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Fish Karma lyrics
Genre: Rock
Sunnyslope (1992) 01. Rockin' and Rollin' With Little Baby Jesus [add]
02. Girl, You Gotta Love Your Man [add]
03. (She Likes to Make Love to) Led Zeppelin/Telephone Performance Piece [add]
04. The Waste Land [add]
05. Sunnyslope [add]
06. Lunch With the Devil [add]
07. My Parents Are Having a Party [add]
08. Big Daddy [add]
09. Dick York [add]
10. Cow of My Dreams [add]
11. White Things [add]
12. Truth or Consequences [add]
13. The Customer Is Always Right [add]
14. Gas, Grass or Ass [add]

Dangerous Playground (1998) 01. Good Advice [add]
02. Bubblegum [add]
03. Stupid Clothes [add]
04. Underwear [add]
05. The Dangerous Playground [add]
06. I Like You [add]
07. Twinkle [add]
08. Halloween [add]
09. Peanut Butter Blues [add]
10. Time Out [add]
11. Greensleeves [add]
12. The Day the Good Kid Went Bad [add]
13. Give Me Books! [add]
14. A Counting Song [add]

Lunch with the Devil (2001) 01. Poodlecide [add]
02. Down to the Valley [add]
03. Thighs of Tammy Faye [add]
04. Should I Shop or Should I Die [add]
05. God Is a Groovy Guy [add]
06. Mogollon Love [add]
07. Grenada [add]
08. Dio Rocks! [add]
09. Die Like a Dog [add]
10. Mr. Johnson [add]
11. Cow of My Dreams [add]
12. An Artist's Lament [add]
13. Chicken Lips [add]
14. Woke Up Dis Mornin' [add]
15. Have a Nice Day [add]
16. White Things [add]

The Theory of Intelligent Design (2006) 01. Fifty Caliber Christ [add]
02. Pigs in Shit [add]
03. Raunched! [add]
04. Blessed Times [add]
05. Cuckold's Horns [add]
06. Nausea #2 [add]
07. Moving to New Jersey [add]
08. Tore Up from the Floor Up [add]
09. I Like the Christian Life [add]
10. Dio Rocks [add]
11. White and Delightsome [add]
12. The Swap Meet Woman Merchandising Opportunity [add]
13. I Begged God to Kill Me [add]
14. Posterchild [add]

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