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Hamiet Bluiett lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Resolution (0000) 01. Happy Spirit [add]
02. Flux/A Bad M.F. [add]
03. Head Drake [add]
04. Before Yesterday [add]
05. Spring's Joy [add]
06. Mahalia...No Other One [add]

Dangerously Suite (0000) 01. Between the Raindrops [add]
02. Ballad of Eddie Jefferson [add]
03. Full, Deep and Mellow [add]
04. Prayer [add]
05. Blues for Atlanta Georgia [add]
06. Mighty Denn [add]
07. Doll Baby [add]
08. Oasis [add]
09. Rain Shout [add]

Live in Berlin with the Clarinet Family (0000) 01. Sub-Jump [add]
02. For Macho [add]
03. Nioka [add]
04. Paper Works [add]
05. Run Away [add]
06. To Be There [add]
07. Solo Bass Improvisation No. 1 [add]
08. River Niger [add]
09. Song for Mama [add]

Live at Carlos I (0000) 01. The Mighty Denn [add]
02. Full, Deep and Mellow [add]
03. Nali Kola (A.K.A. Sobre une Nube) [add]
04. Oleo [add]
05. A Night in Tunisia [add]
06. [*] [add]

Nali Kola (0000) 01. Bouka [add]
02. Snake Back Solos [add]
03. Enum [add]
04. Broken Sticks [add]
05. Nali Kola (A.K.A. Sobre une Nube) [add]
06. Ganza [add]

Walkin' & Talkin' (0000) 01. Daddy Banks/Doll Baby [add]
02. A View from My Mind's Eye [add]
03. Full, Deep and Mellow/Mighty Denn [add]
04. Talkin' to Myself [add]
05. Back Yard Sonata and Taditional New Orleans Tune [add]
06. Overture Song/Hard Bottom/Oasis [add]
07. Ballad for My People/Foot Stompin' Blues [add]
08. Departure/Mangalam [add]

Live at the Village Vanguard (0000) 01. Rain Forest Ripples [add]
02. Thelonious [add]
03. You've Changed [add]
04. Darian [add]
05. Rare Moments [add]
06. I Can't Get Started [add]
07. Started [add]
08. Hello/Goodbye Song [add]

Bluiett's Barbeque Band (0000) 01. Oasis/The Well [add]
02. Give Me Rivers [add]
03. Bonitablu [add]
04. The Wind Beneath My Wings [add]
05. Wide Open [add]
06. Nanna/Ena Brown [add]
07. Uluru/Dreamtime [add]
08. Precious Lord [add]
09. Body and Soul [add]

Live at the Knitting Factory (0000) 01. Opening Statement [add]
02. Settagast Strut [add]
03. A's Song [add]
04. K.M.A. /Q.B. [add]
05. Pit Stop [add]
06. Discussion Amongst Friends [add]
07. Low Down Blues [add]
08. Blunita [add]
09. Revival [add]
10. Neck Bones [add]
11. J.B.'s Groove [add]

Birthright [live] (1978) 01. Doll Baby [Aka Song Service] [add]
02. The Mighty Denn [add]
03. Village of Brooklyn, Illinois 62059 [add]
04. Ballad for George Hudson [add]
05. My Father's House-1. Hamiet/2. Deborah/3. Karen [add]
06. In Tribute to Harry Carney [add]
07. Ebu-Helen [add]
08. Closing [add]

Ebu (1984) 01. Ebu [add]
02. New Bones [add]
03. Nu Tune [add]
04. Gumbo (Vegetarian Style) [add]
05. Things Will Never Be the Same [add]
06. A Night in Tunisia [add]

You Don't Need to Know...If You Have to Ask (1991) 01. Black Danube (James Brown in 3/4 Times) [add]
02. If Only We Knew & T.S. Monk, Sir [add]
03. Wide Open [add]
04. El Owora Befame-Ko (So, I'll Come Back) [add]
05. If You Have to Ask, You Don't Need to Know [add]
06. The King and the Pallenquin [add]
07. Theme for L. Young: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat [add]
08. Children at Play [add]
09. The Gift: One Shot from the Hip [add]
10. Circle of Prayer [add]

