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Randy Brecker lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Score (0000) 01. Bangalore [add]
02. The Name Game [add]
03. Morning Song [add]
04. Pipe Dream [add]
05. The Marble Sea [add]
06. The Weasel Goes Out to Lunch [add]
07. The Vamp [add]
08. Score [add]

In the Idiom (0000) 01. No Scratch [add]
02. Hit or Miss [add]
03. Forever Young [add]
04. Sang [add]
05. You're in My Heart [add]
06. There's a Mingus a Monk Us [add]
07. Moontide [add]
08. Little Miss P [add]

Live at Sweet Basil (0000) 01. Sleaze Factor [add]
02. Thrifty Man [add]
03. Ting Chang [add]
04. Incidentally [add]
05. Hurdy Gurdy [add]
06. Moontide [add]
07. Mo' Joe [add]

Into the Sun (0000) 01. Village Dawn [add]
02. Just Between Us [add]
03. The Sleaze Factor [add]
04. Into the Sun [add]
05. After Love [add]
06. Gray Area [add]
07. Tijuca [add]
08. Buds [add]
09. Four Worlds [add]
10. Hottest Man in Town: Prophecy/Growth/Realization/The Horn/Finale [add]

Toe to Toe (1990) 01. Mr. Skinny [add]
02. Trading Secrets [add]
03. It Creeps up on You [add]
04. The Glider [add]
05. Toe to Toe [add]
06. It's up to You [add]
07. What Is the Answer [add]
08. Lost 4 Words [add]

Hanging in the City (2001) 01. Overture [add]
02. Wayne Out [add]
03. Hangin' in the City [add]
04. I Talk to the Trees [add]
05. Down 4 the Count [add]
06. Pastoral (To Jaco) [add]
07. Then I Cam to My Senses [add]
08. Seattle [add]
09. Never Tell Her You Love Her (Less She's 3000 Miles Away) [add]
10. I Been Through This Before [add]
11. On Thing Led to Another [add]

34th N Lex (2003) 01. 34th N Lex [add]
02. Streeange [add]
03. Shanghigh [live] [add]
04. All 4 Love [add]
05. Let It Go [add]
06. Foregone Conclusion [live] [add]
07. Hula Dula [add]
08. The Fisherman [add]
09. Give It Up [add]
10. Tokyo Freddie [live] [add]
11. The Castle Rocks [add]

Some Skunk Funk [live] (2005) 01. Some Skunk Funk [add]
02. Sponge [add]
03. Shanghigh [add]
04. Wayne Out [add]
05. And Then She Wept [add]
06. Strap-Hangin' [add]
07. Let It Go [add]
08. Freefall [add]
09. Levitate [add]
10. Song for Barry [add]

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