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Reggie and the Full Effect lyrics
Genre: Rock
Greatest Hits 1984-1987 (1999) 01. Drunk Guy at the Get Up Kids Show lyrics
02. Girl, Why'd You Run Away? [add]
03. Fiona Apple Kiss My Black Ass lyrics
04. What's Wrong lyrics
05. Props to Tha Queen of Pop A.K. A Keep on Climbin' That Velvet Rope ... [add]
06. Your Girlfriends Hate Me lyrics
07. Megan Is My Friend to the Max [add]
08. My Dad/Happy Chickens (Kirksta Party to Go Mix) [Kirksta Party to Go Mix] [add]
09. Another Runaway Song lyrics
10. Drunk Guy Talks Chemicals to Us at the Get Up Kids Show [add]
11. Your Boyfriend Hates Me lyrics
12. Pick Up the Phone Master P lyrics
13. Where's Your Heart? [add]
14. Get to the Choppa! lyrics
15. Better for You [add]
16. Everything's Okay lyrics
17. Just a Reminder lyrics
18. Brandi's Birthday Song [add]

Promotional Copy (2000) 01. A.C. Lerok...Bitches Get Stitches [add]
02. From Me 2 U lyrics
03. Congratulations Matt and Christine [add]
04. Something I'm Not lyrics
05. Doot Doot Pause Doot Doot [add]
06. Relive the Magic...Bring the Magic Home [add]
07. Good Times, Good Tunes, Good Buds [add]
08. Megan 2K [add]
09. Boot to the Moon Wade and Wayne Jentry and Band [add]
10. Thanx for Stayin' lyrics
11. Gloves lyrics
12. Fought and Won Oner [add]
13. Ode to Manheim Steamroller lyrics
14. Dwarf Invasion lyrics

Under the Tray (2003) 01. Your Bleedin Heart [add]
02. Drunk Girl at the Get Up Kids Show [Dicus Edit] [add]
03. Congratulations Smack + Katy [add]
04. Ain't Gettin' Paid to Dance [add]
05. Mood 4 Luv lyrics
06. What Won't Kill You Eats Gas lyrics
07. Drunk Girl at Get Up Kids Show (Tatoo'z, B-Day'z, Azz Beatin'z) [Un-Di] [add]
08. Getting by With It's [add]
09. Image Is Nothing, Lobsters Are Everyting [add]
10. Apocolypse Wow! [add]
11. Drunk Girl at Get Up Kids Show (Guess Jeans, Awnings, Old Navy) [Undic] [add]
12. F.O.O.D. AKA Aren't You Hungary [add]
13. Happy V-Day lyrics
14. Canadians Switching the Letter P for the Letter V Eh? [add]
15. Linkin Verbz lyrics
16. Drunk Girl at Get Up Kids Show (Drivin' and Cryin or Broadway Cats ...) [add]
17. Megan 2K2 (Even Though Its 2K3 Now) [add]

Songs Not to Get Married To (2005) 01. What the Hell Is Contempt [add]
02. Get Well Soon lyrics
03. What the Hell Is Stipulation [add]
04. Caving lyrics
05. The Trooth lyrics
06. Guess Who's Back lyrics
07. Take Me Home, Please [add]
08. Thanks for the Misery [add]
09. The Fuck Stops Here lyrics
10. Love Reality lyrics
11. Laura's Australian Dance Party [add]
12. Deathnotronic [add]
13. Playing Dead lyrics

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