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Genre: Jazz
Daddy Bug & Friends (0000) 01. Daddy Bug [add]
02. Bonita [add]
03. This Guy's in Love with You [add]
04. I Love You Michelle [add]
05. Shadows [add]
06. Emmie [add]
07. Look to the Sky [add]
08. It Could Only Happen with You [add]

Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival (0000) 01. Daddy Bug [add]
02. In a Silent Way [add]
03. Move to Groove [add]
04. Ayers Monologue [add]
05. Thoughts [#] [add]
06. Sketches in Red, Yellow, Brown, Black, and White [#] [add]
07. He Gives Us All His Love [#] [add]
08. Your Cup of Tea [add]
09. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head [#] [add]

Virgo Vibes (1967) 01. The Ringer [add]
02. Ayerloom [add]
03. In the Limelight [add]
04. Virgo Blues [add]
05. Glow Flower [add]

Stoned Soul Picnic (1968) 01. A Rose for Cindy [add]
02. Stoned Soul Picnic [add]
03. Wave [add]
04. For Once in My Life [add]
05. Lil's Paradise [add]
06. What the People Say [add]

Daddy's Back (1969) 01. This Guy's in Love With You [add]
02. I Love You Michelle [add]
03. Look to the Sky [add]
04. Emmie [add]
05. Daddy Bug [add]
06. Bonita [add]
07. Native Dancer [add]
08. Shadows [add]
09. It Could Only Happen With You [add]

Coffy (1973) 01. Coffy Is the Color [add]
02. Pricilla's Theme [add]
03. King George [add]
04. Aragon [add]
05. Coffy Sauna [add]
06. King's Last Ride [add]
07. Coffy Baby [add]
08. Brawling Broads [add]
09. Escape [add]
10. Shining Symbol [add]
11. Exotic Dance [add]
12. Making Love [add]
13. Vittroni's Theme-King Is Dead [add]
14. End of Sugarman [add]

A Tear to a Smile (1975) 01. 2000 Black [add]
02. Magic Lady [add]
03. Show Us a Feeling [add]
04. Ebony Blaze [add]
05. Time and Space [add]
06. No Question [add]
07. The Way of the World [add]
08. The Old One Two (Move to Groove) [add]
09. Miles (Love's Silent Dawn) [add]
10. A Tear to a Smile [add]

Mystic Voyage (1975) 01. Brother Green (The Disco King) [add]
02. Mystic Voyage [add]
03. A Wee Bit [add]
04. Take All the Time You Need [add]
05. Evolution [add]
06. Life Is Just a Moment, Pt. 1 [add]
07. Life Is Just a Moment, Pt. 2 [add]
08. Funky Motion [add]
09. Spirit of Doo Do [add]
10. The Black Five [add]

Everybody Loves the Sunshine (1976) 01. Hey Uh-What You Say Come On [add]
02. The Golden Rod [add]
03. Keep on Walking [add]
04. You and Me My Love [add]
05. The Third Eye [add]
06. It Ain't Your Sign It's Your Mind [add]
07. People and the World [add]
08. Everybody Loves the Sunshine [add]
09. Tongue Power [add]
10. Lonesome Cowboy [add]

Red, Black and Green (1976) 01. Ain't No Sunshine [add]
02. Hence Forth [add]
03. Day Dreaming [add]
04. Red, Black and Green [add]
05. Cocoa Butter [add]
06. Rhythms of Your Mind [add]
07. Papa Was a Rolling Stone [add]

Vibrations (1976) 01. Domelo (Give It to Me) [add]
02. Baby I Need Your Love [add]
03. Higher [add]
04. Memory [add]
05. Come Out and Play [add]
06. Better Days [add]
07. Searchin' [add]
08. One Sweet Love to Remember [add]
09. Vibrations [add]
10. Moving, Grooving [add]
11. Baby You Give Me a Feeling [add]

Lifeline (1977) 01. This Side of Sunshine [add]
02. Running Away [add]
03. Gotta Find a Lover [add]
04. I Still Love You [add]
05. Lifeline [add]
06. Cincinnati Growl [add]
07. The Fruit [add]
08. Sanctified Feeling [add]
09. Stranded in the Jungle [add]
10. Together [add]

Let's Do It (1978) 01. Let's Do It [add]
02. Melody Maker [add]
03. When Is Real Real? [add]
04. Sweet Tears [add]
05. You Came into My Life [add]
06. Freaky Deaky [add]
07. Kiss [add]

You Send Me (1978) 01. You Send Me [add]
02. I Wanna Touch You Baby [add]
03. Can't You See Me [add]
04. Get on Up, Get on Down [add]
05. Everytime I See You [add]
06. Rhythm [add]
07. And Don't You Say No [add]
08. It Ain't Your Sign It's Your Mind [add]

Fever (1979) 01. Love Will Bring Us Back Together [add]
02. Simple and Sweet [add]
03. Take Me Out to the Ball Game [add]
04. I Wanna Feel It (I Wanna Dance) [add]
05. Fever [add]
06. Is It Too Late to Try [add]
07. If You Love Me [add]
08. Leo [add]

