have I Known You Before? [add]
03. Shadow of Lo [add]
04. Where Have I Danced With You Before [add]
05. Beyond the Seventh Galaxy [add]
06. Earth Juice [add]
07. Where Have I Known You Before? [add]
08. Song to the Pharoah Kings [add]

No Mystery (0000) 01. Dayride [add]
02. Jungle Waterfall [add]
03. Flight of the Newborn [add]
04. Sofistifunk [add]
05. Excerpt from the First Movement of Heavy Metal [add]
06. No Mystery [add]
07. Interplay [add]
08. Celebration Suite, Pt. 1 [add]
09. Celebration Suite, Pt. 2 [add]

Romantic Warrior (0000) 01. Medieval Overture [add]
02. Sorceress [add]
03. The Romantic Warrior [add]
04. Majestic Dance [add]
05. The Magician [add]
06. Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant, Pts. 1 & 2 [add]

Light as a Feather (1972) 01. You're Everything [add]
02. Light as a Feather [add]
03. Captain Marvel [add]
04. 500 Miles High [add]
05. Children's Song [add]
06. Spain [add]

Musicmagic (1977) 01. The Musician lyrics
02. Hello Again lyrics
03. Music Magic [add]
04. So Long Mickey Mouse [add]
05. Do You Ever [add]
06. The Endless Night lyrics

R.T.F. Live (1977) 01. So Long Mickey Mouse [add]
02. Musician [add]
03. Chick's Piano Solo [add]
04. Music Magic [add]
05. Moorish Warrior and Spanish Princess [add]
06. Come Rain or Come Shine [add]
07. Endless Night, Pt. 1 [add]
08. Endless Night, Pt. 2 [add]

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