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Ted Leo lyrics
Genre: Rock
Tej Leo (?), Rx/Pharmacists (1999) 01. Call off the Invasion/ Flydocious Invasion [add]
02. The Pharmacist V. The Secret Stars [add]
03. Walking Through [add]
04. The "Nice People" Argument [add]
05. Mr. Annoyatron Brown [add]
06. The King of Time [add]
07. Version: To Decline to Make Some Tea [add]
08. Soon Dubward [add]
09. Set You Free [add]
10. The Northeast Corridor [add]
11. Lui Prima Mobile [add]
12. Friends and Bands [add]
13. Head in the Freezer [add]
14. Version: to Decline to Take a Shower [add]
15. Congressional Debcision [add]
16. Version: Whisper: Courage [add]
17. SM 11: 11/The Trumpet of the Martians [add]
18. " (None) " [add]
19. Out of Step '88! [add]

The Tyranny of Distance (2001) 01. Biomusicology [add]
02. Parallel or Together? [add]
03. Under the Hedge [add]
04. Dial Up [add]
05. Timorous Me [add]
06. Stove by a Whale [add]
07. The Great Communicator [add]
08. Squeaky Fingers [add]
09. My Vien Ilin [add]
10. The Gold Finch and the Red Oak Tree [add]
11. St. John the Divine [add]
12. You Could Die (Or This Might End) [add]

Hearts of Oak (2003) 01. Building Skyscrapers in the Basement [add]
02. Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone? [add]
03. I'm a Ghost [add]
04. The High Party [add]
05. Hearts of Oak [add]
06. The Ballad of the Sin Eater [add]
07. Dead Voices [add]
08. The Anointed One [add]
09. Bridges, Squares [add]
10. Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead [add]
11. 2nd Ave, 11AM [add]
12. First to Finish, Last to Start [add]
13. The Crane Takes Flight [add]

Shake the Sheets (2004) 01. Me and Mia [add]
02. The Angels' Share [add]
03. The One Whot Got Us Out [add]
04. Counting Down the Hours [add]
05. Little Dawn [add]
06. Heart Problems [add]
07. Criminal Piece [add]
08. Better Dead Than Lead [add]
09. Shake the Sheets [add]
10. Bleeding Powers [add]
11. Walking to Do [add]

Living with the Living (2007) 01. Fourth World War [add]
02. The Songs of Cain [add]
03. Army Bound [add]
04. Who Do You Love? [add]
05. Colleen [add]
06. A Bottle of Buckie [add]
07. Bomb. Repeat. Bomb. [add]
08. La Costa Brava [add]
09. Annunciation Day/Born on Christmas Day [add]
10. The Unwanted Things [add]
11. The Lost Brigade [add]
12. The World Stops Turning [add]
13. Some Beginner's Mind [add]
14. The Toro and the Toreador [add]
15. C.I.A. [add]

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