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Danny O'Flaherty lyrics
Genre: Celtic
From the Heart (1997) 01. Eirinn [add]
02. Margaret [add]
03. Generations [add]
04. Coming Home [add]
05. My Yellow Rose [add]
06. Song of Canada [add]
07. Aran Girl [add]
08. Angel for a Moment [add]
09. Amazon [add]
10. Singing the Spirit Home [add]
11. Medjugorie [add]
12. I Didn't Get a Chance [add]
13. My Rose [add]
14. Cyclone from the West [add]

Remember (1997) 01. Gift of Love [add]
02. Blushing Bride [add]
03. Annie Laurie [add]
04. Dear Sarah [add]
05. Carrickfergus [add]
06. Remember [add]
07. Rainbow Flight [add]
08. Peggy Gordon [add]
09. Lakes of Pontchartain [add]
10. Lady of Bendigo [add]
11. Missy [add]
12. Will You Go, Lassie Go [add]

Irish Christmas Carol (1997) 01. The Hour That God Was Born [add]
02. Christmas Without Family [add]
03. Peacefully My Baby Sleeps [add]
04. An Irish Christmas Carol [add]
05. The Wind at the First Christmas [add]
06. Come, Buy My Fresh Ivy [add]
07. The Road That Mary Trod [add]
08. Curoo, Curro [add]
09. A Children's Winter [add]
10. Little Red Bird [add]
11. Go Your Ways, Green Leaves [add]
12. The Christ Child Lullaby [add]

O'Flaherty's Live Vol.4 (2000) 01. Darby Dayin Ireland [add]
02. Traveling Man [add]
03. Old Dun Cow [add]
04. Loch Ness Monster [add]
05. Erin [add]
06. Dunne Song [add]
07. Angus [add]
08. Dear Boss [add]
09. O'Hooligan's Ball [add]
10. Irish, They Drink Water [add]
11. Steve O'Donnell's Wake [add]
12. October Roses [add]
13. Jigs [add]
14. Pub With No Beer [add]
15. Bleannan Bo [add]
16. The Keeper [add]

Listen to the Wind (2000) 01. Old Friends (Will Never Fade Away) [add]
02. Inish Bofin [add]
03. Highways to Hope [add]
04. Listen to the Wind [add]
05. Spinning Wheel [add]
06. Patsy Keane [add]
07. Valley of the Unicorns [add]
08. Beware of the Banshee Clown [add]
09. Siochain San Domhain [add]
10. Under Ancient Trees [add]
11. Journey Through Time [add]
12. Talkin' to Yourself [add]
13. Christmas Prayer [add]
14. Angels in Twilight [add]
15. Children of War [add]

The History of Ireland in Word and Song (2003) 01. Only Our Rivers Run Free (Sung) [add]
02. Ireland from St. Patrick to Cromwell (Narrative) [add]
03. The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls (Oral Interpretation) [add]
04. The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls (Sung) [add]
05. Ireland and the Penal Laws (Narrative) [add]
06. The Wearing of the Green (Sung) [add]
07. Ireland and the Great Hunger (Narrative) [add]
08. The Fields of Athenry (Sung) [add]
09. Ireland and Independence (Narrative) [add]
10. Grace (Sung) [add]

Heroes (2005) 01. Here Comes the Echo [add]
02. Vietnam Veteran [add]
03. Launching of the USS Louisiana [add]
04. Medal of Honor [add]
05. D-Day [add]
06. Wind and the Tree [add]
07. Tears in the Wind [add]
08. Sarsfield of the Horse [add]
09. For the Soldiers [add]
10. Angel Fireman [add]
11. My Dearest Love [add]
12. Every Child's a Star [add]
13. Farewell to John John [add]
14. Amazing Grace [add]

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