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Genre: Jazz
Liberation Music Orchestra (0000) 01. The Introduction [add]
02. Song of the United Front [add]
03. El Quinto Regimiento (The Fifth Regiment)/Los Cuatro Generales (The Four G [add]
04. The Ending to the First Side [add]
05. Song for Ch? [add]
06. War Orphans [add]
07. The Interlude (Drinking Music) [add]
08. Circus '68 '69 [add]
09. We Shall Overcome [add]

Gitane (0000) 01. Django [add]
02. Bolero [add]
03. Manoir de Mes Reves [add]
04. Gitane [add]
05. Nuages [add]
06. Dinette [add]
07. Improvisation [add]

Magico (0000) 01. Bailarina [add]
02. Magico [add]
03. Silence [add]
04. Spor [add]
05. Palhaco [add]

Folk Songs (0000) 01. Folk Song [add]
02. Bodas de Prata [add]
03. Cego Aderaldo [add]
04. Veien [add]
05. Equilibrista [add]
06. For Turiya [add]

The Ballad of the Fallen (0000) 01. Els Segadors (The Reapers) [add]
02. The Ballad of the Fallen [add]
03. If You Want to Write Me (Si Me Quieres Escribir) [add]
04. Grandola Vila Morena [add]
05. Introduction to People [add]
06. The People United Will Never Be Defeated (El Pueble Unido Jam?s Ser? ...) [add]
07. Silence [add]
08. Too Late [add]
09. La Pasionaria [add]
10. La Santa Espina [add]

Etudes (0000) 01. Lonely Woman [add]
02. Dolphy's Dance [add]
03. Sandino [add]
04. Fiasco [add]
05. Etude II [add]
06. Blues in Motian [add]
07. Silence [add]
08. Shuffle Montgomery [add]
09. Etude I [add]

Silence (0000) 01. Visa [add]
02. Silence [add]
03. Echi [add]
04. My Funny Valentine [add]
05. 'Round Midnight [add]
06. Conception [add]

Dialogues (0000) 01. Asas Sobre O Mundo/Nas Asas da Saudade [add]
02. Dan?a Dos Camponeses [add]
03. Canto de Trabalho [add]
04. Marionetas [add]
05. Balada de Coimbra [add]
06. Divertimento [add]
07. Varia??es Sobre O Fado de Artur Paredes I de Con?alo Paredes [add]
08. Verdes Anos [add]

Dream Keeper (0000) 01. Dream Keeper/Dream Keeper, Pt. I/Feliciano Ama/Dream Keeper, Pt. 2/C [add]
02. Rabo de Nube [add]
03. Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika [add]
04. Sandino [add]
05. Spiritual [add]

First Song (0000) 01. First Song [add]
02. Je Ne Sais Quoi [add]
03. Polka Dots and Moonbeams [add]
04. Lennie's Pennies [add]
05. News Break [add]
06. All the Way [add]
07. Si Si [add]
08. For Turiya [add]
09. In the Moment [add]

Haunted Heart (0000) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Hello My Lovely [add]
03. Haunted Heart [add]
04. Dance of the Infidels [add]
05. The Long Goodbye [add]
06. Moonlight Serenade [add]
07. Lennie's Pennies [add]
08. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye [add]
09. Lady in the Lake [add]
10. Segment [add]
11. The Bad and the Beautiful [add]
12. Deep Song [add]

Always Say Goodbye (0000) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Always Say Goodbye [add]
03. Nice Eyes [add]
04. Relaxin' at Camarillo [add]
05. Sunset Afternoon [add]
06. My Love and I [Love Song from Adache] [add]
07. Alone Together [add]
08. Our Spanish Love Song [add]
09. Background Music [add]
10. Ou Es-Tu, Mon Amour? (Where Are You, My Love?) [add]
11. Avenue of Stars [add]
12. Low Key Lightly [Variation on the Theme of Hero to Zero] [add]
13. Celia [add]
14. Everything Happens to Me [add]
15. Ending [add]

