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Chrome Cranks lyrics
Genre: Rock
Chrome Cranks (1995) 01. Dark Room [add]
02. Subway Man [add]
03. Drag House [add]
04. Driving Bad [add]
05. Eight Track Mind [add]
06. No. 1 Girl [add]
07. Doll in a Dress [add]
08. Back Door Maniac [add]
09. Stuck in a Cave [add]
10. Lo-End Buzz [add]
11. Outta My Heart [add]

Dead Cool (1995) 01. Dead Cool [add]
02. Desperate Friend [add]
03. Way-Out Lover [add]
04. Down So Low [add]
05. Blood Shot Eye [add]
06. Nightmare in Pink [add]
07. Shine It On [add]
08. Lost Woman [add]

Love in Exile (1996) 01. Movie Star [add]
02. Hot Blonde Cocktail [add]
03. Wrong Number [add]
04. Hit the Sand [add]
05. Lost Time Blues [add]
06. The Receiver [add]
07. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean [add]
08. Down for the Hit [add]
09. We're Going Down [add]
10. Movie Star 2 [add]
11. Dirty Son (Lie Down/Fade Out) [add]
12. Curtains for My Baby [add]

Oily Cranks (1997) 01. Come in and Come On [add]
02. Fool on Ice [add]
03. Way-Out Lover [add]
04. Doll in a Dress [add]
05. Come Back [add]
06. Cool as Ice [add]
07. Foul Stench of Love [add]
08. She's Got a Brain [add]
09. I Was Sleeping [add]

Live in Exile (1997) 01. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean [add]
02. Dirty Son (Lie Down/Fade Out) [add]
03. Lost Time Blues [add]
04. Down for the Hit [add]
05. Hot Blonde Cocktail [add]
06. Wrong Number [add]
07. Hit the Sand [add]
08. Nightmare in Pink [add]
09. Dead Man's City [add]
10. Way-Out Fever [add]
11. Drag House [add]
12. We're Going Down [add]
13. Dark Room [add]
14. Fire Escape [add]
15. The Pusher [add]
16. Stuck in a Cave [add]
17. Dead Cool [add]
18. The Slider [add]
19. Burn Baby Burn [add]

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