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Mary's Cunt lyrics
Genre: Rock
Spreading the Gospel (2004) 01. How Much Is That Crack Baby in the Window [add]
02. Killy Whitey to Kill Whitey [add]
03. Ruffy's [add]
04. I Raped Your Grandma With a Spork [add]
05. Pepper Jack Anal Crust Rhymes [add]
06. Dogs Never Step in Dog Shit [add]
07. Mary's Cunt [add]
08. Rim Jobs for All [add]
09. Cunt Favors [add]
10. Regis and Mary C. [add]
11. Matt [add]
12. Vaginal Discharge Today [add]
13. Drunk Whore (Joan) [add]
14. Shit 4 Brains [add]
15. Sex & Violence [add]
16. Plethora of Grotesque Remains in the Lungs [add]
17. Cuntastic Chew [add]
18. Cum Belch (A Love Song) [add]
19. Spreading the Gospel [add]
20. Intermission [add]
21. Afterbirth of Lesbian Cluster Fuck [add]
22. Profane Dildo Use [add]
23. Enron Vacation [add]
24. Cum on Her Face [add]
25. No Duh [add]
26. Hung Like Jesus [add]
27. Chunk Style [add]
28. Prom Night at Columbine [add]
29. When the Virgin Mary Lost Her Cherry [add]
30. Al Queda Cupcake [add]
31. Anthrax in the Pants [add]
32. Happy Stabby [add]
33. Pig Stomp [add]
34. Infected Gray Matter [add]
35. Rectum Vomit [add]
36. Kiddie Porn Fist Fuck (Pee-Wee Herman) [add]
37. Minor Penetration (Return of Pee-Wee) [add]
38. Crack Baby Jesus in a Dumpster [add]
39. Leave It to Beaver to Kill You With a Meat Cleaver [add]
40. Coat Hangar 18 Abortion [add]
41. Vaginal Fart [add]
42. Fm666 at War With the Radi-Ho [add]
43. Keep It Down [add]
44. Eddie Guene Van Halen [add]
45. Chili Dawg [add]
46. Giant Pussy Licker Ass Fucker Cock Shit [add]
47. Thanks Mom [add]
48. MC/DC [add]
49. Pick Up Truck [add]
50. Straight Pimp'n [add]

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