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Riverboat Gamblers lyrics
Genre: Rock
Riverboat Gamblers (2001) 01. Jenna [add]
02. High Roller [add]
03. Drink Alone [add]
04. Don't Look at Me [add]
05. Part Time/Full Time [add]
06. Whatever Whatever [add]
07. Kick in the Stereo [add]
08. Outta My Way [add]
09. I Get Down [add]
10. Bitchhog [add]
11. Not the Guy [add]
12. Slug [add]

Something to Crow About (2003) 01. Let's Eat [add]
02. What's What [add]
03. Rattle Me Bones [add]
04. Hey! Hey! Hey! [add]
05. Save You [add]
06. Sparks & Shots [add]
07. Ice Water [add]
08. Ooh Yeah [add]
09. Dead from the Neck Up [add]
10. Catch Your Eye [add]
11. Cut-Cut-Cut-Cut [add]
12. Last to Know [add]
13. Lottie Mae [add]

Backsides (2004) 01. Can't Stop [add]
02. Sunday Dress [add]
03. Showdown [add]
04. Old Foamy [add]
05. Death by Stereo [add]
06. I'm Sick [add]
07. Jack O' Lantern [add]
08. Mark My Words [add]
09. No No the Girlfriend [add]
10. It's Easy (To Write a Shitty Song) [add]
11. I Think I'm Wonderful [add]
12. The Art of Getting Fucked Over [add]

The Riverboat Gamblers vs. Electric Eel Shock (2004) 01. That's Entertainment [add]
02. Rock & Roll Can Rescue the World [add]

To the Confusion of Our Enemies (2006) 01. True Crime [add]
02. Don't Bury Me...I'm Still Not Dead [add]
03. Biz Loves Sluts [add]
04. The Song We Used to Call "Wasting Time" [add]
05. On Again Off Again [add]
06. The Gamblers Try Their Hand at International Diplomacy [add]
07. Walk Around Me [add]
08. Unicorn Shave Your Horn [add]
09. The Art of Getting F#@%ed [add]
10. Year of the Rooster [add]
11. The Curse of the Ivory Coast [add]
12. Rent Is Due [add]
13. Uh Oh! [add]
14. Black Nothing of a Cat [add]

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