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Magic Slim lyrics
Genre: Blues
Vol. 2 [live] (0197) 01. That's All Right [add]
02. Josephine's [add]
03. As the Years Go Passing By [add]
04. Everything Gonna Be Alright [add]
05. Let Me Love You [add]
06. The Things I Used to Do [add]
07. That Ain't Right [add]
08. Honest I Do [add]
09. Nineteen Years Old [#] [add]
10. Mary Lou [#] [add]
11. Please Love Me [#] [add]

Born Under a Bad Sign [live] (1977) 01. Going Down Slow [add]
02. Born Under a Bad Sign [add]
03. Born in Missouri [add]
04. Slim's Bump [add]
05. Buddy Buddy Friend [add]
06. Born Down the Bridge [add]
07. Rock Me Baby [add]

Highway Is My Home (1978) 01. Highway Is My Home [add]
02. Living in My Neighborhood [add]
03. I Love You Baby [add]
04. Country Girl [add]
05. Man or Mouse [add]
06. Help Me [add]
07. I'm Mad [add]
08. Tell Me Baby [add]
09. The Sky Is Crying [add]
10. Something More [add]

Grand Slam (1982) 01. Early Every Morning [add]
02. She Belongs to Me [add]
03. Just to Be With You [add]
04. Walking the Dog [add]
05. Slammin' [add]
06. Rough Dried Woman [add]
07. Fannie May [add]
08. Give Me Back My Wig [add]
09. Scuffling [add]
10. Make My Dreams Come True [add]
11. 1823 South Michigan Avenue [add]
12. Wonder Why [add]
13. If You Need Me [add]
14. Teardrop [add]

Raw Magic (1983) 01. You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had [add]
02. Gravel Road [add]
03. Ain't Doing Too Bad [add]
04. Why Does a Woman Treat a Good Man So Bad [add]
05. Mama Talk to Your Daughter [add]
06. Mustang Sally [add]
07. In the Heart of the Blues [add]

Gravel Road (1990) 01. Cold Women With Warm Hearts [add]
02. Gravel Road [add]
03. Hard to Handle [add]
04. Bad Luck Is Fallin' [add]
05. Pretty Girls Everywhere [add]
06. Further on up the Road [add]
07. Mustang Sally [add]
08. Prisoner of Love [add]
09. Before You Accuse Me [add]
10. Please Don't Waste My Time [add]
11. Slim's Hideaway [add]

Magic Slim & the Teardrops (1993) 01. Mama Talk to Your Daughter [add]
02. Bad Avenue [add]
03. Gambler [add]
04. So Easy to Love Yo [add]
05. I Got Money [add]
06. Ain't That Nice [add]
07. I'm Good [add]
08. Bad Luck [add]
09. Think [add]
10. She Moves Me [add]
11. The Moon Is Full [add]

Blues of the Magic Man (1994) 01. Spider in My Stew [add]
02. Rough Dried Woman [add]
03. Sometimes I Wonder [add]
04. Oh Wee Baby [add]
05. Wonder What's the Matter [add]
06. Stranded on the Highway [add]
07. Evil [add]
08. Why Does a Woman Treat a Good Man So Bad [add]
09. Don't Tell Me 'Bout Your Troubles [add]
10. I'nt Doing Too Bad [add]
11. I Got to Leave [add]

Alone & Unplugged (1995) 01. Mixed up About You [add]
02. Bring Me My Shotgun [add]
03. Boogie Chillen [add]
04. A Thousand Miles from Nowhere [add]
05. Iky and Mikey [add]
06. Don't Look Now I've Got the Blues [add]
07. Tough Enough [add]
08. I'm a Poor Man But a Good Man [add]
09. Sadie [add]
10. Bring Your Fine Self Home [add]
11. Bye Bye Pretty Baby [add]
12. You Laugh and Grin [add]
13. A Little Instrumental [add]
14. Nothin' for Nothin' [add]
15. Interview With Slim [add]