Now Is the Hour (0000) 01. Here's Looking at You [add]
02. The Left Hand of God [add]
03. Requiem [add]
04. Back Home Blues [add]
05. There in a Dream [add]
06. All Through the Night [add]
07. Detour Ahead [add]
08. Blue Pearl [add]
09. When Tomorrow Comes [add]
10. Palo Alto [add]
11. Marables's Parable [add]
12. Now Is the Hour (Haere Ra) [add]

Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories) (0000) 01. Waltz for Ruth [add]
02. Our Spanish Love Song [add]
03. Message to a Friend [add]
04. Two for the Road [add]
05. First Song [add]
06. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress [add]
07. The Precious Jewel [add]
08. He's Gone Away [add]
09. The Moon Song [add]
10. Tears of Rain [add]
11. Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme) [add]
12. Cinema Paradiso (Main Theme) [add]
13. Spiritual [add]

None But the Lonely Heart (0000) 01. The Night We Called It a Day [add]
02. I Hear a Rhapsody [add]
03. Alone Together [add]
04. Nobody's Heart [add]
05. Body and Soul [add]
06. The Things We Did Last Summer [add]
07. It Never Entered My Mind [add]
08. CC Blues [add]
09. Good Morning Heartache [add]

As Long as There's Music (1976) 01. Irene [add]
02. Rain Forest [add]
03. Turnaround [add]
04. As Long as There's Music [add]
05. This Is Called Love [add]
06. Hello, Goodbye [add]
07. Irene [add]
08. Turnaround [add]
09. As Long as There's Music [add]

Closeness (Duets) (1976) 01. Ellen David [add]
02. O.C. [add]
03. For Turiya [add]
04. For a Free Portugal [add]

Golden Number (1976) 01. Out of Focus [add]
02. Shepp's Way [add]
03. Turnaround [add]
04. Golden Number [add]

Quartet West (1986) 01. Hermitage [add]
02. Body and Soul [add]
03. The Good Life [add]
04. In the Moment [add]
05. Bay City [add]
06. My Foolish Heart [add]
07. Passport [add]
08. Taney County [add]
09. The Blessing [*] [add]
10. Passion Flower [*] [add]

In Angel City (1988) 01. Sunday at the Hillcrest [add]
02. First Song [add]
03. The Red Wind [add]
04. Blue in Green [add]
05. Alpha [add]
06. Live Your Dreams [add]
07. Child's Play [add]
08. Fortune's Fame [add]
09. Tarantella [*] [add]
10. Lonely Woman [*] [add]

Montreal Tapes, Vol. 1 [live] (1989) 01. Turnaround/When Will the Blues Leave? [add]
02. New Beginning [add]
03. Cross Road [add]
04. So Far, So Good [add]
05. Ida Lupino [add]
06. Latin Genetics [add]
07. Body Beautiful [add]
08. Turnaround [add]

The Montreal Tapes, Vol. 2 [live] (1994) 01. The Sphinx [add]
02. Art Deco [add]
03. Happy House [add]
04. Lonely Woman [add]
05. Mopti [add]
06. The Blessing [add]
07. When Will the Blues Leave? [add]
08. Law Years [add]

Steal Away (1994) 01. It's Me, O Lord (Standin' in the Need of Prayer) [add]
02. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [add]
03. Spiritual [add]
04. Wade in the Water [add]
05. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [add]
06. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child [add]
07. L' Amour de Moy [add]
08. Danny Boy [add]
09. I've Got a Robe, You Got a Robe (Goin' to Shout All over God's Heav'n) [add]
10. Steal Away [add]
11. We Shall Overcome [add]
12. Go Down Moses [add]
13. My Lord, What a Mornin' [add]
14. Hymn Medley: Abide With Me/Just as I Am Without One Plea/What a Friend [add]

Night and the City [live] (1996) 01. Twilight Song [add]
02. For Heaven's Sake [add]
03. Spring Is Here [add]
04. Body and Soul [add]
05. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
06. Waltz for Ruth [add]
07. The Very Thought of You [add]

The Art of the Song (1999) 01. Lonely Town [add]
02. Why Did I Choose You [add]
03. Moment Musical Opus 16 No3 in B Minor [add]
04. In Love in Vain [add]
05. Ruth's Waltz [add]
06. Scenes from a Silver Screen [add]
07. I'm Gonna Laugh You Right out of My Life [add]
08. You My Love [add]
09. Prelude en La Mineur [add]
10. The Folks Who Live on the Hill [add]
11. Easy on the Heart [add]
12. Theme for Charlie [add]
13. Wayfaring Stranger [add]