Sankofa/Rear Garde (1992) 01. John [add]
02. Sankofa [add]
03. Nuttin' Special [add]
04. Daddy Banks/Grandaddy Song [add]
05. Black Vibrations [add]
06. Diane [add]
07. C [add]
08. Sunrise, Sunset [add]
09. Enum [add]
10. Some Other Line/Baker [add]
11. Hang in There [add]

Bearer of the Holy Flame [live] (1994) 01. Footprints [add]
02. Ebu [add]
03. Song Song [add]
04. Headless Blues [add]
05. I'll Close My Eyes [add]
06. Gumbo (Vegetarian Style) [add]

Young Warrior, Old Warrior (1995) 01. Blue 'N' Boogie [add]
02. Precious Moments for Right Now [add]
03. Sir Phyllis Blues [add]
04. Thinking About It [add]
05. Jimmy and Me [add]
06. Bari-Ed Treasure [add]
07. Head Start [add]
08. Blues in F and G [add]

New York Dances (1996) 01. Duof March [add]
02. Mood Indigo [add]
03. Say Amen, Brother [add]
04. First Time at Last [add]
05. Sweet Emma [add]
06. Corcovado [add]
07. Suite: New York Will Keep You Dancing [add]
08. Suite: New York Will Keep You Dancing [add]
09. Suite: New York Will Keep You Dancing [add]
10. Suite: New York Will Keep You Dancing [add]
11. Suite: New York Will Keep You Dancing [add]
12. Caravan [add]
13. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat [add]

Im/Possible to Keep [live] (1996) 01. Oasis/The Well [add]
02. Sobre Una Nube (On a Cloud) [On a Cloud] [add]
03. Pretty Tune [add]
04. Yusuf/Sankofa [add]
05. Tune Up [add]
06. R.B. (Dedicated to Ronnie Boykins) [add]

Live at Carlos I: Another Night (1997) 01. I'll Close My Eyes [add]
02. Wide Open [add]
03. Autumn Leaves [add]
04. John [add]
05. Sobre Una Nube [add]

Libation for a Baritone Saxophone Nation (1998) 01. Libation for a Baritone Saxophone Nation [add]
02. Discussion Among Friends [add]
03. MPR-1 [add]
04. Revival [add]
05. Settegast Strut [add]
06. Underwater Birth [add]
07. J.B. Groove [add]
08. K.M.A. /Q.B. [add]

Same Space (1998) 01. Aseeko [add]
02. Closing Melody [add]
03. Titled-Un [add]
04. Can't Help It [add]
05. Peace Song [add]
06. Jamm'd [add]
07. Gnu Tune [add]
08. Kasima [add]
09. Spirit [add]
10. Moment [add]
11. A/B Original (Salute to the Aboriginals of the World) [add]
12. Mon Dieu [add]
13. Conversation [add]

Live at Carlos I: Last Night (1998) 01. John [add]
02. Sophisticated Lady [add]
03. Oasis [add]
04. Eastern Joy [add]
05. Wide Open [add]

Saying Something for All (1998) 01. Nightdreams for Daytime Viewing [add]
02. Dual Reflections [add]
03. Suite Pretty Tune [add]
04. Saying Something for All [add]
05. Solo Flight [add]
06. Requiem for Kent State [add]

With Eyes Wide Open (2000) 01. Africa/Island Song [add]
02. Sing Me a Song Everlasting [add]
03. Monk & Wes [add]
04. Enum [add]
05. Song for Camille [add]
06. 1529 Gunn Street [add]
07. Mystery Tune [add]
08. Deb [add]
09. (With Eyes) Wide Open [add]

The Calling (2001) 01. Open My Eyes [add]
02. Sai-Wah [add]
03. When the Elephant Walks [add]
04. Blues for the People [add]
05. Wake Up and Dream [add]
06. Ask and You Shall Find [add]
07. Black Danube (A.K.A. The Calling) [add]
08. We Are [add]
09. Odd Pocket [add]
10. Blues Grind [add]

Blueblack (2002) 01. (You're Still) My Girl (In Spite of Everything) [add]
02. Humpback [add]
03. Zippin' [add]
04. Blueblack/Prelude to a Scream [add]
05. LG's Place [add]
06. Lamentation for JJ/Ballad for Babs [add]
07. Juxtaposition [add]
08. Angles [add]
09. Gittin' It Good [add]
10. Sasa -- The Here and Now [add]

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