Love Fantasy (1980) 01. Rock Your Roll [add]
02. Betcha Gonna [add]
03. Sometimes Believe in Yourself [add]
04. Love Fantasy [add]
05. Sigh [add]
06. Baby Buba [add]

No Stranger to Love (1980) 01. Don't Stop the Feeling [add]
02. What You Won't Do for Love [add]
03. Shack Up, Pack Up [add]
04. It's Up [add]
05. Slyde [add]
06. No Stranger to Love [add]
07. Don't Let Our Love Slip Away [add]
08. Don't Hide Your Love [add]

Africa, Center of the World (1981) 01. Africa, Center of the World [add]
02. River Niger [add]
03. I'll Just Keep Trying [add]
04. Destination Motherland [add]
05. Third Eye [add]
06. Land of Fruit and Honey [add]
07. Mo Nise Si E [add]
08. There's a Master Plan [add]

Feelin' Good (1981) 01. Our Time Is Coming [add]
02. Fire up the Funk [add]
03. Let's Stay Together [add]
04. Ooh [add]
05. Turn Me Loose [add]
06. Knock Knock [add]
07. Stairway to the Stars [add]
08. Feeling Good [add]

In the Dark (1984) 01. In the Dark [add]
02. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy [add]
03. I Can't Help It [add]
04. Campadre [add]
05. Goree Island [add]
06. Poo Poo La La [add]
07. Blast the Box [add]
08. Love Is in the Feel [add]

You Might Be Surprised (1985) 01. Hot [add]
02. Programmed for Love [add]
03. Virgo [add]
04. You Might Be Surprised [add]
05. Night Flyte [add]
06. Can I See You [add]
07. For You [add]
08. Slip N' Slide [add]

I'm the One (for Your Love Tonight) (1987) 01. I'm the One [add]
02. Don't You Ever Turn Away [add]
03. Blue Summer [add]
04. I Once Had Your Love (And I Can't Let Go) [add]
05. I Really Wanna Be With You [add]
06. Let Me Love You [add]
07. Marlon [add]
08. Word [add]
09. Crack Attack [add]

Searchin' [live] (1991) 01. Searchin' [add]
02. Yes [add]
03. You Send Me [add]
04. Mystic Voyage [add]
05. Love Will Bring Us Back Together [add]
06. Spirit of Doo Do [add]
07. Long Time Ago [add]
08. Can't You See Me [add]

Good Vibrations [live] (1993) 01. Everybody Loves the Sunshine [add]
02. Easy to Move [add]
03. The Mission [add]
04. Rapped up in Your Love [add]
05. X Marks the Spot [add]
06. Poo Poo La La [add]
07. Ivory Tower [add]

Vibesman Live at Ronnie Scott's (1995) 01. Searchin' [add]
02. Rapped up in Your Love [add]
03. Can't You See Me [add]
04. Running Away [add]
05. Lots of Love [add]
06. Mystic Voyage [add]
07. Everybody Loves the Sunshine [add]
08. Ivory Tower [add]
09. Poo Poo La La [add]

Naste' (1995) 01. Nast? [add]
02. Mama Daddy [add]
03. Your Love [add]
04. Treasure [add]
05. Swirl [add]
06. Fantasy [add]
07. Ol? Jos? [add]
08. Baby Set Me Free [add]
09. No More Trouble [add]
10. Satisfaction [add]
11. I Like It Like That [add]
12. Last XT [add]
13. Nonsense [add]

Spoken Word (1998) 01. I Am Your Mind [add]
02. Lightning Strikes Twice [add]
03. Truth Is [add]
04. You Inspire Me [add]
05. Warm Vibes [add]
06. Tomorrow [add]
07. Do Your Way [add]
08. Peace [add]
09. Everybody Loves the Sunshine [add]
10. Do It [add]
11. Red & Orange & Blue [add]

Lots of Love (1998) 01. Black Family [add]
02. Fast Money [add]
03. Lots of Love [add]
04. Everybody [add]
05. D.C. City [add]
06. Drive [add]
07. And Then We Were One [add]
08. Chicago [add]

Live at Ronnie Scott's (2001) 01. The Spirit of Doo Do [DVD] [add]
02. I Wanna Touch You Baby [DVD] [add]
03. Everybody Loves the Sunshine [DVD] [add]
04. Fast Money [DVD] [add]
05. Battle of the Vibes [DVD] [add]
06. Can't You See Me [DVD] [add]
07. Running Away [DVD] [add]
08. Don't Stop the Feeling [DVD] [add]

Mahogany Vibe (2004) 01. I Wanna Feel You [add]
02. Searching [add]
03. One Day [add]
04. Mama [add]
05. Possibilities [add]
06. Everybody Loves the Sunshine [add]
07. Long Time Ago [add]
08. Searching [Extended Version] [add]
09. Ft. Dupont Park [add]
10. Everybody Loves the Sunshine [add]
11. Unity [add]
12. Pretty Brown Skin [add]
13. Mahogany Vibe [add]
14. Crystal Vibrations [add]

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