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Richard Smerin lyrics
Genre: Blues
One-Off Chance: Songs of Les French (1998) 01. I Gotta Move [add]
02. Hold On/Let Go [add]
03. Copenhagen [add]
04. It's Uncertain [add]
05. Mid-Life Crisis Blues [add]
06. One-Off Chance [add]
07. Blind Drunk in Innocence [add]
08. South London Jelly [add]
09. If I Live to Be There [add]
10. Hannah [add]
11. All the Rest [add]
12. Rupert [add]
13. I'll See You Again/Stealin' [add]

Anywhere Else But in Clover (2000) 01. White Room Blues [add]
02. I Feel the Good in You [add]
03. Tired of Being Your Baby [add]
04. Point the Finger [add]
05. Puschendorf Angel [add]
06. Freedom Square [add]
07. Magdeburg Lawyer [add]
08. Since I Fell for You [add]
09. A Very Good Woman [add]
10. There's No Hiding Place [add]
11. More Than You'll Ever Know [add]
12. Paul Rishell [add]
13. May the Lord Watch Over You [add]
14. Got to Go [add]

Right to Sing the Blues (2001) 01. Right to Sing the Blues [add]
02. Uneasy Passage of Time [add]
03. You Can't Sing My Song [add]
04. Jolson in My Head [add]
05. Windscreen of a Car [add]
06. How Long Must I Be Feeling Bad [add]
07. My Son [add]
08. 'Till One of Us Dies [add]
09. Louise Louise [add]
10. Inside Out [add]
11. Adelsdorf [add]
12. Today I Passed Away [add]
13. The Best Is Always Yet to Come [add]

Trouble With Me (2004) 01. Trouble with Me [add]
02. Love in Your Eyes [add]
03. Baltimore [add]
04. Only God Can Save Us Now [add]
05. Gerdi [add]
06. No Room in the Closet [add]
07. On the Road with Me [add]
08. She's an Angel [add]
09. One Good Woman [add]
10. How Long You'll Be Mine [add]

Q. - M. U. D. (2005) 01. Just Your Fool [add]
02. Blues Run the Game [add]
03. Sittin' on Top of the World [add]
04. Since I Lay My Burden Down [add]
05. Blow Wind Blow [add]
06. Blind Willie McTell [add]
07. Delia [add]
08. Guilty [add]
09. You're No Good/San Francisco Bay Blues [add]
10. Me an' T' Chauffeur [add]
11. Lisa & Lee/Payday [add]

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