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Sharks lyrics
Genre: Rock
In a Black and White World (1986) 01. Only Time Will Tell [add]
02. Will Tomorrow Be Too Late [add]
03. On My Own [add]
04. Holiday [add]
05. Home Again [add]

Colour My Flesh (1996) 01. Hanger [add]
02. Grave Robber [add]
03. Desire Calls [add]
04. Time Bomb [add]
05. Blue Water, White Death [add]
06. Rat Race [add]
07. Man With the X-Ray Eyes [add]
08. Colour My Flesh [add]
09. Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me) [add]
10. Parasite [add]
11. Too Little, Too Late [add]
12. The Game [add]
13. Jet Boy [add]

Recreational Killer (2000) 01. Screw [add]
02. Bye, Bye Girl [add]
03. Charlie (9'93 Version) [add]
04. Recreational Killer [add]
05. Dealer [add]
06. Hooker [add]
07. Surfcaster [add]
08. Morphine Daze [add]
09. Publican Gullican [add]
10. Gettin' Even With You Baby [add]
11. Somethin' in My Basement [add]
12. The Blockhouse [add]
13. I'm Hooked on You [add]
14. Schizoid Man [add]
15. Charlie (The Sequel) [add]
16. Scratchin' My Way Out [N.L. Mix] [add]

Bitch Attack (2001) 01. Bitch Attack [add]
02. Dealer [alternate take] [add]
03. Schitzoid Man [alternate take] [add]
04. Mud Man [add]
05. My Neighbour's Garden [add]
06. Honey I Will Laugh at You [add]
07. Sir Psycho [add]
08. Cold Heart [add]
09. Side-Show Freak [add]
10. Between Two Worlds [add]
11. Rat Race [add]
12. Dealer [add]
13. Surfcaster [add]
14. Gettin' Even With You Baby [add]
15. Ghost Train [add]
16. Mud Man [add]

Live in Japan (2002) 01. Deathrow [add]
02. Bye Bye Girl [add]
03. Cold Heart [add]
04. Crazy Maybe [add]
05. Dealer [add]
06. Schizoid Man [add]
07. Love Bites [add]
08. Morphine Daze [add]
09. Side-Show Freak [add]
10. Between Two Worlds [add]
11. Moonstomp [add]
12. Surfcaster [add]
13. Phantom Rockers [add]
14. Charlie lyrics
15. Time Bomb [add]
16. Ghost Train [add]
17. Skeleton Rock [add]

Phantom Rockers (2002) 01. Moonstomp (Do What You Want) [add]
02. Skeleton Rock [add]
03. It's All Over Now [add]
04. Crazy Maybe [add]
05. Take a Razor to Your Head [add]
06. Death Row [add]
07. Love Bites [add]
08. Short Shark Shock [add]
09. Ruff Stuff [add]
10. Phantom Rockers [add]
11. Charlie! [add]
12. Slipped Disk [add]
13. I Can't Stop [add]
14. Electrifyin' [add]
15. Ghost Train [add]
16. We Say Yeah [add]

First and Last Live (2003) 01. Rock the Joint [add]
02. Pink 'N' Black [add]
03. Tired 'N' Sleepy [add]
04. Teenage Boogie [add]
05. Tear It Up [add]
06. Wildcat Rock [add]
07. Sugar Doll [add]
08. We Say Yeah! [add]
09. Death Row [add]
10. Moonstomp [add]
11. Ghost Train [add]
12. Crazy Maybe [add]
13. Buddy Can You Spare a Dime [add]
14. It's All Over Now [add]
15. Phantom Rockers [add]
16. Chainsaw Charlie [add]
17. I Can't Stop [add]

Short Shark Shock (2005) 01. Mean Mr Shark [add]
02. Space Man R'N'R [add]
03. Honey Don't [add]
04. Slap Bass Billy [add]
05. Sweet Love on My Mind [add]
06. Mean Mr. Shark [Version 2] [add]

Ruff Stuff [Raucous] (2006) 01. Scratchin' My Way Out [Howler's Version] [add]
02. (There's) Something in My Basement [demo version] [add]
03. Morphine Daze [demo version] [add]
04. Surfcaster [demo version] [add]
05. Dealer [demo version] [add]
06. Bye Bye Girl [demo version] [add]
07. I'm Hooked on You [demo version] [add]
08. Recreational Killer [demo version] [add]
09. Deathrow ['93 Demo] [add]
10. Take a Razor to Your Head ['93 Demo] [add]
11. My Neighbours Garden [add]
12. Schizoid Man [alternate take] [add]
13. Hooker [Electric Bass Version] [add]

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