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The Flaming Stars lyrics
Genre: Rock
Songs from the Bar Room Floor (1996) 01. The Face on the Bar Room Floor [add]
02. Forget My Name [add]
03. You Can't Lie [add]
04. Who's out There? [add]
05. Burnt out Wreck of a Man [add]
06. Bring Me the Rest of Alfredo Garcia [add]
07. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye [add]
08. The Ballad of the Walking Wounded [add]
09. Downhill Without Brakes [add]
10. Theme from 'Dog Instruction' [add]
11. Back of My Mind [add]
12. Down to You [add]
13. Oncoming Train [add]
14. Tubs Twist [add]
15. Like Trash [add]
16. 3 A.M. on the Bar Room Floor [add]

Pathway (1999) 01. Breaking Down [add]
02. Only Tonight [add]
03. Coffin Ed & Grave Digger Jones [add]
04. Sixteen Coaches Long [add]
05. Maybe One Day [add]
06. Lit up Like a Christmas Tree [add]
07. Once Bitten, Once Shy [add]
08. Malice Doesn't Live Here Anymore [add]
09. Running Out of Time [add]
10. House of Dreams [add]
11. Sing Sing [add]
12. Eight Miles Down [add]
13. Black Mask [add]
14. Just How It Feels [add]
15. The Ghost of Baghdad [add]
16. The Last Picture Show [add]

Sell Your Soul to the Flaming Stars (1999) 01. Sweet Smell of Success [add]
02. Blood Money [add]
03. London After Midnight [add]
04. The Street That Never Closes [add]
05. I Remembered to Forget to Remembeer [add]
06. New Hope for the Dead [add]
07. Find Yourself Another Drunk [add]
08. Don't Need the Sunshine [add]
09. What You Want [add]
10. Just Too Bad [add]
11. Don't Mean a Thing If You Haven't Got the King [add]
12. Better Than That [add]
13. The Day the Earth Caught Fire [add]

A Walk on the Wired Side (2001) 01. Right Face Right Time [add]
02. You Don't Always Want What You Get [add]
03. Grabber George [add]
04. Absent Without Leave [add]
05. Action, Crime and Vision [add]
06. Some Things You Don't Forget [add]
07. She Says She Says [add]
08. The Villain [add]
09. Out of the Past [add]
10. Over and Done [add]
11. Meet the Guvnor [add]
12. Leaving Town [add]
13. Sleepless Nights [add]
14. The Dead Don't Care [add]
15. More Than Enough [add]
16. Tinnitus Blues [add]
17. Another Shade of Blue [add]
18. Swimming the Length of This Bar [add]

Sunset & Void (2002) 01. A Little Bit Like You [add]
02. Cash 22 [add]
03. Baby Steps [add]
04. Mansion House Blues [add]
05. Sands, Flamingo, Desert Inn [add]
06. Midnight Train [add]
07. Sunset & Void [add]
08. House of the Setting Sun [add]
09. Killjoy [add]
10. Mexican Roulette [add]
11. The Waiting Game [add]
12. Five for the Road [add]
13. Killer in the Rain [add]
14. The Long Walk Home [add]
15. Night Must Fall [add]

Named and Shamed (2004) 01. She's Gone [add]
02. Where the Beautiful People Go [add]
03. The Marabou Shuffle [add]
04. Spilled Your Pint [add]
05. Another Dial [add]
06. The Parade's Gone By [add]
07. Stranger on the Fifth Floor [add]
08. If You Give 'Em a Chance [add]
09. Bess of the Boneyard [add]
10. The 39 Stops [add]
11. Nine Out of Ten [add]
12. Named & Shamed [add]
13. Locked in Tight [add]

Born Under a Bad Neon Sign (2006) 01. Senator McCarthy Paranoid Witch Hunt Blues [add]
02. Born Under a Bad Neon Sign [add]
03. Treptower Park [add]
04. Should've Happened Before [add]
05. Cold War One [add]
06. It's So Fine [add]
07. Something's Wrong with This Picture [add]
08. Too Late to Turn Back, Too Early to Say Goodbye [add]
09. All This (And So Much More) [add]
10. Ahnung, Keine [add]
11. The Road to Rendition [add]
12. All the Same to Me [add]
13. God Told Me to Do It [add]

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