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John Carter lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Seeking (0000) 01. In the Vineyard [add]
02. Karen on Monday [add]
03. Sticks and Stones [add]
04. The Village Dancers [add]
05. Seeking [add]
06. Song for the Unsung [add]

Suite of Early American Folk Pieces for Solo Clarinet (0000) 01. Morning Bell [add]
02. Johnerras Night Song [add]
03. Star Bright [add]
04. Buddy Redd [add]
05. Earnestines Dilemma [add]
06. Country Blues [add]

Tandem 1 [live] (0000) 01. Tandem [add]
02. Petals [add]
03. Angles [Clarinet Solo] [add]
04. Portrait of J.B.G. [Cornet Solo] [add]
05. Circle [add]
06. Woodman's Hall Blues [add]
07. Woman [add]
08. Echoes from Rudolph's [Clarinet Solo] [add]

Dance of the Love Ghosts (0000) 01. Dance of the Love Ghosts [add]
02. The Silent Drum [add]
03. Journey [add]
04. The Captain's Dilemma [add]
05. Moon Waltz [add]

Fields (0000) 01. Ballad to Po' Ben [add]
02. Bootyreba at the Big House [add]
03. Juba's Run [add]
04. Seasons [add]
05. Fields [add]
06. Children of the Fields: At the Big Tree/Clouds/Shuckin' Corn [add]
07. On a Country Road [add]

Shadows on a Wall (0000) 01. Sippi Strut [add]
02. Spats [add]
03. City Streets [add]
04. And I Saw Them [add]
05. 52nd Street Stomp [add]
06. Hymn to Freedom [add]

West Coast Hot (1969) 01. Call to the Festival [add]
02. The Second Set [add]
03. Woman [add]
04. Abstractions for Three Lovers [add]
05. The Giant Is Awakened [add]
06. For Fats [add]
07. The Dark Tree [add]
08. Niger's Theme [add]

Night Fire with the John Carter Quintet (1980) 01. Morning Bell [add]
02. Fast Fannies [add]
03. Sweet Sunset [add]
04. Juba Stomp [add]
05. Buckin' [add]
06. Night Fire [add]

Dauwhe (1982) 01. Dauwhe [add]
02. Ode to the Flower Maiden [add]
03. Enter from the East [add]
04. Soft Dance [add]
05. The Mating Ritual [add]

Castles of Ghana (1985) 01. Castles of Ghana [add]
02. Evening Prayer [add]
03. Conversations [add]
04. The Fallen Prince [add]
05. Theme of Desperation [add]
06. Capture [add]
07. Postlude [add]

Tandem 2 [live] (1996) 01. Tandem [add]
02. And She Speaks [add]
03. Les Masses Jigaboo [add]
04. Woman [add]
05. Echoes from Rudolph's [add]
06. Woodman's Hall Blues [add]
07. Sweet Sunset [add]
08. Swiss Account [add]

USA Concerts West [live] (2000) 01. Improvviso IV [#] [add]
02. Ostinato in Blue [#] [add]

Messages to Venus (2000) 01. Zsuzsa [add]
02. Open Any Door [add]
03. Holiday [add]
04. The Great Attractor [add]
05. On into the Evening [add]
06. The Eyes of Eve [add]
07. Merkaba Park [add]
08. The Flat Earth [add]
09. We Were There [add]
10. One Moment [add]
11. Reflection [add]
12. Slow Rain [add]

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