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Slow Poisoners lyrics
Genre: Rock
Great Spiders and Diamond Powder (1999) 01. Alligator! [add]
02. Interlude #1 [add]
03. Mad [add]
04. Interlude #2 [add]
05. Until the End [add]
06. Interlude#3 [add]
07. Ballad of a Slow Poisoner [add]
08. Easy Virtue [add]
09. Green Tea [add]
10. The Artful Ventriloquist [add]
11. Kiss Me You Fool [add]
12. Dash't Margo [add]
13. Sail the Black Seas [Incorporating "Can You Dig My Scene?"] [add]

Days of the Soft Break (2003) 01. Tomorrow Man [add]
02. Days of the Soft Break I [add]
03. The God That Failed [add]
04. I Walk a Lonely Road [add]
05. Strange Things Happening [add]
06. Let Go of the Earth [add]
07. Heavy Traffic [add]
08. Mama Don't Leave Me Lyin' Here Bleeding on the Floor [add]
09. Spring Heeled Jack [add]
10. We Live on the Inside [add]
11. Dime Store Halo [add]
12. Doll House Parade [add]
13. Chain of Flowers [add]
14. Sad Angel Symphony [add]
15. Days of the Soft Break II [add]

Melodrama (2004) 01. West Texas Caffeine Dream [add]
02. Act One: Trials and Tribulations [add]
03. Star Flower Pine [add]
04. ! Todo Es Mal! [add]
05. The Creeping Ritual [add]
06. Act Two: Nefarious Deeds [add]
07. He Who Gets Slapped [add]
08. She Loved the Starts Too Fondly to Be Fearful of the Night [add]
09. Diggin' a Hole [add]
10. The Girl Who Lives Inside the House That Never Was [add]
11. Carbarlick Acid Rag [add]
12. Bleeding Hearts of the World Unite [add]
13. Act Three: Sorrows A-Plenty [add]
14. Curtains! [add]
15. Subway Serenade [add]
16. This Little Light of Mine [add]

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