Scufflin' (1996) 01. Think [add]
02. Hole in the Wall [add]
03. Scufflin' [add]
04. Down in Virginia [add]
05. I'm Not the Same Person [add]
06. Just Before You Go [add]
07. I'm Gonna Send You Back to Georgia [add]
08. Room 109 [add]
09. I Need Lovin' [add]
10. I'm Gonna Get You Babe [add]
11. Lookin' for a Lover [add]
12. Can't Get No Grindin' [add]

Black Tornado (1998) 01. Jealous Man [add]
02. Wake Me up Early [add]
03. Still a Fool [add]
04. Black Tornado [add]
05. Playin' with My Mind [add]
06. I Can't Trust My Woman [add]
07. Magic Boogie [add]
08. You've Got Bad Intentions [add]
09. Crazy Woman [add]
10. Young Man's Blues [add]
11. It's Alright [add]
12. Love Like I Wanna [add]

44 Blues (2000) 01. Big Fat Woman [add]
02. Baby Can't You See [add]
03. You Put It on Me [add]
04. I'm Ready [add]
05. Blues With a Feeling [add]
06. Tell Me [add]
07. When I Met My Baby [add]
08. Can't You See [add]
09. Highway Is My Home [add]
10. I'm Good [add]
11. I'm Tore Up [add]
12. 44 Blues [add]
13. Break Song [add]

Snakebite (2000) 01. What's Wrong [add]
02. Snakebite [add]
03. Please Don't Dog Me [add]
04. Key to Your Door [add]
05. Shake It [add]
06. I Ain't Lookin for No Love [add]
07. Country Boy [add]
08. Lump on Your Stump [add]
09. Lonesome Trouble [add]
10. The Man You Need [add]
11. Mind Your Own Business [add]

Chicago Blues Session, Vol. 18: Live on the Road (2000) 01. Love Somebody [add]
02. Gold Tailed Bird [add]
03. Honest I Do [add]
04. Down the Road I Go [add]
05. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
06. Look over Yonders Wall [add]
07. Please Don't Waste My Time [add]
08. Pretty Girls Everywhere [add]
09. Long Distance Call [add]
10. Let Me Love You Baby [add]

Blue Magic (2002) 01. I'm a Bluesman lyrics
02. Chickenheads [add]
03. Get Your Business Straight [add]
04. How Many More Years [add]
05. Evil Woman Blues [add]
06. You Got to Pay [add]
07. Lonely for Your Love [add]
08. I Want to See You in the Evening [add]
09. I Started Loving You Again [add]
10. Goin' to Mississippi [add]

Anything Can Happen [live] (2005) 01. I'm a Bluesman lyrics
02. The Man You Need [add]
03. Goin' to Mississippi [add]
04. Black Tornado [add]
05. Please Don't Dog Me [add]
06. I Need Lovin' [add]
07. Mind Your Own Business [add]
08. Still a Fool [add]
09. Shake It [add]
10. I Don't Believe You Baby [add]
11. Get Your Business Straight [add]

Tin Pan Alley (2006) 01. Tell Me What You Got on Your Mind [add]
02. Cold-Hearted Woman [add]
03. Please Don't Leave Me [add]
04. Born in the Country [add]
05. Baby Please Don't Say Goodbye [add]
06. She Was Walking Down Through the Park [add]
07. Bad Luck [add]
08. Texas Flood [add]
09. Close to You [add]
10. Goin' to California [add]
11. Tin Pan Alley [add]
12. Cold Women with Warm Hearts [add]

That Ain't Right (2006) 01. In the Dark [add]
02. She Is Mine [add]
03. Strange Things Happen [add]
04. Cummins Prison Farm [add]
05. Soul Blues [add]
06. Just to Be with You [add]
07. I'm Worried [add]
08. Anna Lee [add]
09. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
10. Route 66 [add]
11. Joe's Boogie [add]
12. Stormy Monday [add]
13. Bobby's Rock [add]

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