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Hamid Drake lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Ask the Sun (0000) 01. Sacred Womb (for Oshun) [add]
02. The Children of Clark Street [add]
03. River Dance [add]
04. The Wisdom Sisters [add]
05. Ararat Mountain Two-Step [add]
06. The Black Basement [live] [add]
07. Dreaming of Winter [add]
08. Zikr of the Heart [add]

Emancipation Proclamation: A Real Statement of Freedom (2000) 01. Cries and Whispers [add]
02. Mother Africa (For Miriam Makeba) [add]
03. God Bless the Child [add]
04. Emancipation Proclamation [add]
05. Hate Crime Cries [add]

Soul Bodies, Vol. 1 [live] (2001) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Soul Bodies [add]
03. Clay Dancers [add]
04. Heart's Mind [add]

Brothers Together (2002) 01. Brother's Together [add]
02. Of Mind and Spirit [add]
03. Knowing Oneself [add]
04. New Life Dance [add]

Bindu (2005) 01. Remembering Rituals [add]
02. Bindu #2 for Baba Fred Anderson [add]
03. A Prayer for the Bardo, For Baba Mechack Silas [add]
04. Meeting and Parting [add]
05. Born Upon a Lotus [add]
06. Bindu #1 for Ed Blackwell [add]
07. Bindu #1 for Ed Blackwell, From Bindu to Ojas [add]
08. Do Khyentse's Journey, 139 Years and More [add]

Evolving Silence, Vol. 1 (2006) 01. Naked Truth [add]
02. Duo #1 [add]
03. Duo #2 [add]
04. Rain Is Coming [add]

Evolving Silence, Vol. 2 (2006) 01. Evolving Silence [add]
02. Duo #3 [add]
03. Funky Lacy [add]
04. Skies of Israel [add]

Live at Glenn Miller Caf? (2006) 01. Warriors of Stillness [add]
02. Praying Mantis [add]
03. Mother and Father [add]
04. Handing Clouds [add]
05. Grasp the Bird's Tail [add]
06. Saint Thomas [add]

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