Nocturne (2001) 01. En la Orilla del Mundo (At the Edge of the World) [add]
02. Noche de Ronda (Nigth of Wandering) [add]
03. Nocturnal [add]
04. Moonlight (Claro de Luna) [add]
05. Yo Sin Ti (Me Without You) [add]
06. No Te Empe?es Mas (Don't Try Anymore) [add]
07. Transparence [add]
08. El Ciego (The Blind) [add]
09. Nightfall [add]
10. Tres Palabras (Three Words) [add]
11. Contigo en la Distancia (With You in the Distance) [add]

In Montreal [live] (2001) 01. Salvador [add]
02. Maracat? [add]
03. First Song [add]
04. Palhaco [add]
05. Silence [add]
06. Em Fam?lia [add]
07. Loro [add]
08. Frevo [add]
09. Don Quixote [add]

American Dreams (2002) 01. American Dreams [add]
02. Travels [add]
03. No Lonely Nights [add]
04. It Might Be You [add]
05. Prism [add]
06. America the Beautiful [add]
07. Nightfall [add]
08. Ron's Place [add]
09. Bittersweet [add]
10. Young and Foolish [add]
11. Bird Food [add]
12. Sotto Voce [add]
13. Love Like Ours [add]

Beyond the Missouri Sky [Bonus DVD] (2003) 01. Waltz for Ruth [add]
02. Our Spanish Love Song [add]
03. Message to a Friend [add]
04. Two for the Road [add]
05. First Song [add]
06. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress [add]
07. The Precious Jewel [add]
08. He's Gone Away [add]
09. The Moon Song [add]
10. Tears of Rain [add]
11. Cinema Paradiso (Love Theme) [add]
12. Cinema Paradiso (Main Theme) [add]
13. Spiritual [add]
14. First Song [live/multimedia track] [add]
15. Our Spanish Love Song [live/multimedia track] [add]
16. Interview [multimedia track] [add]

Nightfall [live] (2004) 01. Chairman Mao [add]
02. Nightfall [add]
03. My Love and I [add]
04. Au Contraire [add]
05. Windfall [add]
06. Touch Her Soft Lips [add]
07. Song for the Whales [add]
08. Bittersweet [add]
09. Silence [add]

The Montreal Tapes [live] (2004) 01. 'Round Midnight [add]
02. All the Things You Are [add]
03. In the Moment [add]
04. Passport [add]

Land of the Sun (2004) 01. Fuiste T? (It Was You) [add]
02. Sue?o S?lo con Tu Amor (I Only Dream of Your Love) [add]
03. Canci?n de Cuna a Patricia (Lullaby for Patricia) [add]
04. Solamente una Vez (You Belong to My Heart) [add]
05. Nostalgia [add]
06. De Siempre (Forever) [add]
07. A?oranza (Longing) [add]
08. Cuando Te Podr? Olvidar (When Will I Forget You) [add]
09. Esta Tarde Vi Llover (Yesterday I Heard the Rain) [add]
10. Canci?n a Paola (Paola's Song) [add]

Not in Our Name (2005) 01. Not in Our Name [add]
02. This Is Not America [add]
03. Blue Anthem [add]
04. America the Beautiful (Medley): America the Beautiful/America the ... [add]
05. Amazing Grace [add]
06. Goin' Home (From the Largo of the New World Symphony) [add]
07. Throughout [add]
08. Adagio (From Adagio for Strings) [add]

Helium Tears (2006) 01. In the Moment [add]
02. Koputai [add]
03. I Could See Forever [add]
04. Julia's Child [add]
05. One Day at a Time [add]
06. Helium Tears [add]
07. 23rd & Cherry [add]

If (2006) 01. Anna [add]
02. If... [add]
03. La Pasionaria [add]
04. Snow [add]
05. Silence [add]
06. Child's Song [add]
07. Nocturne [add]
08. For Turiya [add]

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