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Cloud Cult lyrics
Genre: Rock
Who Killed Puck? (2001) 01. Where It Starts [add]
02. Conception [add]
03. 9 Months [add]
04. Puck's 6th Birthday [add]
05. Becoming One of You [Radio Edit] [add]
06. Ad Brainwash, Pt. 1 [add]
07. 6 Days to Madness [add]
08. Pretty (She Can Save You) [add]
09. Sane as Can Be [add]
10. Do You Ever Thing About... [add]
11. Ad Brainwas, Pt. 2 [add]
12. Ready to Fight [add]
13. Who Killed Puck? [add]
14. Close [add]

They Live on the Sun (2003) 01. On the Sun [add]
02. Moon's Thoughts [add]
03. Turtle Shell [add]
04. Fairy Tale [add]
05. It [add]
06. Estupido [add]
07. Radio Fodder [add]
08. Da Dum [add]
09. Man on the Moon [add]
10. Took You for Granted [add]
11. Toys in the Attic [add]
12. It's Gay [add]
13. Best Friend [add]
14. Waitress [add]
15. Back Again, Pt. 2 [add]
16. Shortenin' Bread [add]
17. Three Times a Lady [add]
18. I'm Not Gone [add]
19. Your Love Will Live Forever [add]
20. Sleeping Days, Pt. 2 [add]
21. 6 Days [Radio Mix] [add]

Aurora Borealis (2004) 01. Breakfast with My Shadow [add]
02. Alone at a Party in a Ghost Town [add]
03. Princess Bride [add]
04. As Long as You're Happy [add]
05. Chandeliers [add]
06. Buried Poetry [live] [add]
07. All Together Alone [add]
08. My Fictitious Life with Amily [add]
09. Grappling Hook/Northern Lights [add]
10. Lights Inside My Head [add]
11. The Sparks and Spaces Between Your Cells [add]
12. Beautiful Boy [live] [add]
13. I Guess This Dream Is for Me [add]
14. State of the Union [add]

Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus (2005) 01. Intro [add]
02. Living on the Outside of Your Skin [add]
03. Happy Hippo [add]
04. What Comes at the End [add]
05. You Got Your Bones to Make a Beat [add]
06. Washed Your Car [add]
07. Transistor Radio [add]
08. What It Feels Like to Be Alive [add]
09. Moving to Canada [add]
10. Start New [add]
11. Car Crash [add]
12. Light at the End of the Tunnel [add]
13. Million Things [add]
14. Can't Stop the Journey Now [add]
15. Clip-Clop [add]
16. Training Wheels [add]
17. We Made Up Your Mind for You [add]
18. That Man Jumped Out the Window lyrics
19. Lucky Today [add]
20. Rockwell [add]

The Meaning of 8 (2007) 01. Chain Reaction [add]
02. Please Remain Calm [add]
03. Chemicals Collide [add]
04. Pretty Voice [add]
05. Brain Gateway [add]
06. Take Your Medicine [add]
07. Your 8th Birthday [add]
08. Dance of the Dead [add]
09. Everywhere All at One Time [add]
10. Purpose [add]
11. A Good God [add]
12. Shape of 8 [add]
13. The Girl Underground [add]
14. 2x2x2 [add]
15. Thanks [add]
16. Alien Christ [add]
17. The Deaf Girl's Song [add]
18. Hope [add]

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