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Daffy Dave lyrics
Genre: Children's
The Little Monster (And Other Silly-Scary Stories and Songs) (2004) 01. The Little Monster [add]
02. Scared of the Dark (Song) [add]
03. The Fiery Dragon Visits the Cold Castle [add]
04. Halloween Night (Song) [add]
05. The Princess Witch [add]

Bedtime Stories and Lullabies (2004) 01. Introductory Narrative [add]
02. Once Upon a Clock [add]
03. Francesea Falls Asleep [add]
04. Baby Bunny [add]
05. Narrative [add]
06. Rock-A-Bye Bunny/Go to Sleep [add]
07. The Sleepy Giant Spaceman [add]
08. Larry Lemon's Strange Dream [add]
09. Sleepy Town [Sleep Mix Lullabye] [add]
10. Silly Billy's Spring Day [add]
11. Green Pond (Poem) [add]
12. Six Little Pigs (Poem by A.G. Mampel) [add]
13. Little Joey Mischief [add]
14. Sleepy Eyes [Sleep Mix Lullabye] [add]
15. Narrative [add]
16. Dusty's Lullaby [add]

Silly Party Songs (2006) 01. My Name Is Daffy Dave [add]
02. Red Light, Green Light! [add]
03. Shake Your Maracas! [add]
04. Cuckoo Train [add]
05. Soccer Rock 'N Roll [add]
06. De Dinosaurs [add]
07. The Hop, Hop Song [add]
08. One, Two, Smelly Shoe [add]
09. The Messed-Up Abc's [add]
10. Yahoo & Scheechness! [add]
11. We're Somewhere out in Space [add]
12. Nanny-Foof-N-Nanny [add]
13. (Those Darn) Clown Blues [add]
14. Humpty-Dumpty [add]
15. (What Shall We Do with A) Scary Monster? [add]
16. Choo Choo Train [add]
17. Wheels on the Bus [add]
18. Hurry, Hurry, Firetruck [add]
19. Shake a Hand, La, La, La [add]
20. Happy Dylan [add]
21. Twinkies, Twinkies, Candy Bars [add]
22. Tiny Tim [add]
23. Nature Is the Place for Me [add]
24. My Toothbrush Marches Up and Down [add]
25. Take Alittle Bath [add]
26. Oh Where, Oh Where Can My Underwear Be? [add]
27. Stinkle, Stinkle [add]
28. See Ya Later, Alligator [add]

Class Clown (2006) 01. Class Clown [add]
02. Silly Rock 'N Roll [add]
03. Grown-Ups Get Angry Too [add]
04. Miranda the Panda [add]
05. Monkey's Lucky Day [add]
06. The Safekids Online Song [add]
07. Growing Up in a Box [add]
08. Time to Slow Down [add]
09. Wilbur the Lonesome Wolf [add]
10. Da Pidgin English in Hawaii [add]
11. No School To-Day [add]
12. Sailing Through the Storm [add]

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