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The Hit Parade lyrics
Genre: Rock
More Pop Songs (1991) 01. In the Hit Parade [add]
02. Hitomi [add]
03. The Beatles in 1963 [add]
04. When I Close My Eyes [add]
05. Girlfriends [add]
06. The Streets of Toytown [add]
07. Christmas Tears [add]
08. It Was Meant to Be [add]
09. Groovy Heart Attack [add]
10. You Were Mine [add]
11. It Doesn't Matter Now [add]
12. What Did You Love Me For? [add]
13. Christmas Tears (Starring Amelia) [add]
14. If You See Her [add]

The Sound of the Hit Parade (1993) 01. On the Road to Beaconsfield [add]
02. As I Lay Dying [add]
03. Grace Darling [add]
04. Hello Hannah Hello [add]
05. Walk Away Boy [add]
06. Farewell My Lido [add]
07. The Fool [add]
08. House of Sarah [add]
09. She Won't Come Back [add]
10. Crying [add]
11. She's Lost Everything [add]
12. So This Is London [add]

The Return of the Hit Parade (2006) 01. Ode to a Footballer's Wife [add]
02. The Queen of Mousehole [add]
03. My Stupid Band [add]
04. Intermission [add]
05. The New Woman [add]
06. Lonely Girl [add]
07. Born in St Ives [add]
08. You're Bloody Rubbish [add]
09. Sugar [add]
10. Westbourne Terrace W2 [add]
11. It's a Dream [add]
12. You're the Girl Who Always Gets Her Own Way [add]

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